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Chapter One

Mason sighed softly, running his fingers through his blond hair. Once again, he was the first one done taking the test in math. He always felt uncomfortable turning in the test first. His elementary teacher had always said that the first one done was usually the one with the most answers wrong. Of course that was for state testing, and before horrible, frustrating Common Core came into existence. Oh, how he missed large tests with multiple choice questions.

But that wasn't the point. He was the first one done and had checked his work six times. Mason didn't like being the first one to turn it in. He had been paranoid about that for awhile. At least in third grade, he had a rival. They always tried to finish and double check before the other person. Good times.

He glanced around the room, biting his lip slightly. He sighed in relief when he saw a girl stand up and place her test on the desk of Mrs. Wells, the teacher. He stood up and placed his own test down, showing a shy smile to his teacher. Mason couldn't help but glance at the name of the girl. Sierra Mason. He smiled at this, walking back to his desk. He realized that Sierra was sitting next to him, reading a book.

It was at this moment that he realized he had nothing to do now that he finished his test. He pulled out his own book, but he had recently finished it, and couldn't focus. He sighed, staring at the same word on a random page.

Sierra looked over at Mason, whose eyes were starting to close. She gently nudged his foot with her own, and he blinked. He rubbed his eyes tiredly, then smiled at her, showing off the dimple on his left cheek. He mouthed thank you to her, and she smiled in response. He turned back to his book, flipping the page, and looking seriously at the word "the".

Sierra tried to focus on her book, but couldn't. Mason was well known around the school, but he didn't know anyone. Rumors said that he tended to forget people's names and faces, and never tried to talk to anyone. So basically he was a loner. You were considered really lucky if he remembered your name. Him remembering your name and face was unheard of.

It wasn't like he was rude. Anyone who talked to him said he was very sweet. He was very nerdy, and was good-looking. Almost every sports team at the school wanted him, but he said he wasn't really a team person. Most of the guys wanted to be him, and lots of girls had crushes on him. But the only time he said more than two sentences was for oral reports, when he had to speak. No one really knew how to talk to him.

She was so happy that she was able to sit next to him. It was a bit of a school contest. Try to see who can be friends with him first. This contest started after everyone was already trying to become his friend. Mason knew about this contest, but didn't particularly care. Most people didn't really approach him anyway. He wondered if he sent out don't-come-near-me vibes.

Sierra looked up at the clock and saw that school was almost over. She put her book away, and stretched her arms lazily. She put away the rest of the items on her desk, and put on her backpack, just as the bell rang. She smiled at Mason as she left, and he smiled shyly back.

He put on his backpack, and noticed that Sierra left her notebook on the floor. He picked it up, hurrying out of the classroom. He glanced around the crowded hallway, searching for her. He walked over to a girl who was standing at her locker.

"Um… Have you seen Sierra Mason? I have her notebook." He said quietly. The girl closed her locker, and began speaking as she turned around.

"I haven't seen her since third period, sorry…" Her eyes grew wide when she saw Mason. He sighed.

"Thanks anyway…" He mumbled, beginning to walk away.

"N-no p-problem…" She stammered. He walked outside and asked another person.

"What does she look like?" Mason frowned.

"She's kind of short, and she has long black hair," Mason said, but that person hadn't seen her either. He groaned, then saw a familiar head of black hair. He ran to her, then tapped her shoulder 's eyes grew wide.

"Mason!" She exclaimed.

"You left this in the classroom," He said. She smiled brightly up at him, taking it gratefully.

"Thanks! That was very sweet of you to bring this to me." A light blush dusted his cheeks and he smiled bashfully.

"You're welcome… Thank you for not letting me fall asleep in class…" She giggled.

"Yeah, that would have been pretty bad…" Mason nodded, looking up and noticing that they were standing at his bus stop.

"Oh yeah, we take the same bus don't we? Want to sit together? I don't really know anyone else on there…" She looked up at him, fully aware that he was much taller than her.

"Okay…" He said softly. They got into the bus together and sat down in the first open seat. Mason sat stiffly, his gaze occasionally flickering to Sierra, who was looking out the window.

"I'm waiting for you to strike up a conversation, but clearly that's not going to happen," Sierra said, finally turning towards him. He blushed slightly again, smiling bashfully.

"Sorry... I'm not really a people person..." He said. Sierra shrugged.

"What a shame. You'd probably be really popular if you were outgoing. I mean, you're well known, but not popular." He nodded, rubbing the back of his neck.

"I'm not good at talking to people... And I haven't had a friend since I started high school last year..." He looked down, his expression a bit sad.

"I'll be your friend." He blinked in surprise, looking at her. He couldn't stop himself from smiling, his one dimple appearing once more. His green eyes were lit up. She giggled as the bus slowed to a stop.

"Really?" He asked. She nodded.

"Now I have to go. This is my stop." She waved goodbye to Mason who waved back. He had a friend. Just that one fact felt nice. He had a friend.

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