The bells rang three times after I pulled the lever down

Hoping it will work this time

And to my excitement lights filled the glass room

With a bright turquoise tinted hue

Right before my own eye with my hearts beating loudly

A silhouette appears to have come through!

And right there she stood

Like an angel descended from the sky

Trying to find the right words to speak up

"Please don't be afraid!"

Um, hello there, my name is-

And without hesitating, she said

"A pleasure meeting you!"

So tell me about that world you came from, dimensions away from here

You are distinct life form

Believed you like a legend

Yet I felt your fingers touch my hand, which had none

And somehow I understood each word she says even though we are none alike

"Nice to meet you, I promise I won't bite!

Around here just call me the Human!"

Hello humanity, we finally meet

The years went by and that being grew up

While I guess I remained the same

I was an uglier creature compared to her

Yet she always came back the same way

Sighing sadly to herself, she said

"Humans aren't as great you seem to think so"

You say you're all monsters? But can't you be more

Than your own demise?

Did you know that there's beauty inside you?

What, why you didn't think so?

"All humans live a cursed existence"

Please, human, don't feel so sad

Your corrupted world and people are still wonderful to me!

So tell me what about this world of mine you find so interesting

You're a distinct life form

Forgetting who you are

And never bothering to remember that somebody loves you

And tell me why you creatures must tear your amazing home apart?

"Nice to meet you, I am the Human!"

A child from a cursed land far away

Hello humanity, please try to get along

Its been months since the human has ever revisited

And something tells me

I will never see her again

How sad, how sad

Your own world is

But I won't forget

So tell me if you ever learned anything from me

So tell me why you think of your own selves as vile and disgusting

You all are distinct life forms

The very same life forms

Yet why do you go on spilling your own blood?

And the bells can no longer ring

Are you now no longer?

Hello humanity, nice to know you

Go and save your own world, ok?

Hello humanity, please love one another!

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