Warnings: heavy homosexual themes, rape of a minor, male pregnancy. Strong mature rating, view discretion is advised. At the age of ten, Zackariah Delino was orphaned, his parents murdered before his very eyes. He became the youngest alpha shifter seen in recent history. For years he was alone, accompanied only a few remaining pack mates who would follow him until a regular hunting trip turned into a meeting with his mate, Luka Snow. Luka is a omega ranked wolf, able to give his mate children regardless of his gender, and provide his pack with a unique type of power. It is for this power that Luka becomes the latest victim of kidnapping. The kidnapper holds a connection to Zack's past and he will stop at nothing to see Zack destroyed. Will Zack be able to find Luka and rescue him in time or will the kidnapper have his way with his mate?

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The green eyed child stared into the face of his older brother, his chest heaving, and his heart racing. "Conner?" he asked, softly as if unsure it was really the boy he'd known and loved since he could remember. It was Conner though, he'd recognize that red hair and those nearly glowing green eyes anywhere. "Conner, what have you done?" the boy asked, his voice shaking.

Conner rose, from his knees, blood dripped from his finger and fell into the pool of crimson at his feet. He was covered in blood, his teeth glistened red, and his lips, chin, and neck were covered in blood. It was splashed on his arms, his chest, making him appear like one of the characters out of an old slasher flic the brothers would laugh at together. But that wasn't corn syrup and red-dye, that wasn't a faked cut on his upper arm, and that certainly wasn't a staged body behind him. "Whatever do you mean Zackariah?" his older brother asked with an ever-so-pleasant smile on his face.

Zackariah willed himself not to look beyond his brother, but his eyes wandered there anyway, laying just feet from Conner's right ankle was the small, delicate hand of their mother. "You… mom… why?" the child stammered. Conner had been gone for three months, vanished without a trace in the middle of the night, the pack had searched frantically from him, worried that a rival pack had kidnapped the eldest son of their alpha and were planning to use Conner against his father.

Now, here stood Conner, not a scratch on him, with a new pack mark and a menacing presence. "Zack, I didn't come here today to kill you, if you know what's best, run, get as far from here as you can. My pack will be here within minutes," His usually kind face was serious and full of an emotion the ten-year-old could not place. "I cannot guarantee your safety if you stay."

Zack blinked, forcing back the tears that were threatening to overwhelm him. "You killed our mother!" he screamed and Conner sighed impatiently. "How could you!" he turned quickly and ran to the door. "Dad! Dad!" he shrieked before he was even out of the door and he heard his father's fast footsteps on the wood stairs. Before he could take another step, Conner grabbed him around the waist and yanked him back into the room, knocking him to the ground, straddling his hips and holding his hand.

"He could have lived a few minutes longer if you had just done what I told you." Conner snarled in his ear, pressing a very sharp morphed claw against his throat.

"Zack what is it!" His dad called. "Where are you? What's wrong?" he asked, sounding very far away.

"Call him again," Conner ordered. "You've done it once, now just draw him in here, if you don't I'll kill you and throw your body into his arms." The words were cold, sharp. This boy might have the same face as his brother but this was not his brother. "I said call him," Conner hissed and his nail dug into his throat.

Zack swallowed but Conner wasn't leaving him a choice. "Daddy!" He screamed.

Conner chuckled and pulled Zack up, sliding back to sit on his calves. Zack's body screamed as it was contorted so unnaturally but he bit his tongue, he would not give Conner the satisfaction of his pain.

"Zack!" His father called again and he turned into the bedroom. "What…" words dyed on his tongue as he took in the scene before him. "Conner, you traitor, let go of your little brother." He growled, lowering himself into a crouch, the air around him shimmering just slightly as he prepared to shift.

Conner just laughed. "You've brought this all down on yourself daddy-dearest." They heard snarls explode downstairs and Zack felt members of the pack shift. "All of this could have been avoided if you hadn't told Marcus you would never hand over the pack to me. Now I've got a new pack, killed their alpha mighty quick, and they were all looking to please the new boss."

"You think killing an alpha and attacking your family is the way to show me that I was wrong about you?" his father snarled.

"Father, if you shift, I will slit Zackariah's throat." Conner said, voice as cold as ice.

"Fight me like you mean it Conner, don't hide like a coward behind a shield." His father said, his voice deep, mostly growls.

Conner rose to his challenge easily, leaping over his brother and colliding with his father as they shifted midair. Zack quickly pushed himself into a sitting position and crawled over to his mother where she lay dead. He couldn't stop the tears now, sobs slipped from his lips and he pressed his face into her stomach. He moaned mournfully and tried to convince himself he was having a bad dream. Yeah, just a really, really horrific nightmare. But the reality that his mother's stomach didn't expand and contract under his head refused to let him slip into that fantasy.

Zack listened to the snarls and snapping teeth of his dad and brother behind him. This wasn't right it was some sick joke, his brother was fighting his dad, killing his family because he would never be the alpha male. And this is why, said a soft voice in his head.

The sounds of the fight moved farther away, Zack could hear bodies slamming into the hallway walls and someone was thrown down the stairs. He recognized his dad's pained yelp.

Zack knew what his dad would want him to do, hide until he knew it was safe and then run for help.

That night, Zack became one of the youngest pack alphas ever known.

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