Over the Hills and Far, Far Away

Chapter One: Forsaken Mother

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No one pitied the woman who was so ungrateful to having been chosen to being their queen… For queen's most important role is to obey her husband's wishes… even at the cost of her children's happiness….

Church bells ring
the sky is dark
the birds do not sing
the dogs do not bark

the night is thick with stars
all which hide behind the clouds
the berries lie unpicked
the women mourn with shrouds

silence greets the great city
once so vibrant and bright
people lament their bad luck
and the death of their light

For the king is dead,
and will not return
his children, still unwed,
cry and watch him burn

"Wherever is our happiness?
Wherever has it fled to?"
The sun hides behind the clouds
that mask the sky's beautiful blue

Citizens gather at God's door,
the streets dirty and dark.
the wind blows, the leaves rustle
a ghost whispers, white and stark.

"Where is the queen," one ask
"Dead," said another, "gone forever."
"When has she left us?"
"Nay, think of her never!"

Where have you gone little queen?
Your children call out to you
The maids laugh behind your back
Hear all the lies they spew!

The queen is dead
but none shall worry for her
for the king is dead
he means more than the mother

"She despised our king
and wished to steal his heirs
He forbade her from leaving
but still felt guilt at her tears."

The damsel gasped "Blasphemy!"
The old man raged "Unworthy to be queen!"
The dressmaker weeps "Oh, my king, what a tragedy!"
"Be happy, the queen is gone unseen!"

The miserable queen
her mind full of strife
gave up her dreams and died
trying to save a stranger's life

In grief, the king went blind
the peasant saved from death
stabbed the king from behind
and heard his last breath

Come, darling queen,
a puppet to your line
your beautiful prison
is now covered in red wine

For the king is dead
no one cares for the queen
her death was sad
but not as sad as the king's