A Birthday Not So Happy

The Sun was setting into the woods. Lit by it's fading light the tress cast their shadows on the ground covered with leaves. Something moved in the shadows. It was a girl, barely visible in the dark of the Great Forest. A girl dressed all in black. Her long skirt dragged behind her covered in cobwebs and dirt. Black blouse stuck to her sweat covered chest. Black hair messy and tangled with leaves and small branches caught in it. Face pale, dark circles under her turquoise eyes. The only peculiar thing about the girl was the choker she wore with a silver spider attached to it, that and a single white streak of hair on her left.

This girl was Gvera Cross and just like any witch she was forced to leave her clan once she came of age. Exactly one week ago, her father wizard Maldeius, as the clans elder had to send the clans oldest child away. It just so happened that it was his own daughter. Once in fifty years the oldest child of a wizard clan had to leave and start his own clan. Gvera was not happy about this, but the laws had to be obeyed. Leaving home was hard, even thou she spent most of her life traveling with the clan she knew little about the world. Wizards were nomads, they never stayed in one place too long. Dark rumors were spreading of witch hunter in the Western Lands. So far things were calm here in North East. But one can never be too careful. After all it was the influence of the West that led the Southern Kingdoms to their ruin.

Night silently fell over the forest. Hungry wolves have awoken and their howls echoed through the woods. A lonely owl whooped as it rose to the night sky searching for pray. Bats flew above the tress with eerie screech like sounds as many other night critters began to rustle under the dry leaves. The woods were dangerous, especially at night. In the dark things are never what they seem. Gvera felt tired and alone. She wanted rest more than anything but it wasn't safe to sleep out in the open. The girl considered calling her
Guide for help. Focusing her remaining strength she drew a small circle in the air with her index finger. Then she pointed to the center of the circle and spoke the creatures name. A tiny orb of light appeared, flapping its tiny transparent wings it flew around its master.

" I need a safe place for the night" Gvera spoke.

The orb of light flew in circles for a bit then suddenly shot forward, blinking for the girl to follow. She couldn't tell how long they walked. It could have been hours or just twenty minutes. Gvera had lost sense of time. Finally a dark shape appeared in the distance. It was some sort of a house. As they approached it became clear that was an abandoned Resting House from the times when there was a trade route going through these woods. But once the new road was built places like this were forgotten. At first some were used by bandits but since no one traveled through the woods anymore the thieves moved out as well.

The Guide had fulfilled its mission and vanished leaving Gvera all alone again. The girl gave the structure a look over. It was a white two story building. Cautiously she opened the door and listened. No trace of human presence. Walking along the wall she made her way up stairs. There was more light since a part of roof has collapsed. There five beds upstairs, she chose the one close to the entrance. Using her leather backpack as a pillow she pulled on her father magic cloak. It was enchanted so it was light as a feather and never got wet and it always remained warm, even in the coldest weather but one never got too hot while wearing in the summer heat either . It was a parting gift from her dear father and the very first day it saved her from a terrible rainstorm.

Gvera missed her father terribly, he was the only family she knew. The girl doubted they would ever meet again. The Clans are always in motion, their locations constantly change. In her entire life with the clan she had seen another wizard clan only twice. And how long will it take for her to start her own? No one knew the answer. Maldeius said he had left home at the age of only seven. Gvera was turning sixteen today.

She turned on her side and muttered to herself before falling fast asleep:

" Happy Birthday"