They have grown.

I have watched them walk through life. I watched them take their first steps from their cradle and move forth into the vast world of life. I watched them conquer land and oceans. I watched them dreams for the stars and then conquer those, too.

I remember what it was like before they had arrived. Long before they were here, my friends consisted of nothing but animals. Animals, some smart and some dumb, were no fun. They couldn't articulate thoughts into words nearly as well as them. But I was told to await. And I did.

I did not regret my wait.

Is it ironic? That I have grown to love these creatures? These strange, hyper intelligent beings have created incredible things. They have left their mark on the universe. And now it is time to say goodbye. They no longer need me.

Humankind has achieved the impossible. You see, they found me.

I can't say I didn't expect it. In fact, I knew they would eventually. They simply could not be stopped, try as a might. One planet at a time, their population grew. One system at a time, they expanded. Entire races of non-earth being were subdued, sometimes destroyed. It's safe to say that others like me are in good business, even now.

The stars twinkle above me as I stare out at the "Star ships" that surround my home. Some of these "fleets" aren't even human. I feel no love for them, but they are friends with the race I love so I am careful not to let my rage boil over at their presence here. Of course the humans do not understand. They only just learned about me and know nothing more than what I've done to them. They do not understand how important this moment was for me.

Is it ironic? That in their vast intelligence and wisdom, even my beloved human race is still ignorant to a lot of things. They know so much. However they have also forgotten much and have so much left still to learn. I wish I could be there to watch them learn and rediscover themselves. I wish I could be there for when they meet their end, but I am patient. Perhaps next time I will be around for the end.

A single ship begins moving forward. No other ships follow it. A human wishes to speak with me. Elation moves through my formless body at the prospect of talking to a living human being. If I had a mouth, I would definitely be "smiling", as the humans refer to it. However, the projection of the human that appeared in front of me was not smiling at all. No. He was very angry. Very sad. It was obvious I had affected his life dramatically, as I had many, many, many others.

It made me feel... oh my... what is this feeling? I feel like... I don't know what this is. It is not happiness. I am used to happiness. I have been happy or content my entire existence. So what is...?


I see.

This is what the humans feel when I have visited. Although this is not nearly as intense as I am sure it is for them. They seem to be rendered useless when they feel it. Yes. This is only a small portion of what they feel when I visit. It makes me feel bad.

This is "sadness".

How could I ever make my beloved human race feel this way?! Why must this be my reason for existence?! I am feeling very strange now, but then the human continues to speak. And this time I listen.

I have learned every human language that has ever existed. The meaning of his words sting. They are hurtful and saddening. But I am proud of this man. Proud of the human race. They are here. Despite everything I have done to them, they are here.

They are facing their greatest fear. They are standing up to death itself.

The sadness disappears. I am filled with happiness. I am both happy and immeasurably proud of these creatures I have grown to love. Despite all the pain I caused. Despite everything I threw at them, as their greatest minds crossed out of life and their most wonderful artist followed them, they kept moving forward. Never once, did the human race stop. They faltered, yes, as they conflicted with one another or their boring politics got in the way. But they were here now.

4,843,901 years after they left earth, here they were. Yes, I know exactly how long it has been. Down to the smallest of time measurements, something else the human race has also discovered by the way. My pride increases as I attempt to recall witnessing every great discovery they've made. There are too many to think back on. And I am not much longer for this existence. Their latest achievement, however, is their greatest. I hope they will remember it as so.

The day they achieved immortality.

The projection is gone in an instant and hundreds of engines flare up, pushing the ships forward. I feel a lot of things.

Pride for how far they have come

Happiness at the thought of how far they'll go

Sadness because I know their race will end in the future

Anxiousness at how their latest and greatest achievement will change them

And Excitement for the next time I get to meet these beautiful creatures for the first time again.

In a brilliant flash of intense heat and light, I feel my existence coming to a close. In my mind, the faces of every single human who has ever lived, is living or will live is given to me. I thank the creator for this gift. It is truly a marvelous gift. And then, that is all.

Until next time.