A king once announced,
in his kingdom around,

'The one who defeats the dragon,
will have my daughter's hand'
for no being was more wild,
in the old king's land.

Hearing those words,
many went on this task,
'what happened to them afterwards'
no one dared to ask.

the dragon was so powerful,
that no one was able to slay,
until a young man picked his sword,
and decided to carve his way.

As every tale is told,
this journey begin,
a young man with the hand,
of the princess to win.

The path was long,
And the time was cold,
Obstacles filled his path,
As the journey unfold.

As he walked through the forest,
With goal in his sight,
That dragon wasn't the only beast,
That he had to fight.

Sat before him,
Was a Griffin with eyes,
Filled with the wisdom,
'tell me are you a fool or a wise!'

Growled the Griffin,
Bearing his fangs,
with his mouth wide open,
To the brave young man.

Knowing that the riddle,
Was the passage to his goal,
The young one decided,
To bet his soul.

'I'm fool to wise,
And a wise to fools'
Now that I've answered,
You must abide by your own rules.

Getting the correct answer,
the Griffin complied,
Nodded to the wise man,
it stepped aside.

Before he could go on,
For his prize to claim,
The Griffin gave a shield,
To guard him from the Dragon's flame.

As he walked past the forest,
The beast was awoke,
The tales of which,
only in whispers were spoke.

He stood before the Dragon,
With his chest held high,
As he gazed unfazed,
In the Dragon's eye.

The fight begin,
In a blink of a sight,
As the dragons blew fire,
A hot seething white.

The battle went on,
For two whole days,
As neither one surrendered,
nor were they faze.

But the dragon was old,
As he was wise,
He could see the fatigue,
In the young ones eyes.

Impressed by the determination,
Of the one such young,
The man had won the battle,
He could never won.

'Tell me O' child,
Why do you fight,
A fight with me,
With all your might?'

'Because you are a monster,
The people have said,
Even mention of which,
Leave them in dread!'

'No one in thousand years,
Have lasted so long against me,
For that I'll grant you one wish,
Whatever it may be.'

Hearing those words,
The man sighed in relief,
Ordering the dragon to fly away,
And never to give anyone grief.

The dragon honored the man,
As he flew away,
But before he went,
He had something to say,

'I have never hurt anyone,
Who never started the fight,
For fighting such weaklings,
Is beneath my sight'

'Youngling, hear my words!
Humans fear what they can't control,
For controlling everything,
Is in the core of their soul'
Hearing the wise old dragon,

The young man nodded,
As he went back to the city,
Where now he was betrothed.
Freeing the land from beast,

Had returned back its laughter,
For no one was now afraid,
And everyone lived,
happily ever after.