Chapter 1: The Perverted Underwear Thief

I shuffled across the grassy yard, quietly making my way to the building. Expertly, I launched my makeshift grappling hook, made out of some old bike parts, and a heavy rope, aloft. The peg latched unto a a rail of the terrace, creating a silent "clink."

"Bulls eye," I cheered under my breath.

My eyes search the nearby surroundings, to ensure it was clear of any nosy witnesses. And sure enough, nothing but pitch-black engulfed me. I gave the rope a good tug, to secure the hook against the rail, before propelling my weight upwards.

Occasionally, I had to crane my neck to scope the area for anyone passing by. Otherwise, the trip upwards was easy as pie. Then again, what do I know about baking pie?

As soon as I've reached the checkpoint, my palms pinned against the edge of the balcony, before using my upper body to launch myself across the terrace. I stood up and dusted myself off.

Stepping back, my eyes feasted on the most gorgeous view ever. You never really get to take in the beauty of the town without witnessing it from bird's eye. And trust me, I've been everywhere.

My body relaxed against the sliding door of the gigantic balcony. I closed my eyes for a brief moment, taking in the midnight breeze, while listening to the steady chirps of the prey mantis. Serenity was a bliss.

I slowly opened my eyes to be met by the moon shimmering in the dark sky. Without a doubt, it's the most gorgeous night this winter. And I knew the night sky like the back of my hand. I sighed endearingly.

Unfortunately, I had a task to accomplished, and couldn't be bothered by even the most breathtaking sights. My hand pressed up against the knob of the door, and to my surprise, it slid open like butter. Usually, I had to fiddle the lock with some of my cheap do-hickeys and thingymabobs, but the fool left the door wide open for a thief to easily access. Something didn't feel right.

I shook the peculiar gut instinct off, just appreciating one less step. I tiptoed across the marble floor, making sure to remain as quiet as possible. Nobody was home, but you never know when that maid of ninja reflexes could come barging in. Damn, I hated that woman.

My flashlight shimmered in the dark, scrutinizing ever precious inch of this room. It belonged to a rich boy, no doubt about it. There were beanie bags, gadgets, and comic books resting in every corner. Yet, not a single item was out of place, just like last week. He must have been a real neat freak.

I scrambled to his cabinet, where he kept a stash of money underneath a heap of underwear. That boy was clearly loaded, considering he kept bundles in each drawer. Each week, I'd take a stack along with a pair of tighty whities to pester the kid a bit. I only wish I got the chance to see his mind boggled expression. I snickered at the thought.

Slowly, I reached for the greens while pinching the hem of his oh-so manly briefs. Just as I were about to pack the items, the lights flew on. I could only stare like a deer in headlights, at the boy who seemed to have jumped from behind the couch.

Before I knew it, my body was lying cold on the ground. I was strangled by the net that fell from above the ceiling. The rope was too heavy to lift in a rapid movement. Fuck, what kind of stunt was this bastard trying to pull!

I held my breath, praying that he would not skin me to death. I could have sworn nobody was home. All the lights were out, and this bastard doesn't return until 1'o clock, every weekend!

Oh god, he must have figured my tactics. No wonder the door was so accessible. I cursed under my breath, reprimanding myself for underestimating this conniving scoundrel.

Luckily, he did not come any closer. In fact, he was crouched behind the sofa, trembling in sheer terror. I would have pitied the fool, if I weren't wrapped in a suffocating position.

I was definitely going to jail, there was no way around it. So just as I were about to plead for my release, the captor screeched into the open.

"So you're the 'Perverted Underwear Thief!" He holds his hands to his face, without any restraint of his voice what-so ever.

And at that point, I knew I wasn't going to hear the end of this.