All I do is lie awake missing you.

It's been years since I've heard anyone speak your name, yet it is the one thing that continues to haunt me, even in my waking hours. The power it holds over me is insurmountable. I wish that I could believe it isn't true, even when I know it is. I just can't pretend anymore.

All I do is scream into the void.

The empty space inside my heart cries out to you in times we used to share together. When I get up, I turn in bed to see you, even when I know you aren't there anymore. The shadow of your ghost still scares me to this day. It's pathetic of me to admit it.

All I do is hear the memory of your voice

You speak to me in the few times when I dream. The calming tone scratches nails against my ears. Your final words to me crack bone shards against my brain. It really isn't worth the pain. You see why I don't sleep anymore.

All I do is lie awake missing you, and it isn't even worth it anymore.

That much I can admit.