"It was a dark and stormy night… wait too cliché. It all started when I… let me start over. Once upon a time… this story isn't a fairytale. You know what I will just start the story."

"You better, it's getting cold."

"You know I don't want to tell you my story."

"You got me involved, and I want to know your story."

"Well…. Since I was young, the world was a dark place. I was alone with no parents, no home, and no friends. All I could see was the darkness of this world. There were people crying everywhere. Crime was common, and…"

"Stop exaggerating! At least tell your story properly. I don't want to waste my time with you if…"

"Alright. Before you can complain about every single thing about me, I will tell my story "properly". Anyways, the world was indeed a dark place. Fighting by myself just to survive was a struggle. No one welcomed me into this world and I learned that the hard way."

"What was the hard way?"

"You are too young to know."

"I'm only a year younger than you."

"Please don't interrupt me again."

"Okay, fine!"

"All my life I could only see the darkness in people. I had no one and no one came. I tried to blend in with crowd, but it was obvious I was not one of them. I even tried to go to school like any other person of my age, but the students there rejected who I was. Only one person was kind enough to even talk to me, but he wasn't exactly a friend. My school years went on as I became more and more distant from the world. Darkness soon consumed my vision and I stopped seeing the world in color, figuratively of course. It was up till my senior year in high school when something changed. I received a letter."

"And this is how you got involved into this?"

"The letter gave me a new opportunity to see the world again."

"Well this is dramatic. When will the pretty rainbow appear in front of your eyes? I can't wait until you finally tell me your story."

"I've been telling my story! And I was being…"

An explosion was heard in the distance. Loud voices echoed from deep inside the cave. The two figures were startled and started to act quickly as they left. Seconds later, two shadows could be seen running together heading straight towards the sound of the explosion. Even during the commotion, the nearby city was still sleeping soundly, ignorant of all the action that would go down that night.