The Bridge

The world is quiet
when I stand up here
my thoughts fade out
my head is clear

No one to poke
and prod at me
forcing my decision
of what to do and who to be

On this bridge I am calm
and solace I find
as darkness surrounds me
and eases my mind

Up here I can think
for once in my life
My thoughts are not racing
I don't have to fight

But I can't help but wonder
with my thoughts at bay
would things be better
if I just went away?

Standing up here so high
I can see the light
the answer is here
I could throw the fight

If I jumped now
I could end it all
leave the world behind
and ignore the call

I know I'd be missed
but I would be free
from prying eyes
always watching me

No time to waste
I'm going to jump
There's no turning back
my mind is made up

I take a deep breath
and spread my arms wide
feet spread apart
preparing to fly

With no second thoughts
I launch off the side
falling so gracefully
for my final ride

My hair surrounds me
as the wind flies past
My body dancing
I'm falling fast

My release fades quickly
when the water hits me
It's ice cold, I can't breathe
My lungs fill, I can't see

I feel so numb
my body is sinking
I should have never jumped
what was I thinking?

My eyes start to close
my heart slows down
my throat is burning
I'm going to drown

I see black spots
I know death is near
but I am calm
and I have no fear

I close my eyes
and let death take me
My world goes black
But I'm finally free