Fractured Pieces

Bruised and battered beaten face
looking in the mirror
beat me til I beg for life
then leave me crying here

Crumpled in a heap
upon the cold hard floor
I can feel the bruises now
my whole body aching and sore

I can't believe you did this
you were my groom to be
but with a bottle in your hand
you don't seem to notice me

Instead your eyes glazed over
as you chased me down the hallway
threw my body down the stairs
your abuse happening more each day

Chocked me til I couldn't breathe
until I passed out cold
pushed me aside and ran away
left me lying all alone

When I came to and you were gone
I pulled myself upright
laid my head upon the bed
and closed my eyes for the night

When I awoke the next morning
you weren't by my side
I stood and checked the mirror again
from myself, I couldn't hide

The fact that I was guilty too
you weren't the only one
who had a bottle in your hand
who hit the one you love

It's hard to admit it when
you need help as well
When you are as much to blame,
but never want to tell

Push away from the mirror
can't look at myself anymore
Can't stand to see what I've become
Crying as I sink to the floor

I don't know what to do now
So I just clean up the mess we made
We can't be together anymore
and things will never be the same