The White Hat

By Shadowgate

Randy Jones had been an elementary school teacher for 12 years. He taught reading, social studies, and handwriting. Today little did he know would be his last day as a teacher. It was 8AM when he started his fourth grade class. He asked 10 year old Jeremiah Barfield if he had his homework. When Jeremiah said "no" he sent Jeremiah to time out.

Jeremiah had to put the white hat oh humiliation on his head.

Soon after that two janitors came in. They said they needed to inspect the ceiling for any leaks.

Mister asked "excuse me can I get your names please?"

Harry Melvin responded "well Mister Jones my name is Harry Melvin and this is my partner Jason David and we're both the newest maintenance men at this school."

Mister Jones said "okay Mister Melvin why do you have a Confederate Flag pinned to your jacket? That is racist."

Harry replied "you're calling me a racist, wait a minute here. You're the one forcing that black student to wear a white hat in time out."

Jeremiah turned around and started screaming and the whole class started going "oohhh."

The two maintenance men left in a hurry and it took 30 minutes for Mister Jones to get his class to calm down.

The principal heard all that screaming.

10 minutes later Mister Jones had to go to the principal's office and explain what happened. When Mister Jones was informed that tons of other students along with teachers heard about the white hat and Jeremiah had run to the principal's office screaming. He was also informed that a racial lawsuit was being threatened against the school by Jeremiah's parents and because of that he had to be let go.

Randy Jones couldn't believe it. He got fired in a snap over trumped up racist allegations.