Races of My World Ozeds (Fantasy)

Ozeds scholars have debated over the years. Are they moths guised as humans. Or humans mixed with moths. No one will ever no. However the fact they are able to mate with humans and give birth makes the human mix more likely. Even with the black eyes, antennae, and wings. Many Zachary's and drunk zikorcs said they like to date one. Due to their wings many will work as messengers. However the common Ozed will be simple farmers. Hailing from the Many-Lined Realm. A petty realm known for its wheat and grain fields. However a large ozed crisis is making many migrate to other kingdoms.

By the seven year since being dreamt up ozeds boast a population of one thousand. For a minor race that is alot. However breed with zachary's have boasted the second generation to two-thousand. Ozedhelm is the capital city. A bustling capital equipped with a palisade for extra defense.

As many enemies lack motivation or proper siege gear a palisade is more than all the ozeds need for defense. Thier military is basic light infantry armed in light armor and a spiked quarterstaff. Economy for the ozed comes from the wheat and grain trade. Small brewhouses are common along many-lined ozed settlements. Thus inns built and ale traders can make good money. As their is wheat bakeries and mills are another commodity.

Ozeds are mainly spread out. Each community has an elder. In Ozedhelm is lead by the petty queen EkiceI. Ozeds are single gender women. However the mix species of the second generation have cause ozed-zachary's and ozed-zikorcs males and females. EkiceII wrote a bill stating that any second generation who decide to live in the lands their mothers came from eight acres of land. The crisis has never been stated or seen. The zachary and zikorc mixes have answered the call to defend many-lined. I have even sent diplomats to establish diplomatic relations and find out what the crisis is. EckiceI has bulit a makeshift embassy for any race that wants to work with her kingdom. I wish the ozeds well and hope that the crisis will be solved.