A/N: Hello, friends! Welcome (back) to this tale I spun up for a past writing contest. I just wanted to say that you do not have to read the original post, Sewing and Folding, to completely enjoy this story. Please bare with the chapter lengths as they will vary. Thanks for reading!

Entry 1 - written in black ink, by lamplight

"Name: Tara
Age: 9 and a half
Birthday: November 22nd
Defect: Asomnolence

This is Tara's journal. You won't find anything interesting in here because nothing new ever happens except for today. A soldier gave it to me. This is my Treasure, a blank crummy notebook. Our teachers said that they taught us everything we needed to know about sewing. I hate it. Tell them that. They already know. I want to go past the gates that keep us here. I want to see what's beyond this place. Our teachers wouldn't let us. The soldiers wouldn't let us. They're dorky, dumb doofuses."