Hi, I'm mi5hao and this is my first fictional story on FictionPress! Yay! Anyways, I've started writing this story a long time ago, before I discovered the awesomeness of this website which means I have around eleven chapters already written, and hope you enjoy!

Chapter One

Under the trees, next to the road on a foggy day stood a very unusual teenage girl. She wore knee-high leather boots, a red coat, black leggings, and her hair was black, though the color shimmered from black to dark blue, as if it hadn't decided which color to be yet. It was up to her shoulders, giving off some sort of light, making her seem to glow and she seemed even godly, though her pale cheeks looked as though she hadn't eaten in a few days. This girl's name was Freya Calverly.

She pulled out tiny black pebble and for a moment, the pebble glowed bright red. The color in Freya's cheeks returned a bit. There was a shout of excitement and she turned around. Running towards her were three or four young children, chasing each other around. They were coming straight at her…. and CRASH! The first kid, a young boy, charged right into her at full speed and she fell head over heels onto the hard, black road. The child fell over too, only not onto the road but in the light green grass. The pebble had been knocked out of her hand and it was no where to be seen in the grass.

Freya got up immediately, not affected by the fall in any way and searched frantically for it.

"Argh! You anthropoki, you made me lose it!" burst out Freya in anger and frustration.

The boy looked away. "Sorry," he mumbled.

Freya stared at him with a piercing gaze for a while then turned her back on him and walked away.

"Humph," she scowled at the boy.

I'll have to get a new one, she thought, annoyed about the tenth pebble she'd lost. She sighed again.

One hour later, Freya was in front of the train station, ready to go back to Limingsongs, when she heard her name being called.

"Freya! Freya Calverly!" a high-pitched voiced squealed.

She spun around. There, right in front of her was a very short man with a topped hat. Oh no, oh no, she thought. She could feel the dread as it crept into her. Her palms heated up instinctively and she had to concentrate to bring the level of heat back down before she revealed her powers to all the anthropokis in the station and blasted the little man in front of her, though she had a strong temptation to do just that.

"Hello," Freya choked out, "Are there any problems?" Freya knew the answer already. Of course, this tiny little man in a formal all-black suit with his topped hat, what else would he be here for?

"Ms. Calverly, you know what I'm here for," he squealed at her, raising a long finger at her. Yes, I do know what you're here for, she sighed to herself, but I don't want to go, do I?

"Yes, I do know what you're here for, Xyin—(she tried to sound threatening by calling the little man the name of his species and failed), and I'll go with you," she said, her voice trembling a bit. I'll have to go with you. That was the right sentence.

The Xyin looked her straight in the eye and smiled with only his mouth—it never reached his eyes.

"Well, let's go then," he squealed.

They got into the black Ford that was waiting for them and took off. Freya pulled out her drawing pad and stared at the most recent drawing. It included the Nisford and its ultimate ruler the Nisfore. Only there was a error. Freya could see herself in the drawing for some reason, lying on the ground as though she were dead, and she could see her sister held in the bonds of two Xyins, giving off a bright blue light with her eyes wide open…and gold (that was the freakiest part to Freya), while the Nisfore was next to her screaming in…agony? Freya frowned. The Nisfore was known for her cruelty and the fact that she didn't feel anything. Physically or emotionally, Freya wasn't sure. She glanced at the drawing again. This picture was the hardest to figure out yet. She stared out the window while the Xyin chattered on his communicater to the "reception" of the Nisfore about her arrival.

"Yes, yes, she's coming, the meeting will start soon," he finished, putting the communicater down with a flourish. He adjusted himself so he was facing Freya and smiled at her again. Freya tried to look disgusted, though she was dreading what was to come. Why so happy? Well, of course, he's part of the Nisford; he should be celebrating the moment they get the information out of me for Cincte.

They arrived at the Nisford. Freya had been here many times before but only this time did it seem to give off a mysterious light, full of hostility. The gigantic building of the Nisford with its deep blue walls. Same color as the eyes of the Nisfore. It was known that a lot of Halves were born with weird eye and hair colors, such as purple, and dark blue like her own hair. Freya coughed lightly and took a deep breath.

"Well, come along, stop wasting time!" the Xyin screeched at her.

"Sure, sure," she mumbled. Her legs seemed to know where they were going.

They came to a set of giant deep blue doors.

"Name?" asked the guard on the left, also in a suit of deep blue. Deep blue, deep blue, everything's blue in this horrible place, she thought

"Freya Calverly, here to see her for some business," replied the Xyin in his high-pitched squeal. Yes, here for business, thought Freya dryly. She coughed again to distract herself from that thought. The Xyin shoved her from behind and she was lead into the grand hall of the Nisford.

Freya's eyes shot up when she saw her. Dark blue hair, pale skin and deep blue eyes. She would have been strikingly beautiful if it hadn't been for the feeling of menace that she carried around with her.

"Sit down," the Nisfore ordered, gesturing to the only chair in the middle of the all. It looked so lonely, like what Freya had felt like when Cincte left her and her sister to fend for themselves.

Freya sat down obediently. She already knew what the Nisfore was going to ask and what she was going to say in reply.

"Now, I believe we have a new piece of news from our dear orare," she said sweetly.

Freya laughed humorlessly. The Nisfore's eyes narrowed. Freya noticed it. The Nisfore cleared her voice.

"Well then, Ms. Calverly, what was that all about? I do believe that I should be the first one to see it, being your loving…guardian," the Nisfore said.

Freya snorted. The Nisfore? Seriously? She was far from being Freya's guardian, as she states it. Freya thought about a sarcastic reply. No, a sarcastic reply would just lead her closer to her death. Her laugh had already done.

"I don't think I can tell you what you want, Nisfore," Freya replied.

"Really? You are allowed to live as long as you show me the right answer. Or else…" said the Nisfore. The was a blinding flash of light. The Xyin on duty yelped and fell to the ground, a trickle of the greenish blood of their type dribbling down his mouth.

Freya flinched. The Nisfore smirked. "That was just an example," she said carelessly.

Freya remained motionless.

"I have already said that I would never tell you," Freya said flatly. It was strange that she didn't feel any fear.

The Nisfore's eyes flashed dangerously and suddenly she was in front of Freya, grabbing her bag before Freya could even react. Freya stumbled as the Nisfore straightened up and pulled Freya's drawing pad out. The Nisfore cackled as she flipped to the newest drawing. Freya watched as dread filled her. Then, something weird happened. The Nisfore froze as she saw the newest drawing. Her eyes grew wide with an emotion Freya thought the Nisfore would never show: fear. Freya stared at her. The Nisfore actually stumbled for a second in her proud stride.

"It's just like those orare boys said," she muttered to herself. Then her menace-filled expression was back and she smiled at Freya.

"Xyin, take her away," she called. Then, when no one came to her call, Freya laughed.

"I think he's a bit…out of condition," she said, gesturing to the dead Xyin on the ground.

The Nisfore sneered at her. "It doesn't matter, girl. It might be even better with you watching." She took out a communicator of her own and Freya's mind worked furiously. She could blind the Nisfore for a second, just a second would be as much as she could do, and run. Or she could stay and watch. Her curiosity got the better of her and she watched in silence as another set of deep blue doors flew open.

Then, her curiosity turned into shock. Then panic. Then fear. A large group of Xyins had marched in…with her four-year-old sister Cynthia bounded and gagged. They shoved the little girl and being unprepared, she stumbled and fell, her arms bound to her side and unable to break the fall.

"Cynthia!" shouted Freya, rushing forward to her little sister. Cynthia's eyes were wide with fear and there were a few whip lashes on her arms and legs. "What did you do to her?" she screamed at the Nisfore. The Nisfore laughed coldly.

"Nothing…for now," she replied. As Freya said nothing, she continued. "You see, little Cynthia here is the bane of my future, predicted by all the orares I know."

A wave of realization hit Freya. She understood the drawing now. Being an orare herself, she had been particularly frustrated about not figuring out the drawing…and the future. She was a visual orare, while most of the other orares were auditory orares, meaning they received glimpses of the future by hearing. Freya, on the other hand, just gets controlled by the orare source for a few minutes, and when she wakes up, BAM! New drawing on the drawing pad. Which normally leaves Freya to figure it out.

Either way, the drawing now made sense. The Nisfore was predicted to be overcome by Cynthia. How, Freya didn't know. It seemed almost impossible, considering the incredibly powerful Nisfore was a Halve that had gone through all stages of training and even managed to find the WelWohl (Xyin language) Stone. And the fact that Cynthia didn't even know about the real world of Halves.

The Nisfore pulled out a thin, long dagger from her belt. She smiled at the two sisters and twirled the dagger with her fingers. Freya almost snarled like an animal. She felt her own hands heat up again, ready to defend herself and Cynthia.

The Nisfore moved with the speed of a striking snake, lunging toward Freya with incredible speed. She twisted the dagger in her grip and there was a flash of purple light as she let go of the hilt. The dagger spun once in the air and a purple light connected the Nisfore's hand to the dagger. She lunged and the smell of ozone filled the air as lightning strikes shot toward Freya, the dagger stabbing. Freya barely managed to conjure up a shield of defense and she gritted her teeth, beads of sweat on her forehead. The Xyins surged forward but the Nisfore shouted "No! I will deal with her myself." She couldn't beat the Nisfore. Freya knew that after the Nisfore found the WelWohl Stone, she possessed all of the types of powers known to Halves. Freya concentrated and waves of liquid fire poured from her palms and around Cynthia, however doing so caused her to lose concentration of her own shield and it fell away.

The Nisfore cackled and the dagger dropped to the floor. The purple light faded away and a bright blue flash replaced. Water flowed from the Nisfore's hands and wrapped around Freya, who was just a second too late with her own defenses. She cried out. The water froze around Freya and turned into ice. Freya couldn't move and she watched in horror as the a block of ice shot up and smashed into her chin, forcing her head up. She heard her jaw dislocate, but that wasn't what she was worried about. Freya panicked as she was forced by the ice cubes to look directly in front of her—into the Nisfore's eyes. A brilliant white flash filled the room and when it was gone, Freya Calverly was lying on the ground, motionless.

Cynthia stared at her sister on the ground. The Nisfore kicked Freya's body aside and marched forward to her.

She smiled at Cynthia and pulled the gag out. "What do you have to say before I send you on your way too?"

Cynthia didn't say anything. But now she realized that Freya was dead, and feelings of anger, pain, grief, and even agony started boiling in her stomach. Those feelings just got stronger and stronger and soon she was overwhelmed by them. She could see the Nisfore talking to her but she didn't hear anything. Only screaming. And then she let it loose. The only feeling she'd felt her entire life had been pain, starting from when her mother murdered her father, then left them. The times on the streets with Freya. Freya. She was her only hope. And now even she was gone.

Cynthia screamed at the Nisfore, and she stumbled back. Cynthia saw the Nisfore's eyes widen and her mouth open as her face contorted into a gruesome one of agony. Cynthia wanted to stop the pain, to do something, to shut it down, but soon all she could see, hear, smell, taste and feel was the pain. It overwhelmed her and all her energy was drained. Cynthia was drowning, drowning in her own agony. She collapsed to the ground and was overcome by darkness.

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