Since when was I happy to be put to rest?
... Content for not even trying my best.

From within my chamber I can't see the sky.
In life people struggle. (I don't even try.)

From behind this wall, in the midst of the hall.
I will not answer the knock or the call.

For when the doors shut, I shall see recompense.
When put into action, it doesn't make sense.

Yes, here is my prison. I'll paint in the sky.
I tell you i'm happy. (All you want is a lie.)

No need to be kind if you're beating my chest.
It's never enough when I'm doing my best.

Can't say that i'm cursed but you won't call me blessed.
The feeling so sickening I put it to rest.

Yes, deep in this prison. Deep in this cell.
I find a place away... From hell.