Everyone was silent. Nutmeg scurried away, determined not to be part of any of it. Chip padded over, and Cheesecake followed behind, hesitantly.

Cherry's eyes were shut, most of her body looked fine, but her head was bleeding.

"Is…is she OK?" Chip asked, worriedly.

"Is she dead?" Cheesecake whispered.

"She's still breathing," Coffee-Bean confirmed. "I think she's unconscious. She should come around soon."

Cherry opened her eyes slowly and shook her head (not too hard, mind). She looked up and gave a great scream.

"Dog! You're a dog! Get away!" she screamed.

Coffee-Bean blinked, baffled, and looked questioningly towards his brothers.

Chip bounded over. "Cherry, are you OK? You're not acting yourself," he said.

"More dogs!" she whined, obviously terrified. "Don't hurt me! Leave me alone!"

"Hurt you? Why would we do that?" Coffee-Bean asked.

"Cherry, it's us," Cheesecake said. "Don't you remember us? That's Coffee-Bean and that's Chip, and I'm Cheesecake. We're your brothers!"

"Brothers?" Cherry said. "You're dogs! That's crazy!"

Coffee-Bean sighed sadly. "I knew it. I hoped it wouldn't be this, but there's really no denying it."

"What is it?" Chip asked. "Why doesn't Cherry remember us?"

"She's got amnesia," Coffee-Bean said gravely. "She's lost her memory. Now she's scared of dogs!"

"Oh God! I just knew something bad would happen if she climbed that tree!" Cheesecake whined.

"There's got to be a way to make her remember," Chip said. "Does she know who she is?"

"Doubt it," Coffee-Bean replied.

Chip stood in front of Cherry.

"Listen to me," he said. "You are Cherry, the oldest pet of Mrs Greenwood. We may be dogs, but we are your brothers, I swear!"

"Cherry?" Cherry said. "Is that my name? No way! Why would I believe a load of dogs?"

"Don't listen to them," a voice from behind them said. "Luna."

The source of the voice was a male, sleek, black cat with menacing green eyes. None of the dogs had seen him around before, so it was obvious that he was a stray.

"Luna?" Chip said sounding disgusted.

"Luna," Cherry whispered. "Is that me?"

"Of course," the cat said. "Don't listen to those dogs, you've lost your memory and they're using it to their advantage to make you think you're their sister. In real life they're nothing but bullies."

"OK," Cherry said.

"I don't believe this," Chip whispered angrily to Coffee-Bean.

"So who are you?" Cherry asked.

"I'm Morton," the black cat said. "Your best friend. I'll take you out of here, Luna."

"Cherry, wait!" Chip said, grabbing her. "You don't know what you're doing! You can't just run off with him! He's a stray!"

"So?" Cherry said. "For all I know, I could be a stray too. And can you stop calling me Cherry? My name's Luna."

And with that, she ran off into the distance with a complete stranger.

"Well?" Cheesecake said. "Now what?"