You are the great advise that I never listen to.
The perfect full rainbow that I couldn't capture.
The beautiful, freezing, blue sea in winter.
The blue moon on the night of a storm.
You are the peaceful dream I somehow can't remember.
The melody I hum for weeks but never the words.
The decadent dessert I can't have because of the peanuts.
You are always my almost.

You are my favorite oscillation
The unforgettable maybe.
The longest wait.
The sweetest heartbreak.
The deepest sigh.
You are my three am lonely thoughts.
The salt on my pillow
You are the yearning that haunts me when it rains.
You are always, only, my someday.

But then you are the sudden smile when I am alone.
And somehow that makes it all worth it.
Even if
You are always never mine.