Explaining the Psycho Girlfriend Dream Empire!

In my world you'll notice girls in hoodies. Acting sweet and clingy. Odds their from the psycho girlfriend empire. Some say when motivated. There's no finer scouts in a my dream world. They range from thirteen and up. Most of their trade is art made from their anguish of loving someone. It's never confirmed who they exactly love. The psycho girlfriend empire has been around for generations. Currently run by the stalker senate. The stalker senate is "Working" with my other races and empires. However this is more of scouting and questioning for weakness of the cities and villages.

However they are currently at war with the zikorc empire from the east. As well as the dwarf empire from the north. The bingonian empire have a trade agreement with the psycho girlfriend empire. With the war trade has been tight and the capital city Broken Heart has had to use it's reserve granaries. All three empires have the same fighting style. knives, glass, and hatchets. As they prefer hoodies and light armor. Those two things make the psycho girlfriends skirmishers and light infantry a reputation. However the village of Call Me was lost to the dwarves. It would take half of the girlfriends reserve forces to take it back.

Dwarf King AlexVII has asked for a meeting to decide a peace treaty. The psycho girlfriend senate has been voting still on the treaty meeting. Spies and assassins have been sent to zikorc lands. With the small population numbers. Psycho girlfriend military is comprised of three to nine members. With this they can blend in and move faster. The 53rd Texting Friends Forever were a prime example. Only nine stood against a zikorc force of sixty. Using the forest and cover of darkness struck at the rear guard. The zikorc raiding commander fled in shame.

Economical the empire is stable. Thier art trade keeps the money flowing with allies. The orchards they own also brings in both food and cider trade. Loyalty between the commoner and senate has been stable. With both sides using magic cameras and using the crystal ball net. To send leaked pics. Yes even they can be vicious back stabbers to both their enemies and kin. Their motto is I love you and I'll always be watching and listening. The very thought makes me shutter.

Also this was a recurring nightmare I have no idea why so I decide to give the girlfriends an entire empire. They are also all dreamed up I've never had a girlfriend just watch the suspense and horror movies :)