I'm going to be benevolent and let you know. I am the oldest cat on this block at 9 yrs.

I am pretty. My eyes are the color of red clay.

I am Whiskers...

I am a sen`ora, or an old woman cat. I have 4 children. Three boys and the last one girl child.

I see them often.

Today was a pretty day in Arkansas. I lay under my owner's table.

They're a middle aged couple. Their kids gone away at college.

The boy and girl halfway across the country in New York.

I knew them well.

What can I say. As a grandma cat my life is very boring.

Sometimes I run. Sometimes I hide. Sometimes I save lives.

Yes I am really a superhero. I was given this special talent by my grandmother. She's gone now.

I can see the future.

If somethings going on around the way me and the dog next door are on it.

We stop the crime in the city or any other little thing we can.

This time someone had been stealing stuff from a family with a little boy on the other side of town.

I had to get to work.

I used my psychic call feature to talk to ''Runts.''

"Do you have anymore information?" I asked.

Runts was being watched. He laughed. "No but I'm working on it!"

All we knew so far was that every time little boy Bobby went to school his closet was invaded.

"Let's search the school camera!" I cried.

Runts agreed. "Meet me when school closes tonight at 7:30. We'll start our investigation then.

"ok, I'm on it," I said.

Later-7:30 p.m.

I met Runts up at the elementary school that night. It was not yet dark.

We snuck into an open window on the first floor.

The school was dark but a few lights were on.

We snuck into the second grade classroom.

We opened Bobby's closet. Almost everything was gone except for his school badge and that's it.

"Ah ha," I said.

"Compared to the other students' Bobby's closet is looking baren and empty.

"Let's look t the cameras," Runts said.

"You do that but I have a better idea," I said.

"Why don't I check the teacher's desk. It could be anybody!" I cried.

Runts grinned. "Sure..."

2 hrs. later

The mystery had been solved. Both Bobby's teacher and a student named Thameden had stolen from Bobby.

The hidden camera revealed a student going into Bobby's closet and taking out all the stuff and storing it in Ms. Allendson's desk. The catch was this. They told everyone they were doing iit for safe keeping. But we knew better.

Runts first, then I had had a strange feeling about it so we watched the past. Then saw and heard the teacher's evil plan.

The boy Thameden was going to be her son-in-law soon and she just wanted to help out. The teacher was evil and mercilessly blamed Bobby for not taking care of his things.

Now we were here and had saved the day. Nothing is too much for this red ole cat and or Runts the trusty detective.