When I met Harry it was like a firecracker went off. He was strong and handsome, and everything anyone could ever want in a man. Well, at least that is what I thought. He was so kind and helpful, and just a great guy. Sure he was young but so was I, and our lives weren't all sorted out… But one way or another we were going to travel lifes path together.

So it was no trouble to tell we were going to move fast. First we moved in together. His apartment was cramped but I was sure I could make it work. There were four of everything and soon we found that it was just too crowded for our liking. So we moved!

The next place was great, it was a beautiful 3 bedroom house. On our budget we could just make it work, and after the first year we had a new car in the driveway and new goals in our minds. That was when the ring came. It was big and shiny, and I almost fell over when he asked that question.

"Krista, will you marry me?" Harry said looking up at me with bring brown eyes. Why wouldn't I say yes?!

"Of course!" I spat out quicker than I should. And there you had it, two people in love, and on a path to the next stage in life.

Our families were thrilled with our choices, and soon the big day was upon us. We followed every tradition to a "T". Something borrowed, something blue…. and there you have it, a couple of "I do's" later we were married.

Time marched on as it usually does, and soon we were approaching our 30's. We had the house, the cars, the marriage, the careers, and now everyone wanted us to jump on the next bandwagon and have a baby.

Harry was all systems go. But something held me back. Something told me to wait, and that maybe this was all going too fast. It had been only a handful of years since we first met and we had never slowed down until this moment. The moment when I put the brakes on and grinded them against the ground.

"You aren't ready?" Harry said a little confused.

I stumbled over my thoughts trying to think of the best way to put it without marking it off our life's plan. "I just think with work and everything that it's not the right time right now." I failed horribly at it.

Harry stood up from the bed. He looked like I had just crushed his heart. Why did this mean so much to him and yet I felt nothing but fear. "So you want to wait a year? two?" He quizzed me.

I was trapped in a situation with no good answer. The outcome of this conversation was not what I had hoped. I didn't want to talk about this right now anyway. Not when I was getting ready to leave on my business trip. I looked at Harry and stood to meet his hurt gaze. "Can we talk about this some more when I get home next week?" That sounded like a good "out" for now.

Harry nodded and looked at the clock on the wall. "Yeah, you better get going if you want to beat the traffic."

I smiled gently and kissed his cheek before heading out of our bedroom and down the stairs. The truth was that these last few years had flown by so fast. We were always doing something and never stopped to enjoy what we had. I didn't want to rush into having babies right now. That was a very long term commitment. One I wasn't 100% ready for right now.

I was 28 and the world was still fresh and new. My career was soaring, and there was so much more I wanted to do before the ultimate settling down. Kids. The thought almost brought me into a dry sweat. I had enough work with my husband as it was. He was my grown child right now. He was the one I took care of and I wasn't sure half the time if I was doing that right. But kids?

I grabbed my bags and tossed them into the back of my car. With the a quick turn of a key I was off. Harry waved from the porch as I drove away. In my mind I played over and over again the last few days of conversation. It was almost as if everyone wanted me to do this but me. It was very claustrophobic in a sense.

The drive went by quickly with these thoughts racing around my brain. Three hours later I was at my destination. The hotel was huge and beautiful, work spared no expense. But when you are the top sales rep for a company, that usually helps with expense accounts.

I quickly parked in the underground garage and pulled my bags from the back seat. As I headed to the elevator doors I noticed a row of perfectly shiny black SUV's parked. Must be some high banking customers here I thought to myself.

I took the elevator to the lobby and grasped my bag ready to head to the front desk. As the doors opened and I stepped out I could feel the gaze upon me from the start. It was hot and felt like someone was burning a hole into my back. Ignoring it I went and checked in. Room 428. The same room I got every time I came for a business trip.

I smiled and took my key card from the desk clerk before heading back towards the elevator doors. That was the first time I saw him.

He stood talking to another man, but I couldn't tell you who or what that person looked like. All I could focus on was this 6'2, stunningly handsome man. His eyes were green, his suit freshly cleaned, and he held himself in such a confident manner. I had to pull my gaze away before he noticed , but I fear I did so too late. Our eyes locked, if only for a moment, but in that moment I could feel every hair on my body stand up.

I cut off the connection as soon as my senses took control. And no sooner did the doors open and I get inside. When the doors closed I felt like a fool. I was just an average woman in a black dress suit. The hotel was filled with beautiful women in fancy dresses and makeup. There was no way that there was a connection between me and this man. I shook it off as best I could and when the doors opened next, I made my way to my room. 428.