The next day, Kimberly is on yet another gem-hunt with Melanie and Seraphina at her side, flying casually above the city streets – when she suddenly stops to a screeching halt upon seeing something worth her attention.

Over at Harvest Fairs, a young woman in her mid-twenties is casually turning everything around her into ashes with just a snap of her fingers. She has pale white skin, a black Gothic dress, and red bloodshot eyes – sure signs that she's yet another villainess to deal with.
"Hmm . . . knowing her type and appearance, she's not one to be underestimated," a lampshading Kimberly says upon landing on the mini-mart's rooftop with her companions.

"Guiding by her looks, I'd be nervous too. She's actually a demon from Hell," Seraphina replies concernedly.

"Really? Well, considering I'm an angel, it's inevitable that I'll be fighting demons, no?" the surprised Phoenix Angel says amusedly while shrugging her shoulders.

Suddenly, a glowing red trident thrusts at the rooftop between Kimberly and her fiery mentor, startling them both. They quickly look ahead to see the demoness herself cursing silently to herself.
"So, you're that Phoenix Angel that the entire underworld's been talking about, eh?" the amused Gothic demon smiles evilly.
"What do you think?" Kimberly asks while crossing her arms in a heroic manner. "Quit with the disintegrating act and return to where you belong now, okay?"
"You're dreaming, hon – AND you should know by now that fire won't work on us demons. We revel in the stuff, you know," the lady demon giggles evilly.
"Duh, Miss Laughing Hyena. But I'm capable of more than fire magic," the Phoenix Angel says while rolling her eyes annoyingly.
"Well then, let's see what you got, Miss Snarker. You can't defeat Mephista, the Devil's Number One Minion!" Mephista herself proclaims triumphantly in a hammy manner.
An annoyed Kimberly glances at the readers and then back to her demonic opponent. "I know a ham when I see one. We'll see about that, uh, Mep-uh-hiss-eh-ah," she snarks amusingly.
"It's MEPHISTA, imbecile!" the demonic Goth screams angrily. "Can't you spell?!"
"Of course - I did that just to tick you off, of course," our angelic heroine replies lazily - as she's applying eye make-up on herself while looking at a compact mirror.
Mephista growls furiously and then shoots a surging black lightning bolt from her finger at Kimberly – who quickly deflects said bolt with her compact back at its summoner. This rebound attack is only effective in toasting the demon woman medium-rare and her hair falling down to the ground in ashes.

"Oh no! My beautiful hair! What have you done, jerk?!" Mephista whines furiously. "BRING IT ON ALREADY!"

With that, the Phoenix Angel zooms toward the unsuspecting Mephista, who yelps in fright. "Fine. Just to let you know, I won't let you exploit the Great Phoenix's powers for your evil agendas," she threatens seriously with a mean death glare.
"I don't care if you are its successor or not, so that's your problem!" Mephista barks angrily as she telekinetically summons the red trident back in her hands. "On guard, sissy!"
"Sissy? That's what I should say to you," our angelic heroine replies sarcastically as she instantly summons her flame sword – and then slices her fallen nemesis' head clean off with just one swipe.

With a blood-curling scream, Mephista quickly disintegrates into a flurry of black ash that harmlessly flies off into the wind. Fools! I'm not vanquished THAT easily! You only destroyed my physical body puppet which I'm controlling from Hell itself, her voice suddenly announces before laughing manically, with said evil laughing echoing throughout the scene. We shall meet again, you meddling angel!
"Hmmph . . . so she's much more of an annoyance than I expected," an annoyed Kimberly says while crossing her arms.
"The fact that she's hiding out in Hell doesn't help," Seraphina replies frustratingly.
"We could do something insulting to flush her spirit out, though. Know of any ideas, gals?" Kimberly suggests as she flies back down to her allies.
"Well, she can't hide down there all the time. Pretty soon, her master will kick her out to do some evil-doing and since the next chapter will be the finale of this story, that should happen tomorrow," the wise fairy queen replies confidently.
"Course, she won't go down without a fight, so we'll have to do our best to counter what plan she has in store for Baltimore," our concerned fiery heroine points out. "So let's do our best to send this annoying excuse of a demon into - huh, wherever bad souls go to?"
"The Eternal Realm of Darkness . . . where the foulest of souls sleep in total darkness forever," Seraphina replies matter-of-factly. "All those rumors about an eternal fire-and-brimstone fate are rubbish. The Lord is never that cruel."
"Well, that's a relief," Kimberly smiles pleasantly. "So, off to more gem-hunting now?"

"But of course. It won't be long now before our mission is completed, Chosen One," the fire fairy queen agrees as she and her guardians take off from the scene.

"Hmm . . . why AM I the Chosen One, by the way? It is because of some mysterious past I had long ago?" our angelic heroine asks curiously while pondering about this topic.

"Uh . . . no. We just use a roulette spin-wheel like from those game shows of the past to determine who will bear the Great Phoenix's powers next. You're not mad or disappointed, are you?" Seraphina asks nervously, with Kimberly shaking her head assuredly. "Okay. For one thing, the Great Phoenix isn't picky regarding who possesses its powers. Also, collecting every single Burning Ruby in existence will bring it back to life."
"So, what will happen to me when that happens? Will I be returned to normal? Because that would stink since I considered this career to be my purpose in life," the Chosen One herself replies sadly, expecting the worst.
"Oh no, no, no! There'll be plenty more adventures for you in the present and future, Kimberly. After all, the author of this story has decided to make two to three more novels for us - so rest assured, your future is in safe hands," the Queen of the Fire Fairies assures pleasantly as she and Melanie hug our fiery heroine.
"Cool," a relieved Kimberly says cheerfully. "So what do you gals want to do now? I doubt Mephista will come back today after we just wasted her puppet."
"She's probably finding assistance in the meantime as well – probably Aurora?" Seraphina asks casually before realizing that she's just tempted fate - and then covers her mouth on the spot.
"It's a possibility now, thanks very much," the annoyed Phoenix Angel replies while shaking her head.

The next morning, Kimberly wakes up and takes a look around the living room. The place is a mess, with popcorn scattered about and sleeping bags lying unzipped like blankets. This is one of the few unfortunate side effects of having more roommates, as you probably know already.

Just then, Seraphina shows up while holding onto a cup of coffee and snaps her fingers just like that. In an eye-blink, the entire living room is back to the way it was - clean as a whistle and all tidy like mint condition.

"Thanks, Miss Lifesaver," Kimberly says gratefully as she gets up and walks over to her fairy mentor.

"You're welcome - but you know, you could have done this yourself," the Queen of the Fire Fairies giggles pleasantly.

"Well, uh . . ." the Phoenix Angel replies nervously while scratching her head.

"Oh, don't worry," the Queen of the Fire Fairies smiles assuredly. "Go and get something to eat now, okay?"

Kimberly nods agreedly before limping over to the kitchen, since she's partially awake at this time. Once inside, she sees Tanya and Trixie drinking coffee while having scrambled eggs, bacon, and fruit salad on plates. Nearby, Melanie and Layla are happily feasting on several salmon fillets.

"Everyone is getting on the protein craze today, eh? Not that I'm complaining, though," the Phoenix Angel says amusedly as she joins her friends and feast on her own plate.

"'Morning, Kim. Will you be up for the final showdown against Mephista today?" Trixie greets pleasantly.

"Well, duh. The fate of Maryland hangs in the balance, you know," Kimberly replies simply before looking over to Tanya. "I guess Sera summoned you here just now, I presume?"

"You got it. Can't let my B.F.F. fight that annoying demoness by herself," the windy samurai affirms as she gives her half-phoenix friend a big hug.

"I know that, gal," the Phoenix Angel replies before looking over to her non-human sidekicks. "Fajra! Melanie! Are you ready?"

"But of course, Kim! About time we get to kick some witchy butt again!" Fajra replies excitedly while raising her fist up. "Just hope Aurora doesn't pull off that tidal wave attack again, though."

"I know . . . but our new icy friends can freeze water, so we're good," Kimberly smiles assuredly.

"Sophia and Layla, do your very best today!" Trixie calls out to her own sidekicks as they zoom over just like that.

"Of course, Trixie. I'm ready to clean up my act by taking out that wishy-washy tramp and literally putting her on ice," the snowflake fairy affirms with a patriotic salute with the black panther following suit.

"Atta gals," the Winter Witch says pleasantly as she continues eating her breakfast. "Hey Tanya, how about we get you a couple of non-human sidekicks?"

"Hmm? Uh, well, if it's a requirement for being a magical super-heroine, I'll go along with it," the winged baker replies amusedly.

With that, the wintery woman conjures up a glowing blue orb in her hands - but the scene quickly cuts to black before we can see what happens next.

Another scene transition later, our winged heroines are flying through the sky with their sidekicks while surveying the ground for any signs of demonic trouble.

What's different is that Tanya is not alone this time - for one, Nina is now wearing wind-related clothing and has sky-related colors for her hair and fairy wings. Second, several glowing blue dots with cartoon-like sphere eyes are flying besides the windy samurai. They look quite similar to the mischievous snow dots which assisted Trixie recently – in fact, they ARE.

"Thanks for giving me these companions, gals," the winged samurai says pleasantly. "I hope my mom will approve of them, though."

"Uh, hello! I was once a fire fairy of Kimberly's before converting to wind. It's your snowflake friends that should be worried, since they're derived from witchcraft," Nina points out matter-of-factly.

"Let's find out now, won't we?" Seraphina asks curiously before going into speed-dial telepathic mode to contact Sora.

A couple of minutes later, the Queen of the Fire Fairies hangs up her internal psychic phone and looks over to Tanya with an assuring smile. "She's all right with it, considering Trixie and her companions are on our side now," she confirms simply.

"That's good to hear. Now then, let's go find that watery troublemaker and her demonic partner-in-crime," Kimberly replies pleasantly as she flies full speed ahead with her team.

It isn't long before our heroines come across Aurora herself, who's at Patterson Park causing havoc at the public pool by manipulating the water to do nasty pranks like juggling visitors into the sky and slapping them endlessly until their faces turn red.

"Hmmph, she seems to get more sadistic every time she shows up, the oceanic brute," Sophia says with a disgusted expression on her face. "Let us teach her some manners, shall we?"

"Let's," Trixie agrees with a nod as she lands gracefully before the villainous witch with everyone else. "Hold it right there, Aurora! You're coming with us."

In response, Aurora magically turns the pool's water into a giant fist and sends it slamming down on our heroines - only for the watery hand to be frozen solid by Trixie's blizzard attack. Taking advantage of this, Tanya flies upward to the frozen knuckle and blows it downward on the watery witch with one mighty push of her wings. However, Aurora dodges it without any problem and sticks her tongue out in response.

"Okay, let's give her something to remember this day," the windy samurai calls out to her reformed snowflakes, which nod agreedly before zooming down to the annoying water witch.

In mere seconds, said sentient snowflakes spin around Aurora with the speed of a tornado while glowing bright blue. Just like that, the hapless oceanic maiden is instantly encased in a giant block of ice.

"Well, now that's over with, where's Mephista?" Trixie asks excitedly - only to notice a giant shadow raising a katana above its head from behind. "Yipe!"

Seeing this as well, Tanya appears from out of the blue and clashes against the falling katana with her Bo stick, saving her new icy ally there and then.

"Thanks a million, Tanya," Trixie says gratefully - just before freezing the katana-wielding shadow on the spot. "There, good riddance!"

"No problem," the winged samurai replies before looking over to the frozen Aurora. "Okay, Kim . . . go ahead and thaw her out. You know what I'm implying, right?"

Kimberly nods agreedly and then blows dragon breath at the still-frozen water witch, defrosting her on the spot. Afterwards, Aurora groans for a bit before coming to, and then lets out an immature temper tantrum to let all her anger out.

"THAT DOES IT! I HAD ENOUGH OF THIS! THE ALLIANCE IS OFF, MEPHISTA!" the ticked-off water witch suddenly roars with the fury of a thousand banshees, with the area surrounding her vibrating slightly. Yep, it's THAT powerful.

"WHAT?!" an outraged Mephista cries out as she suddenly appears in a burst of purple flame. "You can't quit! You know what happens if you walk out!"

"You mean my new magic powers? Go ahead and have them back!" Aurora replies slyly as she plasters a sudden ball of sea-green energy right at the demoness' face, knocking her out cold.

Just then, the water witch herself glows sea-green in seconds, indicating the demonic influence Mephista inflicted on her has been purged. Once said lightshow fades away, she's revealed in her original outfit before her unholy alliance.

"Well, I never thought you'd come to your senses sooner or later. Would you like to join me and my band of merry women now?" Kimberly asks pleasantly while extending her hand in friendship.

"YES, PLEASE! I CAN'T STAND ALL OF THIS HUMILATION ANYMORE!" Aurora exclaims desperately as she shakes her former rival's hand vigorously - enough to make her shake all over.

"GRR! You'll regret ever turning your back on me, traitor!" Mephista mutters angrily as she regains consciousness all of a sudden.

With that, the ticked-off demoness casually snaps her fingers as a giant fiery portal suddenly appears behind her - sending hundreds of red, hulking minotaur-like demons at Kimberly and Co. just like that.

Thus, Trixie magically produces two giant chakrams made of solid, razor-sharp ice before charging forward. She then proceeds to do a lot of flashy but powerful attacks similar to several Reaction Commands from a certain action/RPG - several forward somersaults, aerial ballerina spins, and throwing said circular blades like boomerangs, etc. And they all work, decapitating and mincing all the demons that still come pouring out from the Hades factory to no end.

"Show-off," Aurora grumbles annoyingly before unleashing an instant tidal wave in mere seconds at the incoming demonic army, weakening them to the point of limping.

To add in further hurt, the reformed Blizzard team unleashes a massive snowstorm without hesitation. So what happens next? You betcha, they all become a giant, cojoined ice sculpture the size of an arena skating rink. For the coup de grace, Kimberly and Tanya bash the whole arctic mess with a combined hard kick, scattering it into a gazillion razor-sharp icicles that fly about like a wild storm of hail.

The Phoenix Angel puts up a fire-based barrier over herself and her friends for instant protection. As for Mephista . . . well, let's just say she's a bleeding porcupine now.

"AHHHHHH!" the demoness cries out while flying about aimlessly and waving her arms like a chimpanzee on the attack.

"You know, this extreme humiliation wouldn't happen to you if you didn't defect from Heaven. It's not too late to end this and redeem yourself," a pitiful Seraphina says just as Kimberly casually deactivates the barrier.
"Bah! Is that the best you can do? I've suffered worse," Mephista mutters maliciously - only to get smacked in the head by an ice ball from out of nowhere.
"Look, what's the point of joining Satan? He's only using you for his own ends," Kimberly asks matter-of-factly. "The fact that you make a pathetic demon doesn't help."
"I'll show you who's pathetic, you meddling artificial angel!" the demoness barks furiously as she unleashes another black lightning bolt. Typical.

In response, Kimberly shoots out a sudden ray of holy light from her necklace and simply watches on as her demonic opponent is slowly engulfed in the warm, sparkling radiance.
"Light . . . can't stand . . . the light . . ." a greatly-weakened Mephista wheezes weakly before disappearing completely within the holy light's boundaries.

Afterwards, the Phoenix Angel looks up at the clear blue sky and gives a thumbs-up while smiling cheerfully. For all you Christians out there, you know Who she is thanking.
"Well done, dear. You sure send her packing," an amused Seraphina says as she and everyone else give Kimberly a big congratulating hug.

"Oh come on, she's a cowardly wuss like the others. Considering that this is a fantasy comedy, it's to be expected," a lampshading Kimberly points out. "Hmm . . . perhaps she's undergoing a trial of judgment as we speak?"

"Yes. Even though the Lord is benevolent to all who's willing to reform, He will give them a redemption quest before admitting them to Heaven. It can be short or long, depending on the sinner's list of trespasses in their lifetime," Seraphina informs simply.

As if on cue, a pillar of light suddenly appears before our heroic team . . . with a beautiful angel in white slowly steps out in a typical slo-mo, dramatic fashion with a warm, gentle smile. She looks an awful lot like Mephista, but now has light brown hair with hazel green eyes.

"So, I guess the Lord had taken mercy on you, hmm?" Tanya asks amusedly as she walks over and shakes hands with the new angel in town.

"Yes, being evil stinks HARD, so I was more than willing to become an angel again to atone for my rebellious ways. You can call me by my original name, Angelica," the angelic lady replies with a nod.

"So why DID you rebel against the Lord in the first place? I bet Satan seduced you in doing so, am I right?" Aurora guesses, with Angelica nodding affirmatively. "I thought so. So, what now?"

"The Lord insisted that I begin my redemption by assisting you all in your many adventures to come," the former demon replies sheepishly.

"That will do, gal," Kimberly says pleasantly as she walks over and shakes hands with Angelica.

Suddenly, a thirty-foot tall red hand with pointy black claws thrusts out from the still-open demon portal and falls down on our heroic gals with obvious intentions. It smashes so hard that it leaves a ten-foot long impression on the ground where they once stand.

Just when we assume that it's game over for Kimberly and Co., the demonic fist is suddenly soaring from the earth by Angelica as she delivers an high-flying uppercut of epic proportions. She lands gracefully behind the giant fist-shaped hole to protect her new friends as they all zip out of there on cue.

"That was unexpected - or stupid of us to let our guard down while this portal is still running," Fajra giggles nervously. "Guess we'll have to send this evil brute back where it came, eh?"

"That goes without saying. I bet Old Scratch wants out now, huh?" a genre-savvy Kimberly asks Angelica, who giggles nervously as well. "I bet you can't shut it down?"

"No, due to re-converting to Heaven. We'll have to push Satan back into the portal the hard way. The resulting force should be strong enough to cause the portal to implode into oblivion," the reformed angel explains to the point.

"Come on then, girls," the Phoenix Angel insists bravely as she and her teammates charge toward the demon hand as it recovers from the sky-high uppercut.

As the big red hand is about to grab the magical ladies baseball glove-style, Trixie unleashes her strong blizzard to freeze it on the spot. Layla and Sophia don't hesitate to add in the freezing with their own blizzard blasts to create an giant ice block surrounding the demonic palm.

A furious lion-like roar is heard from beyond the portal as the big red hand easily frees itself from its icy prison - and telekinetically aims the many sharp icicles as the Blizzard team's direction like homing missiles.

Just as the icy trio screeches in horror, Kimberly jumps in front and breathes a roaring gust of fire to melt the icy projectiles into a harmless water puddle. She frantically motions the Blizzard team to keep the arctic assault up just to be sure.

Meanwhile, Aurora unleashes her strong waterfall attack at the big red hand when it least expects it. Sure enough, another angry lion roar is suddenly heard as the demonic palm is drenched in the seemingly holy water - hey, if it can hurt Satan's hand, maybe it is.

"That's because I've just blessed her water magic, Mr. Author," Angelica replies as she flies over to the proud water witch, who's just standing there as she watches the evil giant hand cringes in total pain. She rolls her eyes in annoyance and adds in, "Don't be so smug about it, Aurora.

"Sorry. Thanks for the blessing by the way," the oceanic maiden replies nervously as she hugs her new friend. "Uh, where are Tanya and her companions?"

Speaking of which, the winged samurai has already conjured up a brutal wind gust from her hands, which is powerful enough to push the big red hand back to the portal - slowly like a snail, but hey, at least it works.

"We'll help you pick up the pace, Tanya!" Nina cries out as she and her reformed snowflake pals zip over to their friend to follow suit with their own wind blast attacks.

This helps increase the wind force to . . . a bulldozer's maximum speed. Hey, it's because this is Satan's left hand they're dealing with. It must be a ton or two to escort back to the still-swirling vortex - that, and that confounded demon won't give up so easily.

"Come on! Get back in already!" an increasing-frustrated Tanya screams out as she starts to strain herself, as evidenced by her eyes twitching in anger.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down, Wind Gal," Trixie chuckles nervously as she flies over to her former windy rival and cracks her knuckles. "I'll add in the hurt, too."

With that, the Winter Witch unleashes a massive wind gust of her own, with the additional effect of ice damage. She then whistles out loud for her non-human companions to come on over, which they do via a cartoon zip and add in their own icy wind attacks.

"My word, how much this big bad brute can take? I guess when you have pride up the wazoo, you just don't when to call it quits," Sophia grumbles as she clenches her teeth.

Suddenly, the demonic palm rises up to the sky since it can't take much of this windy assault anymore and suddenly dives down on the windy dixies to grab them on the spot. It then casually bashes them into the ground a dozen or so time as if it's kneading yeast dough at a kitchen.

"Hey, you! Get your grimy, corruptive grip off my friends, you manipulative ego-maniac!" Kimberly cries out angrily as she flies over to the scene while glowing in fire-related colors.

Upon reaching the big red hand, the Phoenix Angel grabs onto it like a frightened cat clutching on the ceiling as her Inferno Shockwave is activated on the spot, with the many spreading flames sending the infernal appendage in crippling pain, much to her captive friends' surprise.

"Wait . . . Angelica . . . blessed your . . . fiery magic too?" Nina calls out as she's gradually squeezed like a ball of yeast dough.

"Of course I did. There IS such a thing as holy fire," Angelica replies as she suddenly appears beside Kimberly and latches onto the evil giant hand in the same cat-like manner.

At this time, the atoning angel is suddenly engulfed in a spreading burst of holy white light with several rainbows shining through. This and her phoenix counterpart's ultimate attack is too much for the devil palm to hold on its captives any longer, as Tanya and Trixie fall down on the ground with their companions carrying them slowly but surely.

Having enough of this holy attack, the big red hand shakes the angels off like they're mosquitoes out for its blood - well, you know what I mean. Just before Kimberly and Angelica have a chance to recover, the demonic limb forms a firm fist as it falls on them at high speed.

Seeing this anvil-like threat approaching, the angel duo starts rolling about like superballs - bouncing about like crazy due to the impact from the evil giant hand's earthquake-like pounding.

"Ugh, why are we even doing this anyway?!" Kimberly cries out annoyingly as she quickly returns to the air and charges toward the demonic appendage while forming a Flame Sword in her hands.

"Because of this," Angelica casually replies as she follows suit - and conjures up a giant glowing white fishnet from her hands.

When it least expects it, the big red hand is ensnared within the holy energy trap as our fiery heroine lands on it and stabs the living heck out of the confounded, stubborn hand from Heck.

Yet another demonic lion roar is heard as this unholy hand is undergoing a brutal pincushion punishment. Suddenly, Aurora shows up at the scene and conjures up a giant Bubble Shower from above - you know what it's like, so no need explaining. The roaring from the portal gets louder and louder as said dive-bombing bubbles pelt the big red hand without letting up, exploding into a shower of white sparkles upon contact.

"All right, enough fooling around! Altogether now, gals!" Kimberly cries out as she's charging up for another Inferno Shockwave.

Everyone else agrees as they follow suit with their strongest attacks once more. Tanya lets loose another Wind Gust with Nina and the Snowflakes joining in, teeth clenching and sweat falling from their foreheads as they focus one hundred percent on the torrential wind.

Aurora unleashes a massive tidal wave from out of nowhere that zeroes in only on Satan's hand like a homing laser from those sci-fi anime, straining herself to the point of falling to her knees. Despite undergoing serious pain, she keeps up the attack for the world's sake.

As for the Blizzard team, they unleash their strongest blizzards toward the demonic hand with all their straining might – it's just an arctic storm from the North Pole, that's why.

"Ugh, my makeup is getting ruined from all of this sweat," Sophia whines frantically as she wipes said sweat running down her forehead with one free arm.

"That's not important right now, Soph! Come on, gal!" an annoyed Trixie replies while rolling her eyes.

As all of this is going down, Angelica flies over to the giant red hand and throws another energy fishnet on it. "Kimberly, now would be a good time to land the final blow!" she calls out as she starts pulling the demonic palm over to the demon portal – still open all this time, if you forgot.

"INFERNO SHOCKWAVE!" our fiery heroine calls out in an epic, dramatic fashion as her attack is finally unleashed after so much charging up.

With the continuing elemental barrage still going down at this moment, the spreading inferno is what ultimately breaks the camel's neck – finally sending the evil appendage back into the swirling vortex with the speeding force of a locomotive. The resulting impact causes the portal to turn itself inside-out before disappearing in an eye-blink.

"That was cool . . . the portal literally sends itself to Hades," Kimberly replies amusedly as she flies over to her many friends, all lying on the ground totally exhausted – understandable due to the massive elemental onslaught they've just pulled out.

"Yes, well . . . I've had my share of crime-fighting this week . . ." Trixie pants softly as she gets back up.

"OW! Same here . . ." Aurora moans as she slowly gets back up while clutching her back.

"I'll get you patched up in no time, gals," Angelica assures casually as she flies alongside Kimberly. "ANGELIC HEALING SPOTLIGHT!"

Once she calls out those words, the reformed angel conjures up a glowing orb of holy white light in her arms and quickly throws over to the exhausted lady warriors. Upon reaching them, it suddenly stops in mid-air - and then spins around slowly while letting out several small rainbows throughout the scene like a disco ceiling ball.

Ten seconds later after being bombarded by this 60's-style radiance, Tanya and her fellow ailing ladies casually get back up as if nothing happened. "That was quick. Thanks a million, Angie," the winged samurai herself says as she high-fives her new angel friend.

"No problem, Tanya. Well, we make a great team indeed, do we?" Angelica replies pleasantly to her fellow lady warriors, who all nod in response. "Indeed. Well, I say we all deserve a vacation, no?"
"Totally. So, do you two need a place to stay? I have enough room in my house for two more room-mates," Kimberly asks casually to her two new allies.

"I have to remain with you as an ally for my atonement, so yes," Angelica smiles gratefully.

"Might as well, since I'm sure my fellow witches won't be welcoming me back anytime soon," Aurora adds in nervously while shrugging her shoulders.

"Coolies!" Trixie replies cheerfully as she glomps all her friends. "Now we're a Five-Gal Band just like in all of those magical heroine anime!"

"So true, but let's not go all cutesy now, okay?" an annoyed Kimberly asks, with the others nodding agreedly.

"Whoops! My bad!" the Winter Witch replies nervously while letting her friends go. "So, what are our archetypes? Besides Kimberly being the Heroine, of course?"

"Well for one thing, you are my Lancer due to being my foil," the Phoenix Angel herself replies matter-of-factly. "As for Angelica, she's the Heart without a doubt due to her being the nicest gal of our bunch."

"I'm the Smart Gal! Which leads to Aurora being the Big Gal," Tanya adds in cheerfully. "Being the Big Gal means being the strongest member of the team, rest assured."

"Thank you," the grateful oceanic maiden smiles as she brings all her new friends in for a group hug. "Twice, for saving me from a fate worse than death."

"Actually, it was you who saved yourself - you quitted the forces of Hades in utter frustration, remember?" Kimberly points out amusedly.

"Oh, yeah. So now what?" Aurora asks eagerly, wanting to spend quality time with the rest of the newly-formed magical lady quintet.

"Well, slaying all those monsters sure has worked up an appetite. How about we make a beeline to Subway now?" Fajra suggests pleasantly.

"A marvelous choice health-wise, dear," Seraphina replies while cheerfully clapping her hands. "Let's be on our way."

"I was hoping for Burger King but that'll do, I guess," a disappointed Nina grumbles while bringing her head down.

"BLECH! You like that garbage?! That place's off limits for all of us now - AND I think it's time that I put you on a diet, Nina," Tanya replies sternly, with her new obese fairy helper silently cries out in typical waterfalls.


Later that night, our band of merry heroines is having a slumber party at Kimberly's house, what with the loud music and happy screams heard from within. Just then, our heroine herself walks out and sits down on the porch steps to watch the starry sky above. It's a beautiful and serene sight with the occasional comet shooting across, leaving a cloud of awe-inspiring firework-style sparkles in its wake.

"Is there something the matter, Kimberly?" Seraphina asks as she exits the house as well and sits down on her guardian's shoulder. "You can talk to me about anything bothering you, you know."

"I'm all right, really. I'm just wondering about what will happen when I finally completed the Great Phoenix's essence. Just what powers will it grant me by then?" Kimberly asks curiously while still staring up.

"Besides the typical fiery magic upgrades, you'll be able to travel in space without the need of any breathing devices," the Queen of the Fire Fairies replies to the point.

"Whoa, that's awesome. It'll be interesting to check out the galaxy and find any extraterrestrial life-forms within," the Phoenix Angel smiles amusedly.

"You won't be disappointed with that, Kimberly. In fact, there's another fairy species on the planet Venus – which I already told you about, but that you've forgotten apparently," Seraphina giggles pleasantly.

"Huh? Oh . . . yeah. Stupid me," an embarrassed Kimberly replies while bringing her head down with accompanying sweatdrop.

"No, you're not. We all make mistakes, you know. So turn that frown upside down and enjoy your well-deserved vacation," the Queen of the Fire Fairies insists assuredly, with her angelic guardian doing as she's told.

With that, the fiery ladies resume looking up at the starry sky, wondering about the new adventures they'll be having up there soon . . . very, very soon . . .

THE END . . . For now.