Well hi there! My third story, how lovely. I think this is going to be a good one though, because it's about four characters I've wanted to use in a while.

"You wanted meat, didn't you? It was her fault for leaving it on the windowsill where anyone could grab it."

Speaking was of course Cherry. The oldest in a family of three dogs and one cat, she was the cat. Cherry was the ringleader who had just led the plot to steal the neighbour's steak and kidney pie.

Cherry was an albino cat with white fur and scarlet eyes. Albinos are famous for being a bit unhealthy, but Cherry was famous for changing all of that. She easily ran rings around the rest. She was the boss, and they all knew it.

"You didn't have to steal it!" whined Cheesecake, the second youngest, the fattest and the most cowardly. "We're gonna get caught!"

Cheesecake's cowardice was almost as huge as his love for food. He was a brown-and-white Corgi, his fur giving him a dessert-like look.

"You're such a wuss, Cheesecake," Chip, the youngest, declared. "I would have stolen five pies if I got the chance."

Chip was the youngest, a yellowy-brown terrier, excitable but never able to live up to his claims of adventures. His bark was bigger than his bite.

Only Coffee-Bean was silent. The second oldest, he liked to stay out of rows, and felt that his opinion shouldn't affect someone else's decisions. He was a super-dark brown pug; it was obvious where his name had come from.

"Guys, I swear you can't do anything without getting into an argument with each other," Cherry complained. "Can't you just shut up and get along for once?"

They couldn't.

"Hey you there!" a high-pitched and annoying voice came from the tree next to them.

"Oh boy," Cherry groaned. "It's Nutmeg."

Unlike Cherry, Cheesecake, Coffee-Bean and Chip's owner, Mrs Greenwood, Miss Dyche (the one they just stole a pie off of) didn't have any pets to keep guard. However, Nutmeg was a squirrel who lived in the tree next-door and would often ditch the dirt on whoever had stolen her food last.

"I thought I'd find you here!" Nutmeg went on. "Miss Dyche is pretty mad you've nicked her dinner! She still hasn't forgiven you for that time you took her sausages!"

"Took her sausages?" Coffee-Bean repeated. "I don't remember that heist, do you, Cherry?"

Cherry shook her head. "I haven't nicked any sausages lately," she said. "Cheesecake? Chip?"

They both knew that Cheesecake was too much of a coward to steal something from scary Mrs Dyche all by himself, but Chip looked guilty.

"Chip!" Cherry scolded her younger brother.

"What? I was hungry, I stole the sausages. Big deal. That's not a challenge." He looked around, a smug smirk on his face. "I'll tell you what's a challenge, climbing that tree."

Cherry blinked, "What does that have to do with anything?" she asked.

"Nothing much," Chip admitted. "I just really want someone to climb the tree. Tell you what, we'll bet on it. I say that Cherry will make it right up to the top and down again without hurting herself. Cheesecake, what do you-?"

"She'll fall! Are you crazy?" Cheesecake snapped.

"Alright, if you win, you get the pie, if I win, I get it. Coffee-Bean? What about you?"

"I'm staying out of this," Coffee-Bean said firmly.

"Wait, wait, wait," Cherry said. "You're gonna get me to climb the tree, just so can bet on it, and you didn't think to ask me first?"


Cherry sighed. "Fine! I'll climb the dumb tree, if it'll shut you all up."

She sank her long claws into the bark of the tree, and tried to scramble her legs up. She missed once, but managed to cling on on her second go. As she climbed higher and higher up the tree, Cherry could hear the murmurs of appreciation from her three brothers.

"Wow! She's actually doing it!"

"She's gonna fall! I just know it!"

"Shut up, Cheesecake. If you keep saying she's gonna fall, she probably will!"

"Oh God, I knew it!"

"Pipe down you lot!" Cherry called from nearly the top of the tree. "I'm trying to concentrate!"

"I think you're mad! Nutmeg declared. "You four couldn't keep out of mischief if your life depended on it!"

Suddenly, the branch Cherry was on gave a great creak and leaned slowly downwards.

"Ooh, be careful, Cherry!" Chip called uncertainly.

Cheesecake said nothing, but gave a little gasp, blinking back tears.

"I'm trying!" Cherry called. "But I can't get off this branch without it breaking!"

She didn't need to say the last but, for it broke anyway. Cherry screamed as she fell, so did Chip and Cheesecake, clutching each other in fear.

Only Coffee-Bean jumped into action, he reached out to try and grab his sister as she plummeted towards earth, but he only managed to grab the bottom half of her body, and her head received a smack to the ground.

How exciting! See you soon.