"Pride and Prejudice"

Pride and prejudice are powerful predispositions

The inability to tolerate another ideology, rooted in ignorance

Tolerance of another regardless of their skin colour becomes a skill

And who is to judge the right of those with the might another people

But then again, why must we segregate ourselves based off of pride and prejudice?

Segregation is a prideful discrimination, and discrimination is a prejudiced segregation

They're one in the same, seperate but equal meaning nothing lest that equality is ensured

And if not, it's but separate and unequal by a different name

How can two groups have equality when equality means sameness and we keep them different

I'm not preaching for conformity, I'm just preaching for equality because we don't have to be exactly the same to get treated that way

Same rights, same life a bit of transparency in a foggy world where you can't see a political agenda in front of you

So I implore you, start caring and start sharing cuz in the words of Gandhi "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony"