It feels like a cold fire.

A fire that has already been burnt.

It came and went,

But the aftermath will be here for awhile


It's beautiful,

But you're not.

Well it makes you believe you aren't.

It makes you ashamed and guilt ridden.

It makes you sick with your own thoughts.

Everything you say and do is stupid.


It makes you believe in things that aren't true.

God didn't create scum of the Earth.

And when God brings you through the dark,

You'll see.

You'll see that you were looking through tampered with lenses.

These lenses they make you jealous of other people and their things.

They make you see beauty in things that aren't,


But can regret be considered as one o these enemies.

It brought you to God,

It went to go look for help.

So when we move on.

Should we take it with use,

Or leave it behind?


What is it really?