She said she's taking all the shots, but she's the woman with the gun.

He said he's feeling kind of lonely, but on the job he's making fun.

She said she's minding her own business, but then she's saying you're a hater.

He said he's not getting involved, but guess whose now the instigator?

They said they're not the type to gossip, but these guys do a lot of talking.

She said she's chatting with a friend, but her high heels do too of walking.

He said he's sick of all your drama. (Guess he forgot you had his back.)

She said she's getting some new friends. (Guess we can wish her luck with that.)

There's certain lines I wont meander.

There's certain names you might just brand her.

So, we took a look and they took a gander.

At all this petty petty slander.