The white feline's tail swished back and forth as she padded towards my bed and gracefully leaped onto the soft covers. She snuggled next to me, enjoying my presence and the warm sun against her soft fur. Listening to the rythme of my breathing, she slowly closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of my beeping alarm clock and the feeling of Maya's rough cat tongue on my nose. Pressing the off button of the evil clock that ended my sweet slumber, I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes.

"Good morning Maya."

I stroked Maya's soft ears and yawned. Looking at the clock, I widened my eyes and jumped out of bed. Maya yelped and leaped out of my way as I rushed into my bathroom to get ready for school. Throwing on a random pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, I grabbed my bag and a piece of toast, and ran out the door.

I ran to the bus stop. I could see the bus and a line of students boarding it as I rounded the corner. Spotting Reese in the line, I ran towards her.

"Well, you're in a rush." Reese looked at my messy appearance.

"Maya." I said, while gasping for air. "It was Maya."

"Are you sure it wasn't some guy?" Reese eyed me suspiciously.

I glared at Reese and straightened myself out. "Maya's the only companion I need at the moment." I stated, in a matter-of-factly tone. "Of course, of course." Reese patted down a strand of brown hair that was out of place. We chose a seat amongst the noisy teenagers and the bus left for school.

The bell rang and my second period class ended. I walked down the crowded hallway to my locker to get my English textbook when I bumped into a boy with glasses, black hair and striking blue eyes.

"Oh. I-I'm sorry." I stammered and quickly moved out of the boy's way.

He kept on walking, but turned back and waved, signaling that he was okay. I sighed and left in the opposite direction for my books.

Reese pushed open the library door and held it open for me. She gestured for me to walk in.

"Why, thank you, my humble follower." I gallantly strided in and Reese rolled her eyes. We sat at an empty table near the back of the library where I took out my history homework and stared at my blank notebook. I thought to myself that I couldn't concentrate at the moment, so I looked around at the other tables. I spotted the guy I bumped into today in the halls, sitting one table away from us. He was alternating from reading off of a book and writing in his binder. I couldn't see his face very clearly, as his hair and glasses were blocking it. Suddenly, Reese called out my name.

"Hey, Cathy. Catherine!"

I jolted and turned around to face her. "What were you looking at? You haven't done anything." She pointed to the un-marked page.

"Uh, sorry. It was nothing." I shook my head and started reading the first question of my homework. Reese looked in the direction of the boy and smirked.

"Okay. I see how it is." She leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. I looked up at Reese, and then averted my eyes. I ignored her and continued trying to do my homework. She leaned forward and said quietly, "Oh, don't try to avoid it. You were staring at Mr. Glasses just now." I turned around and glanced at him.

"Who?" I turned back and looked at Reese. She sighed and stared at her hands. "Really, Cat. If you like the boy, talk to him or something." She said, like it was so simple.

"I don't like him. I only bumped into him today, but it doesn't mean anything." I shrugged off Reese's accusations.

"Are you sure? He's pretty cute. I wouldn't blame you if you liked him."

"Trust me Reese. I don't like him. I don't even know the guy." I said, denying anything Reese was thinking.

"Okay then." Reese sighed and finally gave up. I continued to do my homework, but sneeked a couple of peeks at the glasses boy. I had to admit, he did look kind of cute, but that wouldn't convince me that I liked him.

After about an hour of little progress on my studies, I couldn't take it anymore and stood up to go to the washroom. I turned and noticed that glasses boy was gone, but his books and bag were still there. I took a short glance at the cover of the book that he was reading and saw that it was Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy. I continued walking to the washroom, when I softly hit my nose on something that was in front of me. I took a step back and looked up. It was him. This time, I could see his face clearly. His glasses were sort of round squares and they matched his style very well. His eyes were a beautiful sky blue, now that I saw them up close. He was about a foot and a half taller than me.

"S-sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." I apologized quickly. He smiled and said, "Its okay. You alright?" I nodded and moved out of the way so he could pass by. As he walked past me, I noticed he smelled of men's shampoo. I stood there for a moment, taking in what just happened. I slowly moved towards the bathroom but turned to a nearby bookshelf. I exhaled and rubbed my face. I felt kind of confused and had so many questions. My heart was beating so fast and I ever-so-slightly wanted that moment to last a little longer. What's happeneing to me and what's this feeling? Do I actually like him?

Hi! Ok, so I started this new story cuz I deleted the last one, but I hope you enjoyed this first chapter. Sorry if it was a little short. I'll try to update as frequently as possible. Thanks!