Zombie Apocalypse

Life as we know it
Is ending.
The zombies are coming
There's no more pretending

They'll crawl from their graves
With mouths open wide
Searching for brains
There's no where to hide

You won't get far
If you try to run
They're smarter than you think
And they will always come

Your best bet
Is always to fight
But don't get ahead of yourself
You must do it right

First get a bat
Or a rock or a stick
Even a golf club
Would do the trick

Hold it tight and swing hard
To knock of their head
If you hit the right spot
Then the zombie is dead

Don't get too excited
That was only one
And where there is one
Three more wait to join the fun

You could never win
There's too many of them
So say your goodbyes
Because this is the end

I tried to tell you
The world is ending
The zombies are coming
So stop your pretending