Author's Note: In reverse order.


She wonders why tears began flowing down her cheeks.


She finds a small hourglass in her right hand when she wakes up. It was odd, she decides, because although she was fascinated with hourglasses, she never owned one. She takes a good look at it, from the clear cut glass to the golden sand –


A wave of nostalgia invades her system, and she is reminded of bright blue skies, crimson passion, and twinkling golden eyes.


"Are you sure of this, my lord?"

"Yes," was his faint reply, his eyes distant and broken as he glanced at this world – her world – for the final time before slipping in the shadows.


He holds her hand for the last time, unwilling to let go, but he must. His eyes are blurry when he whispers:

"I won't forget."


He glances at the object in her left hand. He smiles exasperatedly, thinking how stubborn she is even when asleep.

He lets her keep it.


He proceeded to make her fall unconscious.

She looked peaceful in his arms. Guilt creeps into his conscience.

He hopes they'll both feel peaceful in the future.


this is the last time.

He clutches her in his arms like she's his lifeline in this world. He doesn't want to let go, doesn't want to end it like this.

But he has to, and that is their reality.


She refuses. Adamantly so.

She doesn't care if he's almighty or whatever, he just can't do whatever he wants. Their relationship is something she would fight for, no matter what.

He sighs, as if expecting this to happen, and proceeds to embrace her. He savors her smell, her warmth, her body against his, because –


"Please forget me."


"A god?" she whispers, unbelieving as she grips on the hourglass he gave when they started dating. "You're a god?"

"Yes," he replies, unnaturally serious. "I – I can't stay anymore."

I can't drag you in the dangerous world I'm in.

She shakes her head as the thought slowly sinks in. In desperation, she glances at his gold eyes, looking for a sliver of amusement. She found none.

He opens his mouth, and for the first time in their relationship, she felt terrified.

"Can you grant me one last request?"


There was only one message in his eyes that night.

I'm sorry.