Dearest Wish,

I have always wanted you. Ever since I learned of soulmates as I watched Beast give Belle his library and his heart. When I realized that they were not only melodies with sweet words but devotions meant for just the one. I have known you, secretly but completely. I have written of you, about you, often to you long before we met.

I knew you were going to be taller than me. I knew that my head would fit and lay comfortably on the spot on your shoulder. Those that are broad enough to want to carry my burdens even though I won't let you. I knew how your hand would engulf mine. I knew that yours would be strong, scarred and callused from work but incredibly gentle with me. I knew. I just did.

I knew that you would be thoughtful but decisive. That you would see me as an equal and not a damsel to be rescued or a wild mare to break. I knew that you would look into my soul and see a partner. And I could only hope that you would also see how fiercely I would fight beside you and for you. And how I would surrender and lay down my sword without question, if you asked it of me.

I did not know when but I knew you would come into my life. And now here you are. Every bit as beautiful and strong as I have imagined. You are the very one that filled and haunted my journals and dreams. You are my list brought to life in every letter, shape and painstaking clarity...But why do I not love you?

Hoping To Love,