Story: Once upon a time there was a witch's black cat... Who decided she wanted to be an honest politician. This is a short story of her strange and harrowing adventures where she comes across a yuppie prince, a talking goldfish, starbucks computers and flying cars.

A/N: Hello. How are you? Thank you for opening my story and, amazingly, reading this Author's Note, (WOW!) I would first like to say that this story was written for my english class where I had to write a twisted fairytale, meaning that it isn't really anything special and may contain awkward, childish grammar. This story was the best in the class (I'm pretty sure…) So I wanted to share this on the internet because I am in a desperate need of acknowledgements. (Aren't I humble?).

So enjoy and please review. (I know I don't.)

The Political Cat.

Once upon a time there was a witch's black cat, who was sick and tired of being at the beck-and-call of the evil witch. "Black cat fetch me my broom!" She would scream, "Black cat do this and do that!" One day, the cat decided that she had enough and ran away to become an honest politician.

"Finally, I will be no one's house cat anymore! I am free! Free!" She sang happily.

But along her travel she realized that she didn't know how to become a politician, and surely they wouldn't allow a cat to run for office.

While she was walking, she came across a yuppie prince who was sitting on a lavishly fancy park bench.

"What should I do?" The cat sighed. "I just left my wicked master so I could become a politician, but I don't know how to do that!"

"Then I'll tell you how." The prince sang. "You must go to a castle on a magic carpet, where you will find a wishing well that can turn you into anything you want."

"Really? Why thank you that is very helpful." The cat laughed.

And then she continued her journey to find a magic carpet, so it would take her to the wishing well. On her way she came across a strange fountain in Central Park, in the water she found a magic cash card guarded by an angry talking goldfish.

"Goldfish, give me the magic cash card so I can buy a flying carpet or I will eat you" The cat shouted.

"No!" The goldfish shrieked, "I will not give you the card until the curse that trapped me in this fountain is gone!"

"Please, let me have the magique card and I promise that once I become a politician I'll build you a magnificent pond!" She cried.

"You want to become a politician?" The fish asked. "Then why don't you go to starbucks and make a wish on their magic wishing computers."

So the cat went to a telephone booth to call the witch's fairy Godmother friend and asked her if she could give her a ride to starbuck with her flying car. Soon the cat typed her wish in the magic computer, right after she turned into a politician.

"I will become the world's first and best honest politician!" She cackled. And she lived a very busy but happily ever after.


A/N: Yup, that was pretty silly, but admit it, you smiled. (Come on, you did. You know you did. You did, right? You did smile? At least a little bit. Right? Right…?)

I'm bizarrely attached to this story, maybe it's because it's so short, has a beginning and an end and also a lot happening. Maybe it's because it's just so strange and bizarre. But I always smile when I read this story.

I'm kind of wandering if I could turn this into a much longer story. It could be pretty fantastically weird. \:)