Flashing lights and noise that was unbearable were his first memories since regaining his conciousness. He couldn't see nor could he move.

He tried calling for help, but his efforts were in vain. He was holding his ears, trying to protect them from the noise. It was like a jukebox was placed inside his head and it was booming on full volume. It didn't sound like music either, more like a metal grinding on metal, bending steel and undistinguishable cracking sounds. There were other noises, he could've swore one of them sounded like a man speaking. Before he could make out what was said there was a loud bang. It was sound a kin to that of a large gong. It completely veiled other noise beneath it. After the vibrations of the gong were over he finally noticed that the other noises had finally gone silent. It was finally quiet.

His eyes saw lights. They came in multitude of different colours, and it seemed like they were racing. Getting closer and closer and spinning around him when they finally reached him. These light combined with the unspeakable noise he heard made him feel lightheaded and sick, no... that's not right. He may have been lightheaded from the beginning.

Did I hit my head? Was a first thing that came to his mind as he tried to touch his head but he didn't seem to feel anything out of the ordinary. There was no blood at least. It took a while but lights in his eyes were getting dimmer and dimmer as well. Was I having a shock or a seizure? And was it finally getting better? He thought.

''Anyone there?''

He tried calling for help. He could finally hear his own voice, at least he had that. He tried calling a few more times but to his dismay he didn't get an answer.

''Shit...am I really alone here...?''

''Wait, exactly where is here? Where am I?''

Questions started to swirl in his head. How did he get here, why wasn't anyone anwering him and most importantly:

''Who am I exactly?''

Then he finally opened his eyes...