Velvet Darkness, Burning Light

Under the floorboards of your wildest imaginations and beneath the dark waters of your darkest dreams, is a creature that wants to be set free.

It's force is greater than that of the winds of a tornado during a wind storm or the crushing pulverization of a giant wave during a storm. It's influence is greater than any celebrity, athlete, or hero you've ever heard of.

The power it posseses is greater than any inner strength you may have within you.

Be not afraid of this creature, for it releases you from your shackles of depression and opens your eyes to a new world, a new life, another dimension that you never dreamed existed just outside your field of imagination.

This in itself is anything you make of it: A wonderland of fun and mischief, a planet of excitement and ecstasy, or a nightmare realm of the macabre and mysterious.

So don't seal up the floorboards or drain the water. Just lie back and the let the creature rip it's way out of the body you once held on to and manifest into an entirely new person who will give you the freedom you desire.

Because freedom is power; endless power.