It was after she woke up one day that she saw her boyfriend James quickly getting dressed before he looked at Vanessa and said, "Don't tell anyone I was here. Okay, Babe?", before he left through an open window and poor Vanessa crossed her arms and asked herself, "Why do I always let myself have sex with that stupid dumb ass fool?", before she got out of bed, went into the bathroom and took a shower.

Then, she decided to go do some bumming around in order to get her mind off of James and how he got her to let him get into her pants the night before.

That was before she noticed that a new family was moving into a house down the street which made a curious Vanessa walk right up to a woman holding a box and say, "Hi. Welcome to the neighborhood. I'm Vanessa Jackson."

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Vanessa. I'm Janet DeBarge and just moved here from Los Angeles, California because my husband is suffering from a disease known as Sex Addiction and this is the only course of treatment that I could come up with."

"Really that bad, eh?", asked Vanessa after she crossed her arms and before Janet had placed the box on the front porch, laid a gentle hand on Vanessa's shoulder and said, "Believe me, Girlfriend. Whenever I'm not around him, that fool would even hit on a snake."

Then, Janet's husband came out of the house and walked right up to Janet in order to give his wife a big hug and kiss and ask, "What's up, Baby?", before he looked with wide eyes at Vanessa and mentally said to himself, "Oh, Hell! No!", because she was the one he had sex with the night before.