A/N: I'm just going to warn you all from the get-go. This story will contain a few different instances of self harm, suicidal thoughts, and other heavy subjects that some may find very upsetting or personal. If you have issues with things like that please use your own discretion in reading and inbox me if you need somebody to talk to. Other than that, please don't let it turn you away! I plan to work really hard on this story and I hope you tell me what you think! Enjoy. c:

Brooke Tilson: Hi there. :)

Noah Bradley: whats up do I know you? we have like no mutual friends lol

Brooke Tilson: Haha, not really. My old school played yours last year and I heard a lot about you. West Hills? You kicked our asses.

Noah Bradley: haha Of coarse we did, don't you know who we are? And of coarse you heard about me :P

Brooke Tilson: Figured you'd be cocky. :P

Noah Bradley: I'm not cocky. ;c

Brooke Tilson is typing...



Noah Bradley: Soooo, can I help you, pretty lady? ;) at a loss of what to say?

Brooke Tilson: Not really, I just moved out of state recently and don't know anyone, so I'm trying to keep and make some friends back there. :( Everyone here is mean.

Noah Bradley: Aw :c well Im honored you chose me, you sure you aren't still salty at how hard we whipped your team?

Brooke Tilson: Haha, I don't get that hung up on football. Sorry. ;P

Noah Bradley: Blasfemy!

Brooke Tilson: That is not how you spell 'blasphemy' lol

Noah Bradley: oh shit are you some kinda grammar nazi? We cant be friends if you are :P

Brooke Tilson: That's not grammar, that is spelling.

Noah Bradley: Nerd. ;)

Brooke Tilson: I guess I kind of am a nerd.

Noah Bradley: Nah, your too cute to be a nerd.

Brooke Tilson: Wow, you used the correct form of too. Nice work. :P

Noah Bradley: You gonna do that whenever we talk? Cuz I'll block you right now if you do I don't care how cute your profile picture looks. ;P

Brooke Tilson: I guess I'll try and resist... So, that means you'll talk to me sometimes? :)

Noah Bradley: Hmmmm i gueeess soooo...

Brooke Tilson: Am I going to regret this? :P

Noah Bradley: I hope not Im kind of an asshole. :P lol but I g2g for now, I'm at football practice.

Brooke Tilson: Lol, well I have to go for a bit too. Can I talk to you later maybe?

Noah Bradley: Please do. ;) bye bye

"Oh my god, he's so stupid! I can't believe he fell for this... Haha, you make a cute girl, Pax~"

My best friend is Paige, and she gets this weird thrill out of getting revenge on her ex boyfriends. Thing is, this guy isn't even her ex. She just has a massive crush on him, like every other frickin' girl at our school, and now she's upset because they fucked and he lost interest right after. Or something like that.

She's been my friend ever since we were little, but she drives me crazy sometimes. What did she expect? It's Noah Bradley.

So, I've recently been bringing her Ben and Jerry's. Tissues. Shitty movies. Suffering through three Taylor Swift albums. Letting her cry all over my shirts. You know, the works. Not like I haven't done this for her before.

"Why are you the only good guy that exists?" she sighs dramatically, falling into me in mock defeat. "And of course you have to be gay... If you weren't I'd just go on and marry you already."

I shrug and frown. "Not like I wanna be."

"I know, sorry I said that," she sighs, resting her head on my shoulder. She finally chuckles again to lighten the mood. "Haha... blasphemy," she whispers, mocking Noah's tone but mostly failing since his voice is way deeper. I can't help but grin though. That really was hilarious.

"Hey, Paige, don't you think this revenge scheme is a little... juvenile? Mean, even?"

"Are you serious?" she cries, pulling back to stare at me. "He's such a jerk, he deserves it! How many girls do you think he's done this too? He needs a little karma, and our little 'Brooke' is gonna break his heart."

"Paige, you know he told you beforehand he wasn't interested in a relationship, and you still had sex with him. Guys like that won't change they're mind after they get what they want. Sex doesn't automatically make a guy decide he really does like you."

She pouts. "I knoooow, wise guy, you tried to tell me and I didn't listen! But he could at least text me back. I was a virgin... C'mon, Pax, have a little fun for once. Get your hands a little dirty."

Ugh, whatever. How do I say no when she looks so upset?

"Fine, I'll keep this up, but I still think it's trashy," I huff before standing up. I start to pack up my laptop and reach for my car keys. "I'm going to be late for work."

"Good luck! Seeya tomorrow."

I head out and barely make it to work on time. If you really want to know, I work at Mac Burger. And yes, it is a total rip off of Mcdonalds, just a lot shittier and made for people who are literally too cheap to just go to fucking McDonalds. Mostly everyone I work with is an asshole, and those who aren't are just new kids who've never worked a day in their life and always get stuff wrong. They don't usually stick around for more than a month.

"One minute to spare, congratulations, Paxton," my manager, Vick, mutters dryly as I step into the back room and put on an apron. I stopped responding to his little jabs at me months ago. I think he tries to be friendly, but it just comes off as him being an asshole or being creepy. I actually used to have a hopeless crush on him when I started here; he's pretty young for a manager. I don't think he's going to let me forget it either.

"Where do you want me?"

"How about right here on the table?"

"Vick, your jokes aren't funny and they're super unprofessional," I say dryly.

"Register, new girl is training on the line. Sorry."

I sigh and shrug. "Whatever."

I hate talking to customers. People in general, they're all assholes to me.

See, I live in a small town in the Deep South, and I'm an openly gay high school student.

That's really all the explanation you need, right?

It's really slow today for some reason, but I don't really mind. I'd rather have that then talk to people.

Back to the subject of Noah Bradley. He's stepped inside with his teammates, and I glance at the clock. They always come in a little after five, right after football practice, and this is no exception. It's a little obnoxious, since it's usually at least ten sweaty guys flooding in all at once and ordering enough food each to share among all of them.

I force on my fake-ass work smile. "Gonna win the game on Friday?"

He flashes a polite smile my way. "Of course we are."

I kind of want to tell that new girl on the line to spit in his food. Paige can be obnoxious, but she's still my best friend and this guy really hurt her.

At the same time, I can see why girls are so obsessed with him. He looks like he was practically ripped right out of one of Paige's shitty chick flicks. He looks like fucking Zac Efron had a baby with Enrique Iglesias for fucks sake, if that even was possible. He has these really thick lashes and really bright green eyes. It's kind of amazing how green they are; it's like he wears colored contacts or something. The lashes just make them pop all the more. His skin is a light olive color, even in winter. He has nice hair, too. It's light brown, short but not too short, and slightly wavy, so it just kind of swirls a little around his head in little wisps. Like fucking chocolate soft serve ice cream or something. It kind of pisses me off, because I really doubt he does anything to make it look that good. I have to straighten mine every morning and add more black quite often just so it doesn't look completely stupid.

"Come on loverboy, stop flirting with Angelface and order already! I'm starving," one of his teammates calls behind him. And of course all the rest of them laugh in unison. So stupid. All of them. It wasn't even that funny, was it?

Noah looks back at them with a disgusted smirk. He playfully shoves the guy behind him. "Gross, shut up guys. Don't be jerks to him."

Speak for yourself... Definitely spitting in your food.

"I'll take what I usually get."

Like I'd remember such a thing, asshole.

All I remember is that he gets a number two meal, but he always asks for so much extra shit and for stuff to be taken off. Sometimes he gets nuggets too, if he's feeling particularly more like a pig that day.

"And that is?" I ask, trying not to sound short with him.

"You don't remember by now?" He was smiling again. It really is a pleasant smile, but it's fake as fuck. Really, how could any girl fall for it? "Number two, no ketchup or lettuce, extra pickles and cheese. Ten piece nugget with that too, please. With the buffalo sauce."

Jesus Christ, how does he still manage to look so hot? Guess playing football is good for something.

I ring everything up while I block out the amused murmurs coming from the boys behind him. "$9.46."

"Did you add the senior student discount?"

"Yes." I hate it when people tell me how to do my job. I know what I'm doing; I've been stuck working here since freshman year.

"Ah, should have figured, sorry," he chuckled. Shit, did he sense the annoyance in my voice? I could swear I was keeping myself in check.

"Your number is 22, thank you," I say as I hand back his change, making sure my fake work smile is still on my face.

I finally get done with ringing his teammates up, and of course they're a lot less polite. It's alright though, I actually prefer if people just act up front with me instead of acting fake.

By the time they leave, they've made a mess of the two booths they were filling. At least it's not my job to clean the dining room or bathroom. Vick knows I won't tolerate being put on that kind of crap and he usually lets me have my way since I've worked here longer than almost everyone else.

We close late, and I don't get home until midnight. Dad isn't home, so the house is empty. That's a relief, because he goes totally crazy if I'm not back by 11:30.

I finally check my phone and see two new messages from Paige.

[How's work going pal o mine? ;) - 5:45PM]

[Did you get on the Brooke profile any more? Shitdick messaged us again :P - 11:03PM]

I plop down tiredly in my swivel chair and kick off my shoes. I spin lazily as I reply. [Sorry, I didn't get a break again today so I couldn't check my phone. -_-'' Lol really? He's such a fuckboy.]

I know I was hesitant about this whole immature revenge scheme before, but after seeing him today and putting up with his and his friends' shit, it sounds...

Like this could be a lot of fun.