Shattered Fantasy

In a world of vampires and zombies
we were partners in crime
defending each other to the death
I didn't know what I would find

A man like you that I felt
I'd known for my whole life
thoughts and heart racing all the time
you made my dark soul light

We were like star crossed lovers
doomed from the very start
somehow when I wasn't looking
you snuck in and stole my heart

Never actually meeting and
always behind a screen
you were too good to be true
just like a beautiful dream

Thinking of you
gave me strength each day
I never did dream
I would ever walk away

I had been waiting my whole life
for someone just like you
to light up my world
and keep my heart true

It hit me so suddenly
like a frigid wind
so unexpectedly
you did me in

I fell for you
like a tree falls to the ground
so happy and so sure
it made a huge sound

But the world was against us
they said our love wasn't real
since you were there and I was here
for each other, we could never feel

In my head I knew this
but my heart was saying no
I couldn't get you out of my head
Practicality went out the window

Then circumstance stomped in
and shined a light on you
maybe you weren't what you said you were
maybe you weren't telling me the truth

The possibility hurt me
more than I could say
like the rug was ripped out from under me
like darkness drowned my day

I had to push you aside
had to come to terms
an online love could never be
I was going to have to learn

A small part of me wonders
maybe I was too fast
maybe I jumped to conclusions
maybe I could have made it last

But the other part knows
I had to let you go
I couldn't keep chasing
someone I didn't know

As hard as it was
I had to leave you be
Come to grips with what was real
and say goodbye to my fantasy

I still think of you all the time
much more than I should be
even though you weren't real
you brought out the best in me

I felt like I could trust you
and tell you anything at all
you really had me thinking
you'd catch me if I fall

But when I fell you let me
hit the solid ground
when I looked up to find you,
you were nowhere to be found

Please take this as nothing
as more than a goodbye
a note to tie things up for us
We can't say we didn't try

It wouldn't have mattered anyway
since you weren't what you seemed
I shouldn't have been surprised since,
you were more than what I'd dreamed

Please don't make this harder
than it has to be
although I fell in love with you,
you lied about loving me

So I have to move on
and leave you here without me
to play the game alone
fighting vampires and zombies

So have a nice life
and even though my tears sting
I really wish the best for you
so good luck with everything.