It is only us that are ignored just like this

You see it too

Don't deny it too

Certainly unusual

Yet we call it "law"

"Ignorance is bliss," but the world's sesenses are dulled

Can't see a thing

Can't see anything

So beautiful

How beautiful the poison blooms

Adorn my neck with chains while everyone laughs

On my forehead, stamp the label, "Justice for society"

"Just be yourself even if it is what can kill you"

Yet there's

"Anything but you..."

How many times?

How many?

Lost count

Will what once was ours be stolen and repainted

In a new hue?

Who knows?

Please darling don't

Be blind like

The stumbling world

I will feed you the raw truth

Stripped of sweet frosted lies

Call me an outsider, the only time they don't lie

I'm a puzzle piece

Among broken pottery

I rather burn up than sit in shadows called "shade"

Do not follow your heart, despite what they say

Unless your heart

Is focused on the truth

Darling, you will be the one who's swept away

The "fairy tales" they poke fun at are old memories

The enemy walks like a sheep with

A jaw lined with fake diamond teeth

Did you ever look in the mirror and see the dark stains

No matter what we believe

We all are cursed the same

But if you just look up...

How many times?

How many?

No one cares

They planted roses in their hearts

But the thorns remain, slowly choking away

How I want to save them

If only

I could breathe

The rotting corpses crawl on

Until nothing is left to move on

Oh God, let the children become fruitful after all

If decades blow over my life

Let their words become yours

For they will never fade away

Even if you

Close your eyes

Shake and break them until they are free

The colors of your promise are parading away

A birthday and death glossed in cheap plastic

My child, I will make you into a soldier like me

March with me in the army

Even if the path ahead is unseen

Keep your eyes to the sky for a better view

Never forget what's right

Never forget what's wrong

Even if it hurts...

How many times?

How many?

Can you count?

Will the people trade in their morals

To get drunk on reality?

Cut your hands off, darling

If it's what

Sobers you

The rose petals are wilting

Yet they ignore the pain

I will not

I cannot

I won't go along

What is just

So beautiful

About any of this?

They're coming

They're coming

Closing right in

Give it back

So confused

So don't blame us anymore!

What once was ours

I can't recognize

I try so hard to remember the forgotten past

"This world was never yours

To even

Begin with!"

How many times?

How many?

Don't you see?

Will what was once ours be stolen and covered up?

I peel the dirty

Bandages off

They will still blame me

Just us

And never change

Yet here I will remain

And my heart will believe the same

All I can do is pray

If I perish

Let it be

Take this lawless domain away

And instead lead me to the king

Please darling don't be

Blind like

The stumbling world

And will you join me then

After what you have seen?

On my forehead, stamp the label

"Justice for society..."

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