She laughed at her moms joke as she drove down the road, her mom still telling her about the last community dinner and how her father had burned the chicken. A soft noise drew her attention to her gas light.

"Oh, my gas light just came on." She said.

"Are there any stations along that road?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Honestly, I don't know why you insisted on driving three states away all by yourself." Her mother scolded.

"I'm an adult mom, besides I made it and the wedding was lovely. I'll be home by midnight tonight, one in the morning at the latest."

"If you say so honey."

A small gas station appeared on her left and she turned into the lot, shutting off her neon yellow beetle she reached in her purse for her wallet.

"Mom, I'm at a gas station now, I'll call you back when I get one the road."

"Alright darling."

Her mom ended the call just as she found her wallet and climbed from her car. The gas station was remote to say the least, sitting on a stretch of desert road. The pumps look old and had to be at least as old as she was, the wooden shack that served as a service station had four motorcycles parked in front of it. Just adjusted her brown sundress and pushed her fingers through her gold curls, as the wind kicked up some dust. She passed the bikes and opened the door to the dim lit gas station, it looked just as old and rickety on the inside as the outside.

"Hello," She said with a smile.

The man behind the counter barely even glanced at her as she pulled out twenty dollars and slid it across the counter.

"I need twenty in gas please," She said sweetly.

He took her money but didn't speak of look up from his magazine. Shrugging she started for the door, suddenly four large bikers made a very large wall in her way.

"What's a pretty little thing like you doing on this stretch of road all alone?" One asked.

"I...went to a friends wedding..."

"A wedding, that's nice."

"Yes, I'm headed home now. If you'll just step aside."

"Well now, why don't you stick around and have a drink?" The biker asked.

"No, thank you."

She shot a glance over her shoulder at the attendant, hoping he'd speak up but he didn't seem to care what was going on. Panic welled in her chest but she fought it down, she tried to think the best of people and didn't want to think these men would hurt her.

"Alright, we'll let you get to it." He said.

As if by a miracle the bikers stepped away from the door and she breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe they hadn't meant any harm. Smiling brightly at them she passed them and walked out the door.

Her feet barely touched the ground outside when she was lifted off of them, a hand clamping over her mouth. She dropped her wallet as her hands clawed at the arms confining her. Her feet kicked nothing but air and she let out a high pitch noise in her effort to scream.

The man started dragging her towards the back of the gas station and she knew what was going to happen there. Kicking wildly and flailing her arms she attempted to break his strong hold. He dropped to his knees in the dirt and wrestled her to the ground, one leg pinning her body his hands holding her arms. She screamed as loud as she could but he didn't seem to care.

"Harvey! You idiot, get up." One of the other bikers called.

"Just a quickie before we move," He said, pulling at the hem of her dress.

"Let's go, bring her with us. The boss will have our heads if we take first rights."

Without a word the biker holding her down lifter her and roughly tossed her over his shoulder. Her breath escaped from her body as he ribs collided with his shoulder and her vision blurred. It only took a second for her to began kicking and screaming again.

"Shut her the hell up!" one of the bikers yelled.

Two men approached and pulled her off the first ones shoulder. One held her arms tightly preventing her escaped, the other zip tied her hands tightly behind her back.

"Please, don't do this, don't, please...just let me go." She begged.

"Come on baby, you might even like it." One said.

"No, please. My mom is expecting me home."

"We'll give you a home." The other one said.

Before she could say another word one of the bikers pressed duct tape over her lips. She let out a muffled cry and started to cry. They slid a bandana over her eyes, blocking her sight. A second later something hard slammed into the back of her skull. The pain radiated across the back of her head and into her eye sockets, a second later she went weak in the knees and then passed out.

She couldn't be sure how long they had her, it felt like years but logically she knew that wasn't possible. She was kept in what seemed to be a closet, cement walls and floors with no windows only a door, a thin mattress was thrown for her on the floor but that was the only kindness she received.

Most days she prayed for death, prayed that God would end the pain and suffering. The rough men with cruel hands and crueler intentions. She went days without food or water and sometimes days without sleep. At first it was relentless, the assaults on her body. One after another until the pain was so great she passed out, her body unable to take another hour. Over time they became less frequent, sometimes it would be two or three days before any of them touched her.

Her body ached, every muscle and bone completely traumatized to the point of agony. She would throw up for days from the pain but not once did that seem to deter them. It became almost like a game to them, how hungry was she and what would she do for food and God help her she was always starving.

There were enough of them that even at night when most retired to sleep there was always one or two willing to keep her up all night, by the time they exhausted themselves and she'd ebb away to sleep the others were awake. She'd all but accepted this as her fate, she would die in this cold dark room, beaten and starved and her family would never know what happened to her.

She'd all but accepted it and then she was saved.