Lighter Than Air

Elise balanced herself on the barre as she continued to practice her ballet. She leaned back and let her leg lift and then she rose up and went on pointe and moved her way perfectly across the room.

Once she ended in fifth position, there was a clap. She looked to see her boyfriend Ken standing by the door watching her. "Bravo. A first grade a performance."

She smiled and blushed and grabbed her bag. "Thanks, but I still have a ways to got. Remember I am not that far in advanced courses."

"Still it was all worth", said Ken hugging her, "And I mean ALL of it."

Elise blushed realizing she was still in her black leotard and white tights, she couldn't help but blush. "Oh Ken", she said.

"You really enjoy dancing don't you?" asked Ken.

"Oh yes. .when I dance it's the next best thing to being lighter than anything in the world", she said as she broke then embrace and did a small turn and purée to emphasize her point.

Ken smiles and gives her a peck. "You already do with me."

"Thanks by the way why are you here? I can walk home you know", said Elise.

"Well it's my friend Nick, he's said he's perfected a new invention of his", said Ken.

"Oh really", said Elise smiling, "That's great! But what does this have to do with me?"

"Well he says he wants to try it with a human, and he chose you probably because of your status as being a ballet dancer, and my girlfriend", said Ken.

"Well", said Elise. She thought it through. Nick was a good inventor but sometimes his inventions had a habit of, blowing up.

"It won't explode on me will it", asked Elise.

"No", he said embracing her. "I promise, he said he has all the kinks taken out of it."

"All right, I will be there, this weekend", said Elise.

Well here we are", said Ken as they stood outside of Nicks lab that weekend. His lab was more or less his garage, but still it was better than nothing.

They slowly entered, the lab itself was a huge clunky mess. Well it was clean in most respects but otherwise pretty much a bit clunky.

They looked about for Ken's friend.. "Hey Nick", said Ken.

Nick poked his head amongst all the knickknacks and doodads. He was dressed as your typical scientist plus with some goggle like device on his forehead.

"Ah there you are Ken" he said shaking his head then turning to Elise said, "And Elise thank you for coming and taking some of your time today to help."

"It's my pleasure", said Elise smiling.

"So where is this device", asked Ken.

"One moment", said Nick. "First your girlfriend has to change." He then holds up something.

Elise almost gasped, it was a pure white long sleeved leotard. And it looked like it would fit her.

"Woah", said Ken, "Not that I mind but must she?"

"I'm afraid so, it's all part of the experiment", said Nick.

"Well", said Elise taking it. "If it is. . ." She heads off to a secluded part of the lab to strip and change.

As she did Ken gave that look to Nick.

"What? I didn't do it to be a pervert or anything", said Nick.

"Sure", said Ken.

Elise emerged wearing it. And it showed her off very nicely and the leg holes showe plenty of her leg.

"Well, do I look okay?" she asked moving her sneaker clad foot a bit shyly.

"Okay", said Ken, "You look amazing."

Elise smiled and blushed and Nick looked her over. "Hmmm. Yes. . .yes. I was correct in selecting you."

"What do you mean", asked Elise regaining her composure, "With your light frame and body you will suit the experiment well."

"Oh good", said Elise still feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"Now if you will follow me out back oh and Elise no need for your shoes", said Nick.

"Okay", said Elise taking her shoes off and going barefoot.

Outback Elise and Ken gasped at the set up. Past the patio was a huge silver disk laid out on the groud roughly the size of a living room carpet. Connected was a bunch of wires and lines that connected to a few consoles on the patio.

"What is that?" asked Elise.

"It's a surprise", said Nick. "Elise if you would stand on it, and Ken please join me.

Ken nodded and gave Elise another hug before they parted. Ken joined Nick on the patio as he worked on the machine.

Elise head on over to the center of the disk and stood there. She turned to face them and breathed, "Okay I'm ready. So what happens."

Nick fiddled with a few switches. "Okay here we go." He flicks a switch. No sooner he flicked it Elise suddenly felt something push up from underneath her.

"OH!" she gasped and looked beneather, but other than the silver disk, there is nothing. Ken ran up to her and held her by the hands.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes", said Elise who looked down beneath her, "I just felt something is all."

"Relax I expected this", said Nick. "Don't worry she's completely fine."

"Okay Nick", said Ken. "Just be careful."

He smiles and turns the dial on the console. Elise felt the push get a bit more stronger.

"Woah. What just. ." she asked.

Nick again asked, "Are you okay."

She nodded, "Yes Ken, I'm fine. You don't need to hold my hand."

Ken taking the message let got of her hand and back away a bit. "Are you sure you are okay? You feel all right?"

"Yeah I'm fine", said Elisa, "I just felt all a 'woosh'. ." she said and hopped to emphasize her point but it was more of a big jump almost above her boyfriend, than a hop.

Ken gasped, "Woah when did you. . .?"

Elise gasped as she landed a bit slow. "Oh my. . ." she made another hop and it happened again.

Elise couldn't help but gasp. "I'm. .I'm so light!" She deiced to test this by standing up on one leg with the other outstretched. She did so without a wobble.

"I don't believe this!" she said smiling. She giggled and pushed herself up onto her bare toe! She gasped because she was en pointe. . .without pointe shoes.

She put her leg down and did the same. She put her hands up and smirked. "This is so awesome."

She again started to do a short routine on the disk and smirked and made a leap so hard she almost went away. She jumped up very high and landed very lightly.

"This is so Coooooooooooooooooooooool!" she shouted as she leapt again. Ken decided to catch her.

"Hey don't go to far away or I may lose you", said Ken laughing as they put foreheads together.

"Oh Ken", said Elise as she embraced him and put her leg outstretched in the air. "Don't worry it's not like I'm going anywhere."

Nick goes, "I wouldn't be so sure."

Elise puts her leg down. "What do you mean?"

Again Nick turns the knob and Elise felt that push. "WOAH!" she said giggling.

"Nick what did you", asked Ken who then realized something and lifted Elise up and down. "Hey! Wow you are lot lighter."

Elise giggled at this, "Stop that. Let me go so I can see how light I am."

"All right", said Ken.

As he moved his hands a bit something unexpected happened. As he loosened his grip, Elise starte to slide upwards. Her hips started to move up, out of his hands. "Huh!?"

He quickly clamped down on them.

"What just happened?" asked Elise.

Ken just looked shocked and loosened her grip on Elise, she started to rise, He managed to grab her just below the waist where the leg holes her.

"What's happening to me", gasped Elise.

Ken goes, "I don't know." As he puts her back down but then goes, "But I have an idea."

He quickly slides his hand back up to her hips and then lifts her as high as he could.

"Oooh", goes Elise in excitement as he lifted her so easily.

Then Ken started to part his hands but, remarkably Elise didn't slip down. He quickly grasped her.

"Huh?" he said.

"Something wrong?" asked Elise.

"No, I don't think so", said Ken. He opened his grasp a bit wider, and gasped as Elise again did not fall and grasped her again.

"Elise you didn't. ." said Ken.

"Yes I know", said Elise just as surprised.

Ken slowly put then quickly pulled his hands away and gasped. Elise didn't fall in fact she remained where she was in the air. His jaw dropped.

"Woah", said Elise she gasped and held out her arms and moved her legs around in amazement and in shock. "This can't be happening. . ." she whispered.

Ken goes, "this is amazing he said as he examines underneath her.

Nick nearby gives a sly smile.

"How do I get down!?" exclaimed Elise.

Ken reaches up and grabs her and pulls her down. Elise was hyperventilating.

"You okay", asked Ken hugging her.

"Yeah I'm fine, but that was amazing. .I really was light as a feather", said Elise.

"Lighter than air actually, but I am glad to have you on the ground." Said Ken.

Elise chuckles. Ken lets her go but when he did Elise rose up into the air.

"Hey. .woaaaaaaah. Wooaaah" she said as she rose up.

"Elise", gasped Ken.

She soon stopped right to where she was hovering before.

"What's happening to me", she gasped as she looked below her. She kicked the air experimentally.

"She's fine", said Nick, he turns a dial and Elise starts to lower slowly but then she hovers an inch above the ground.

"Ooooo", goes Elise as she is lowered. She stops but a few inches from the ground.

"How are you doing this", asked Ken.

"You see, this circle is a huge magnet", said Nick. "And what Elise is wearing is a leotard made with a special polarized thread!"

Elise feels the leotard and gasped, "NO way!"

"Way", said Nick, "And since it's polarized it's being repelled and you along with it."

"Ah so basically she's on a cushion of air", said Ken.

"More or less", said Nick. "The stronger the field the further she will float."

Elise couldn't help but giggle. "This is incredible!"

"You are enjoying this", asked Ken holding her arms.

"Yes. .I always wanted to be lighter than air, and now I it's really happening", said Elise. She then held her leg out in the standard pointe pose with her leg outstretched behind her and then she rose right up above Ken, giggling all the while.

"Hey bring her back down", said Ken

Nick turned the dial and she slowely descended and landed. She put her hands on her hips. "Oh party pooper."

Ken laughed and came up. "Come on let's get you. .. . ."

But as he approached Elise lifted high into the air. "OOOOOOooooo" she said as she rose. She rose above his reach.

"Hey!" said Ken and turning to Nick said, "Hey put her down!"

"Sorry but she seems to love it", said Nick.

Ken approached him in half anger but as he left the magnet Elise landed. She chuckled.

"See if you can catch her", said Nick pointing. Ken turned and sighed. "You guys aren't making this easy.

Elise giggled and beckoned, "Come on Ken, come and try to catch me before I float away!"

"Oh come on", said Ken running at her. "Don't do this to me."

As he approached Elise again rose out of his reach and missed. She let out a coo as she rose. Once he was behind her she landed back on the ground.

She chuckled. "Missed me!"

Ken gave a grunt and ran at her again. She laughed as she rose. "Missed me again!"

Ken again missed and Elise landed right behind him. She let out a giggle.

Ken pretended to run at her and Nick again made her rise. But when she was lowered she landed right in his embrace.

"Okay game over", said Ken holding her tight.

Elise sighed, "Oh Ken, give me a break. I am having so much fun!"

"Well I prefer to have you on the ground", said Ken.

Elise gave him a pout. Ken looked at her and sighed. "Oh but I can't help it when you look at me like that."

She giggled and said to him as he started to loosen his grip on her. "I knew I could get you to see thing well." No sooner she said that she rose up and giggled.

Ken looked up as she rose up and backed up to Nicks area.

Elise gave a coo of pleasure as she rose so high. She giggled and waved to them and then she was lowered back down. "This is so cool!" she said as she did a purée which she continued to spin as she rose. She giggled as she spun and made herself twirl faster and faster.

As she landed Ken helped her to stop.

"Woah that was intense", she said giggling as she got over her dizzy spell.

"Yeah be more careful", said Ken.

"Oh I will" she said, she then giggled as she rose again. Ken grabbed her by her legs. "Oh no you don't" he said teasingly.

"Hey let me go you pervert", she said teasingly back.

"Okay", said Ken and then let her go. She let out a 'woooaoaaaah' as she shot up extremely fast.

She stopped about nearly as high as the roof.

"Sorry", said Nick. "While he held you I increased the field power.

"It's all right", she shouted down, "Took me by surprise." She then did a few flips.

Nick turned up the dial a bit and she went higher. "OoooooooH' she cooed as she floated upwards.

She giggled as she looked down. "This is too cool!"

She then felt herself coming down slowly like a snowflake and she landed on her delecate feet.

"You now I almost hate it when you bring me down", she said.

"I know but I needed to try something intense", said Nick. "Want to see how high you can go?"

Elise smiled and nodded. Nick came up and said, "Okay. First your feet togther and your arms to your side" He helped her do this. "Okay stand by."

He went flipped a switch and turned the dial all the way up. "Ready and. .10. .9. .8. . .7. .6. . 5. .4. .3. .2.. . "

"Uh what are you going to. . " asked Elise but then Nick said 'One." And flipped the switch.

Elise suddenly shot up into the sky like a rocket.


Ken had a mouth agasp as she watched her girl zip high up into the sky.

Elise felt the wind in her face as she zipped super high up into the air. It was terrific and super fast. She really felt like she had jets on. Soon she started to slow down.

"Woah. . " she said. She felt herself slowing down slower and slower and slower until at last she stopped.

"Woah that was a rush", she said. Curious to see how high she was she took a look down. What she saw made her eyes almost bug out.

"Oh my gosh!" she gasped. Down below the whole town looked like a minature town. She couldn't believe it. She was almost above the clouds.

At first she was scared. She felt her heart pounding and started to hyperventilate. She was so high. But then excited and then let out a 'wooohoooo!'

She then continued to look below her. Amazed at this. "This is incredible!" she said. She giggled. She then saw a cloud and gasped as it went through her.

She giggled at this. Suddenly she felt a change of push beneath her. "Aw darn"

She slowly lowered down bit by bit. She saw the ground coming up to her.

She giggled, "I feel like riding on a breeze!"

She finally landed and Ken ran on up and took her by the shoulders.

"Elise are you okay?"

"Am I okay?!" she then twirled saying. "I AM INCREDIBLE! That was quite the rush!"

Ken turned. "Nick are you crazy?!"

"She's not complaining", said Nick, "And I knew what I was doing."

"Well I say we head on home", said Ken walking way.

"No!" shouted Elise. "I want to do this again!"

"What?!" gasped Ken.

"Well again only this time at a gradual pace! I want to have the feel like I am a balloon rising", said Elise.

Nick smiles, "How can I say no to a charming volunteer."

Elise smiled, then with a confident pose she said, "Make me fly!"

"Here we go then", said Nick turning the control pad. Elise slowly start to float on up.

"See you in a bit Ken" she said Giggling. Ken however runs up and pulls her down before she floated up too far.

"HEY!" shouted Elise.

"Elise, your enjoying this a bit too much don't you think?" asked Ken.

"Why shouldn't I. I always dreamed of this and now finally I get to experience it", said Elise.

"But what if you don't come back down", said Ken.

Giggling Elise pecked his cheek. "I will come back down don't worry. Now please let me go." She puts her hands close to her thighs where Ken was holding her.

"Well. . .. all right. Please come back." He said reluctantly letting her go.

"I will see you soon he he he he", said as she started to rise up again and go up above his head and giggling as she rose.

She looked down as the ground was slowly falling away from her. She giggled and waved.

"Looking good" said Nick.

"You sure your okay", asked Ken

"Yes!" she said, "I feel like a balloon flying away! This is so much fun!"

She looked down as the world below got smaller. She smiled as it all went below her. She noticed a girl and her mother walking down below she gasped and pointed up at her. Elise smiled and waved to her.

"Hi down there!" she shouted.

The girl waved back and her mom couldn't help but gasp.

Giggling happily Elise couldn't help but do a flip or two as she continued to rise.

No sooner she stopped she saw the whole neighborhood had started to look like toys and were not becoming smaller.

"Wow, look how high I have gotten", she said.. She scrunched up her legs to her chest and her arms as she let out a giggle. Then she spread them out and leaned on back as she continued to soar on up.

She passed through a cloud as her ascent started to slow. She soon finally came to a stop.

She let out a huge whoop when she saw how high she was again when she had rocketed up before. Giggling she couldn't help but wiggle her legs experemently.

"I always dreamed of this", she couldn't help but chuckle. "And now it's real."

Then she pouted a bit almost wishing it could last forever.

IT was almost 5 minutes before she started to lower.

"Well going down", she said giggling.

She watched as the earth slowly came up at her as if to grab her. She was then soon met with the arm of her boyfriend reaching hers. They touched as she finished her descent.

"Welcome back to Earth my angel", he said.

"It's good to be back", said Elise. They then see Nick finish turning off the magnet.

"Well that was a fun and good experiment", said Nick.

"Yeah it's a shame it had to end", sighed Elise.

"Thanks a lot for your help", said Nick, "I hope you can help me out again sometime."

"I would be delighted", chuckled Elise. "If it's as fun as that!"

Ken escorted her to the garage to change back into her normal clothes. It almost broke her heart to have to change.

She wondered if she would ever get to wear something like that and float again.

It was another day at ballet class. Today was the day of pas de deux classes and Elise got to be partnered up with the best person in class. A man called Tom.

She sighed. "No matter how high I am lifted, it's not like real flying", she said as they got started.

She moved and was lifted and looked at the rest of the class and smiled, "At least I know what it's really like. I am probably the only one here that does.

The end. . .or is it?