Chapter 15: Thank You

Well, here it is! This was my fourth story, "Friends With Enemies"! Due to its short length, I don't fully consider it a novel, but it's definitely worth posting on the website for my loyal readers to enjoy. Just like my other stories, I wanted to write this final thank-you chapter.

First off, I would like to thank those of you who reviewed my work over the past few months. Just like "Forgive Me Before You Go", I can specifically thank those of you who gave this story a chance.


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Alli in Wonderland


I appreciate your wonderful reviews! I also appreciate the reviews given to me for my other stories the past few months.


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Guest (from "I'm in Love with a Professional Heartbreaker")

And I don't want to forget those of you who added my story (or stories) to your favorite and/or alert lists. A special thank you to Derash and AerisCetra for your support! If I accidentally missed you, feel free to tell me and/or rip me a new one! xD

Here are some fun facts about "Friends With Enemies".

Fun Facts!

~ This is the shortest (finished) story I've written for the website. It's only 78 pages long with 14 chapters.

~ I started this story on June 29th, 2015. I finished it on February 24th, 2016. This story took almost eight months to write, the shortest amount of time I've ever spent on one of my stories.

~ This is the first full-length story I've written that didn't have a chapter count that ended in the number nine! I gave it an additional thank-you chapter anyway, since this is a trademark of sorts for me now.

~ This is the first story I've written (since I started writing at age five) that is connected to a past story of mine in any way. I've never written a prequel or a sequel to any of my stories up until this point.

~ I originally wasn't going to make this story from both Aubrey and Brett's POVs. It was originally going to be just Aubrey's POV, but I felt like it would be more enjoyable if you could see the story through Brett's eyes before he was in the accident.

~ Speaking of the accident, this was the first story I've ever written where you knew the ending of the story before it actually happened. Unlike my other stories, there were no major twists or surprises in this ending.

~ I'm sure that, if you read "How to Catch a Killer", you caught onto this one. I mentioned Helena twice, even though she wasn't properly introduced. I also mentioned Dave near the end of the story, but he wasn't properly introduced either. The only major character from the original novel I didn't mention in any way was Art. I considered mentioning him in some way, but I decided against it.

~ I wanted to mention Becky more often in "How to Catch a Killer", but it just didn't work out. One of the reasons I decided to write this story was so I could explain Becky's character in more detail.

~ Not counting the car crash scene, the first scene I created for this story was the bow and arrow scene, where Brett shoots an arrow at Aubrey and pins her hair to the target.

~ Mariah is loosely based on one of my high school friends with the same name.

For my next story, I'm considering writing a story based on Art from "How to Catch a Killer". I've been thinking about it for a while, but I'm not sure how I want to go about writing it. I focused on this storyline for almost five years, and I know that the story I'm considering for Art will take a while to write. I don't want to start writing something else that could also take a while, though, because I don't want anyone to forget about the points in this storyline if I do end up writing a story about Art in the future. If any of you have an idea for what you'd like to see me do next, feel free to tell me in a review! I take all of my readers' ideas to heart.

As always, thank you for reading. I appreciate each and every one of you for your time and your love. Without my readers, I wouldn't have the drive to continue posting my work. You will never be forgotten.

With Love,

AG91 :D