The battle had been won, but the war was not over. The necromancer was not present on the battle field.

A time of mourning had begun many soldier as well as refugees and wizards died. Funeral pyres burned in the night. Songs and prayers for the dead echoed through the silence. Gvera sat there gaing at the fire, some of the people who died were her friends. But tears did not come. So many dead, people she never knew, for what? Someone's vain ambition of power or world dominance. How many more will have to die until he is finally satisfied? How many more will suffer ? Failure was not an option, no matter what they had to face- human, undead or demon. This was the burden they were chosen to carry, for the first time she realized how much depended on the success of their mission. But an enemy of this power could not be defeated by them alone, even if all five gathered together. She knew now that this fight was much bigger, that it was not a fight for them alone, this was a fight to protect the world. She needed to make preparations; only a month was left until winter.

Deira had been standing there just gazing at Gilbereth, she loved stories about elves but now that she was seeing one with her own eyes she had no intention of even blinking. Gvera wanted to discuss future plans with Narisa. Most of the necromancers didn't stay after the battle but one thing was made clear – no one from the Cross Clan showed up. It was shock to all, not coming to help their own; it was unlike the Cross who obeyed the laws religiously. A necromancer had put the lives of innocent people in danger, it was an act punishable by death. No one could believe the Cross would do nothing. Perhaps it was sign that thing were going wrong. Perhaps this was a sign that times were changing. For centuries the magical communities avoided people and eachtoher. However in this battle humans fought alongside wizards, necromancers and even an elf. New bonds were forged between clans, old grudges swept aside.

"You have done a great thing here. Thou may not realize it" Gilbereth said.

"Because of you things are changing. This world has been standing still for a thousand years, bound by chains that kept it from moving. What you did has set the world in motion, but there are many who do not wish for the world to change. They will try to stop you, without a doubt. The weavers of lies, they will try to lead you astray. They are watching always." She heard his voice thou he didn't move his lips or open his mouth.

The words of the elf said sounded like a warning. Gvera realized he was speaking of some threat that was not yet know to them. She decided that dealing with the necromancer came first. If someone tried to stop her from that she would deal with them.

"Take this, it will help you your journey" he gave her a small string

"It cannot be cut or broken, it will stretch with snapping."

She thanked him for the gift and the warning. It was somehow soothing to know they had an elf as an ally. But he was not the only one of their side, the Ripper were willing to help, the necromancer had caused much suffering to their clan, The Brown Weasel clan of wizards always looked out for their own and now wizards have been declared the heroes of Newguard. This sign for many other clans to come out from the shadows and forge relations with eachtoher and with the humans. Necromancer, thou still feared were the ones who truly saved the day and the people of Newguard will not forget that. This temporary unity held the promise what could be. All the magics, all the clans working together for a single goal can become an unstoppable force, and that force can lead the world into a new age. An age that many rather not come.

Gvera stood on the wall looking over the horizon. Just days ago they fought a great battle here. The ground was scorched, grass trampled.

"I thought I'd find you here" she heard a familiar voice

"Dein," she turned around

"You're leaving?" she noted the back pack he was carrying.

"Afraid so, we must go back and make our report. I wanted to give you this"

It was a scroll made of white smooth material, not perthcment like most scrolls.

"I have one too, whatever you write will appear in mine we can communicate that way."

"Thank you. "She said taking the scroll.

It was sad seeing him go, somehow being around Dein made her feel at ease, he was calm even chaos raging around him. But he was not coldblooded, he was kind, he knew a lot about things and she really enjoyed the conversations they had. She realized she would miss him.

"We will meet again" He said embracing her

"Of course" she tried to sound confidant.

"Take care of yourself."

"You as well"

She waved him from the wall as the group of rangers, all dressed in green cloaks walked away from the city. Turning around she saw a woman in red standing behind her. Her cloak and her robes were crimson red, her hair was blond and fell in long messy curls. Gvera recognized her as one of the Ripper necromantresses.

"My name is Valery" she introduced herself.

"You're friends with my aunt , right?"

"Yes." She smiled

"I have come here to ask a favor of you. "

"A favor? "

"You are going after that man right?"


"He has taken someone very dear to me hostage. "

"You want me to bring her back?"

"Not her, him. Our clan committed the taboo. I understand if you refuse to help us, but I assure you he is not a part of whatever that man has planned. "

"I'll try if the' still alive."

"At the moment yes. The Countess was old when he was born and she didn't have any more children. . He was castrated as a baby and raised as the daughter of the Countess; he was next in line to become the head of the clan. The given name was Priscilla The artifact of the clan was taken and only a member of the head family can use it, that's most likely why they took him."

Gvera could see the pain in her eyes. Whoever this person was Valery cared greatly for them.

"He doesn't have the power, neither do I. If I did I would be going after them myself. "

"I'll get him back, if I can.

"Thank you."

The air was growing colder. Winter was coming. The time was running out. Preparations needed to be made for the long road ahead.