One gloomy winter day in a vast wilderness, there's a young ice fairy hiding behind one of the many towering snow-frosted flowers – emphasis on towering, since she's like a speck compared to them. Considering her fairy nature, it's no surprise. She's around 8 years old and wears a makeshift blue ninja outfit.

Everything around this literal tiny fairy is frozen to the touch by the wintery weather. Ice covers all with several icicles forming, and snowflakes drift about harmlessly like tumbleweeds in the Old West.

The fairy child, who we'll name Eirwyn from here on out, spreads out a wide set of transparent dark blue wings from her back and heads off from the scene quietly as the wind to avoid attracting attention from any natural predators in the vicinity.

It isn't long before the ninja fairy comes across a giant garden full of blueberries - frozen to the point of well-preserved. She wastes no time in making a beeline toward these delicious fruits and starts devouring them ravenously – I mean, come on, who can resist blueberries?

Just then, Eirwyn notices an eerie pair of glowing red eyes from a nearby bush and stops eating there and then to conquer up a massive blizzard from her hands, ready to do battle with whatever's there.

Sure enough, a gigantic troll – ninety feet tall and all black, furry, and vicious-looking – charges forth at our icy heroine with its mouth slobbering like a rabid dog. Apparently, fairies are a troll's favorite food for this one to charge relentlessly like that.

The icy fairy isn't fazed by this terrifying beast and simply zooms upwards, using her blizzard as rocket propulsion. Once the troll is underneath, she then dives downward while twirling around – freezing herself into a sharp icicle in the process.

The living icicle thrusts down on her primal enemy like a thrusting nail from a nail-gun, stabbing right through its neck like a hot knife through butter.

The blood-thirsty troll roars in pain while clutching its profusely-bleeding neck while Eirwyn breaks out of her icy coating and conjures up a literally icy kunai in her hands just like that. Upon returning to her mortal enemy, she starts stabbing it in the chest like a tiger tearing its prey apart.

When she's done, the ice fairy flies out of the way as the troll falls down to the ground with a thunderous thud – to fairies, that is. For the finishing blow, she conjures up an extremely-long icicle in her hands, which she thrusts right through the troll's head to kill it instantly.

Eirwyn pants softly to calm herself down while watching the troll's blood spilling all over the area. Knowing that more trolls will show up thanks to the scent of fresh blood, she zooms away from the scene like a lightning bolt.

Eirwyn eventually arrives in what appears to be a tree house in one of the icy trees above. Knowing that danger is in there, she flies upwards while summoning a long icy katana in her right hand.

Upon reaching her destination, the icy fairy takes a peek inside and sees a gruesome sight . . . several purple-skinned humanoids wearing black hooded robes conducting unholy rituals using mutilated fairies as their sacrifices. Their faces are hideously shriveled like raisins with their eyes being pitch black and soulless as the dark abyss itself. It's quite obvious that these are the witches I've mentioned about.

Having enough of these demonic atrocities, Eirwyn conjures up an orb of bluish white light in her hands and throws it at the nearest witch, freezing her instantly to the point of suddenly disintegrating into nothingness within her icy prison.

This alarms the other inhuman hags, who look over to see Eirwyn – who's already charging toward them with katana in hand. She wastes no time in slicing 'n' dicing the evil pagans into literal mincemeat while easily dodging several green lightning bolts that they conjure from their hands. She's a ninja, so of course she can dodge lightning like the wind.

After the frantic fight, Eirwyn looks over to what remains of her fairy brethren and cringes at the horrific sight before her, which is like the bloody aftermath of a war. Can't bear to watch any more, she zooms out of the tree-house and resumes her journey through the dark forest.

Not long after, the fairy child sees a giant strawberry patch nearby and zooms over to feast. Just before taking a single strawberry, she readies her Ice Katanas again and surveys her new surroundings for any potential threats, walking calmly away to make herself known.

Sure enough, a thunderous thud can be heard from the distance, becoming louder and louder by the second. Turns out it's an enormous goblin – brown as the trees with hair as green and leaf-like as the leaves. Such plant-like ogres use this appearance as camouflage to catch unsuspecting fairies off-guard in the open, apparently. Anyway, this one surveys the area for any sign of its would-be prey, but Eirwyn is long gone from the scene – or so it thinks.

In reality, the ninja fairy is hiding within her enemy's hair as if it WAS a bush – and quietly flies out to look downward at its ugly mug before spitting at it. This expectedly angers the troll to the point that its eyes start glowing yellow – and shooting lasers from such, which Eirwyn easily evades.

In return, our ninja heroine conquers up a series of literal-icy shuriken in her hands, which she starts throwing by the dozen. Some of them manage to pierce the troll's eyes on the spot, starting several bloody waterfalls much to the gargantuan beast's agony.

While the abominable ogre anguishly clenches its now-useless eyes with a blood-curling roar, Eirwyn charges forth with Ice Katana ready and slit its threat wide open. To add further pain, she shoots another ice orb at the open wound to freeze it instantly.

Inside the frozen wound, the rapidly-forming ice crystals extend throughout the troll's body like sharp cracks in concrete, eventually separating the head from the body in a slow, bloody and agonizing fashion - sealing the troll's fate just like that.

Back outside, the giant beast itself is already lying dead on the ground and gathering snow as time passes. Eirwyn whips the blood off her frozen blade, which she makes disappear on the spot before flying away . . . only to eat strawberries at the patch, knowing that she's out of danger now. Upon filling herself up, our ninja heroine flies off to another location, this time for real.

It isn't long before Eirwyn comes across a lake, completely frozen obviously due to the weather. She smiles for some reason and walks onto the crystal-like ice, skating about like a graceful ballerina to take her mind off of the horrors she's just encountered. Ice fairies are exceptional figure skaters, you know - well, now you do.

But it isn't long before our fairy skater comes across more trouble – this time, in the form of hungry fish swimming underneath the ice. These are no ordinary fishes though, but piranhas with sharp razor blade-like teeth like and red snake-like eyes.

Just as the unsuspecting Eirwyn reaches these hungry aquatic predators, they ferociously burst through the ice – which turns out to be thin as glass – and jumps right at her with jaws wide open.

But the ninja fairy is not easily thwarted, as she throws an Ice Orb (which we'll refer to said special attack from here on out) to freeze the ravenous fish on the spot. Upon coming across more piranhas in a straight line along her path, she casually owns 'em all with more Ice Orbs while skating on by.

Once all of the monstrous fish are literally on thin ice, the fairy skater reverses direction and skates at them head-on, kicking each and every one of the frozen fish into millions of shards that fly all over the place like hail.

With this latest danger gone for good, Eirwyn skates away gracefully to another unknown destination.

Our ninja fairy is now at a nearby rock formation sitting down relaxingly - yet keeping an eagle eye for anything suspicious with Ice Katanas ready. She's not grasping 'em since the ice-forged blades are attached to her arms as if they're part of her.

A roaring wind tears the area all of a sudden, but the calm fairy child isn't fazed - because all ice fairies are immune to such extreme weather conditions and thus, can move freely within like it's nothing.

In the midst of this torrential storm, Eirwyn closes her eyes and goes into a calm, meditative pose to clear her mind of everything . . . focusing solely on the wind itself . . . nothing else . . .

Suddenly from out of nowhere, a giant deer-like creature with a grotesque skeletal-like face emerges ominously from the dark shadows and walks in a slow, menacing fashion towards the ninja fairy. Just before it can lay a finger on her though, Eirwyn – apparently aware of the beast's presence all this time - instinctively slashes its hideous wood-like hand away with her ninja blades.

Judging by this monstrosity's aforementioned features – along with its bear-like fur and unnatural body physique similar to putty - this is obviously a Wendigo, a creature that was once a fair-folk before tasting flesh of its own kind. Years and several kills later, this is the final result of such an unholy cannibal.

Eirwyn quickly chops the Wendigo's head on the spot with her icy blades and sprints off from the scene, as if she knows what will happen. As she flies through the frosty forest, several more Wendigo appear all around as if they're magical and start lunging at our brave heroine with raging roars as their battle-cry.

The ninja fairy coolly slices down all fairy cannibals in her path while continuing her frantic course - only to stop at a screeching halt when she spot a sudden wall formed of many Wendigo blocking her path. She prepares a dual Ice Orb attack while the living wall comes falling down on her like a heavy bookshelf. Just before it makes impact, Eirwyn freezes the entire Wendigo army on the spot and punches right through with a flying uppercut as she exits stage up. This, of course, shatters the frozen wall like fragile glass.

At the top of the frozen treetops, Eirwyn is relaxing on the icy leaves with a large blanket of snowflakes covering her for protection. She stares up at the dark cloudy skies above, which are still raining down snowflake after snowflake as time passes.

It's all cool – on a metaphorical level – for the ice fairy, since she's used to such torrential weather ever since she was born. With a place to sleep at last – at least temporarily – Eirwyn slowly drifts off to sleep while still being covered up by the never-ending snow.

Eight hours later, the skies are still snowing non-stop. By this time, our fairy heroine is totally covered in a snow-like cocoon – which she easily punches out into a flurry with one hard punch. She stretches her arms and fairy wings in the same manner as a butterfly would for the first time.

With that, Eirwyn flies down to the dark forest below to hunt down something for breakfast . . . only to find herself in a ruined fair-folk village.

All natural-made buildings within this old ghost town - mushrooms, trees, etc. - are nothing but old, rotten wrecks with many elf and fairy corpses as their inhabitants. Not surprisingly, several fly swarms are slowly eating away such decayed bodies for sustenance.

Suddenly, the ninja fairy notices one of such fairy corpses swatting a fly away. Seemingly a reflex action . . . until the entire fairy itself suddenly rises up and shambles over to Eirwyn while moaning emotionlessly. Yes, it's now a zombie, folks.

Our fairy heroine casually freezes this decomposed threat there and then – only to see more of the surrounding corpses to rise up and attack, as well. Something must be reanimating them, no doubt about that . . . but what?

Suddenly, one of the flies makes a kamikaze-like lunge at Eirwyn for some reason. She swats it away with her Katana - and then notices it drooling ravenously with its eyes being a dim gray. A zombie fly now it is, much to the ice fairy's annoyance.

With that, Eirwyn slices the undead insect's head clean off without hesitation – and then see MORE zombie flies charging straight at her. Naturally, she flies upwards like a rocket and fires an Ice Orb at the fly highest above the others - causing the new 'flysicle' to crash down onto the others below it before they all go squish-squish.

Knowing that more zombie flies would be possible by feasting on the still roaming zombies in this village, Eirwyn knows she must destroy them, and quick. Upon returning to the village grounds, sure enough, she sees more of these zombified flies gathering at the fairy zombies to feast on.

Our fairy heroine wastes no time in freezing these persistent pests on the spot – and afterwards, throwing her Katanas like boomerangs to shatter 'em all into shards. Overkill, yes, but you know how hard it is to kill zombies.

After this round of undead-killing, Eirwyn takes one last, solemn look around this doomed village before flying off to parts unknown.

Eventually, the ninja fairy arrives at a dark cave that has no light within. She remedies this problem by conjuring up an Ice Orb with the shining sphere itself acting as a magical torch.

As she enters and makes her way through the pitch black interior, Eirwyn notices several strange markings on the walls. This sparks her curiosity – could this be an entrance to a temple of some sorts? Eager to find out, she tosses her Ice Orb forward and follows it with blazing lightning speed - a clever way of speed-flying without any ambushes ahead.

Just then, the shining sphere collides with something, with its summoner screeching to a halt and conquering up another Ice Orb - to see that it's only a door the previous Orb has frozen. She breaks this frozen wall down with a single kick, made easy by the fact that it's now brittle and weak by the strong ice weakening it.

Upon reaching the cave's very end, the ice fairy walks up to what appears to be an old mural that was apparently drawn long ago – perhaps centuries, even. It shows a maiden with some kind of energy aura fending off armies of vicious lizard-like creatures, and several icicles and snowflakes raining down all over. Next to this seemingly prophetic wall painting is a handprint - obviously meant to activate something when someone places their hand on it.

Having enough of all this suspense, Eirwyn places her right hand on said handprint to see what happens – only to fall down into a secret trapdoor underneath her feet.

Seconds later, our fairy heroine falls into a – you guess it – a temple . . . with this one being icy blue with several ice-like sapphires hanging on the ceiling. Up ahead is a blue butterfly-shaped emblem embedded in black ice and surrounded with a mysterious white mist.

Eirwyn flies over to this emblem very slowly, since these kinds of places tend to be booby-trapped. She manages to reach it without any troubles, though . . . only to trigger something when she touches the black ice itself.

The ninja fairy quickly looks behind her back to see a trio of fairy ladies materializing from the surrounding mist – and firing light beams from their fingers at her without warning. Forunately, Eirwyn dodges these incoming lasers easily via rolls – though it's a close call, considering they move like speeding bullets.

Once the misty maidens suddenly cease their laser-like barrage to take a quick breather, our icy heroine fires an Ice Orb at the nearest ethereal lady to freeze her on the spot. The others shoot more lasers in response – this time at the ceiling, letting the many dagger-like icicles loose onto Eirwyn.

Our fairy heroine notices this and starts sprinting about to avoid the incoming spiky hail, icicle after icicle. When that's done and over with, she shoots another Ice Orb at the nearest misty maiden to freeze her solid, too.

Surprised at this, the third and final ghost conjures up a giant wave of sheering bright light, which she sends right at Eirwyn . . . who simply flies behind the icy black monument to hide.

As expected, the purifying light wave splashes over the ice-encased emblem without harming our fairy heroine on the spot – it's the ice itself that gets damaged, more like shattered. Thus, the now-sparkling sapphire is free of its dark prison and floats peacefully before our fairy heroine.

Just then, all three fairy ghosts – with the previous two somehow thawed out - fly over with warm smiles all around and silently motions Eirwyn to take said sapphire, deeming her worthy of possessing it.

The ninja fairy nods with a smile as her thanks and slowly touches the emblem, which suddenly flies around her in circles while covering her with powder blue sparkles and shimmering white energy ribbons.

Fifteen seconds later, Eirwyn's fairy wings are now double their regular size and covered with pearls, sapphires, and sparkling streams of pure silver. Not only that, but her hair now has blue and purple streaks as well.

The misty maiden trio bows down courteously before disappearing in a fade-out style, leaving Eirwyn alone again much to her dismay – since they didn't give her a clue of what to do next . . . only to be proven wrong by suddenly being teleported out in a sudden flash of light.

Eirwyn reappears in an arctic region where there's nothing but icebergs, water and snow 24/7. It looks awfully bare, what with no signs of arctic life in sight - polar bears, sea-lions, penguins, you get my drift . . .

. . . Until several shadowy beings start materializing out of thin air at a nearby iceberg, looking like walking static with distorted purple eyes and shiny silver claws. They're drooling like crazy as if they're looking for something to eat – with said drool even flickering like static.

Eirwyn wastes no time in engaging these new creatures with dual Ice Orbs ready. Upon reaching their iceberg arena, she starts freezing as much of the savage shadows as she can, managing to get twenty on the spot – out of a hundred. With that, she magically summons dual chain whips and starts whipping away while spinning like a buzz-saw . . . no need to explain the outcome there.

Afterwards, the ninja fairy fires another Ice Orb at the iceberg's surface - making it all slippery and slick - and simply side-steps out of the way as her shadowy enemies slip 'n slide into the frigid water one by one.

Once all of the living static is in, Eirwyn dips a finger into the water to make the entire area frozen in a cold snap – well, at least a twenty feet radius. She then walks casually onto the ice and gives each of these new shadow-iscles a swift kick in the head, shattering 'em all on the spot.

Eirwyn nods in satisfaction and then looks ahead in the distance - only to see more shadow beasts absorbing themselves into a giant ice block for some reason. Just then, said ice block starts to grow spikes all over, which overlap each other into appendages such as arms, legs, and a face. Once said 'face' is completed, the now-sentient ice hunk stares down at our fairy heroine emotionlessly – before bringing down its right fist on her.

Eirwyn sprints out of the way before charging forward to start the battle. Knowing that ice won't work on ice, she magically summons and throws a sphere of heavenly white light instead.

The semi-shadow creature simply shrugs the incoming projectile off - due to its icy body acting as armor - and unleashes a stream of purple energy ribbons to counteract our icy heroine's new light magic.

Eirwyn quickly grabs said ribbons while her hands glow white, making them glow in the same color as well – while sending the energy vibes right into the ice beast in the process, weakening it to its knees. She then summons a blade of pure white light on her right arm to chop the ribbons into dust – before then thrusting it into the monster's chest. The blow is powerful enough to pierce all the way through its icy 'armor'.

With that, the ice fairy casually flies away as several rays of heavenly light suddenly shine from within the ice beast as it roars out in agonic pain - just before bursting apart into millions of ice cubes.

With that done, Eirwyn takes an quick look back to witness the shadows flying out of the slain ice behemoth's remains just before they disintegrate into oblivion – and then notices a faint white light shining down on her. She quickly looks up to see a faint white sparkle at the very top of a nearby iceberg.

Being such the curious one, the ninja fairy flies over ASAP - and upon reaching there, discovers a diamond shaped as an elegant snowflake and shining beautifully with a pure blue brilliance that would only come from the Northern Lights.

Eirwyn walks over slowly to this magnificent treasure . . . only to see a giant purple hand suddenly coming out from the shadows and closing down on her. She quickly flies back with a Light Orb ready to meet face-to-face with another shadow creature – which is almost the same size of Godzilla.

Just before our icy heroine can attack, her giant enemy grabs her with its left fist and starts squeezing her – with the resulting pain equivalent to being crushed by an elevator. Naturally, this agonizing torture is too much for a child of Eirwyn's age, and all she can do is screaming her lungs out.

As our ninja heroine does so though, a sudden surging radiance of light comes from within her and surges onto the gargantuan shadow's arm, disintegrating it into thin air instantly.

Eirwyn floats back down safely and then summons another Light Orb to throw at the other giant arm . . . only for the giant shadow to casually fling it aside, not allowing such a simple projectile to kill it so easily.

The ninja fairy face-palms herself annoyingly – before unleashing a massive blizzard from her hands at her enemy's remaining one, freezing it on the spot.

While her gargantuan enemy tries to shake its new 'glove' off, Eirwyn sprints right over while brandishing a new Light Katana – which she uses to perform a brutal eight-hit combo on the frozen palm before its owner realizes it – until it's too late, of course.

Afterwards, the frozen fist shatters into several tiny shards, leading its owner roaring in both agony and frustration. During her enemy's fit, Eirwyn flies up to its face and starts slashing the heck out of it - to the point of making a big hole right through the head. Dead, the giant shadow is now, obviously.

With that, Eirwyn casually poke the creature's neck with one finger to send it falling backward to the water below with a giant splash. Believing the danger to have passed, she then makes another casual grab for the snowflake-shaped diamond . . .

. . . Only for the entire iceberg to starts vibrating earthquake-style. And with that, a gigantic watery hand thrusts out from underneath, shattering the icy mountain into a million ice cubes just like that.

Due to the super-sonic impact from said 'eruption', the snowflake-shaped gem is now flying at our fairy super-heroine, who simply grabs it on the spot – and gets teleported away in a sudden burst of light.

Once Eirwyn reappears with the beautiful treasure in her hands, she finds herself in yet another temple. It's made of ice all around just like the previous one, only this has seven posts each with a rusty tablet attached. Also, a snowflake impression is on the top of each post, which clues our fairy super-heroine in on what she should do at this moment.

And so, Eirwyn flies up to the first post and inserts the snowflake-style diamond into its impression slot without hesitation. Afterwards, the mysterious gem glows with an icy blue radiance for a few seconds – and making the rusty old tablet below shine just as bright.

The ninja fairy takes a look at said newly restored tablet, silently reading the following words . . .






The ninja fairy looks over at the other posts and nods understandably. If she's to end this horror she's going through – and all the monsters and apocalyptic-like terrain within – she'll have to fulfill this 'Chosen One' prophecy.

With that, Eirwyn suddenly disappears in yet another light burst . . . and back in the same arctic region, this time on another big iceberg. She surveys her new surroundings - before seeing another giant monster not too far away. This one's being all-water, no doubt rendered sentient by the liquefied shadows from earlier. It's currently scouring the area as if it's looking for something . . . or someone.

Taking advantage of this moment, our ninja heroine quietly summons a giant whirling sphere of wind, snowflakes, and icicles in her hands before approaching her new enemy at a snail's pace, not wanting to attract any attention.

Just then, the sentient water lets loose a shower of bubbles all over the scene – perhaps as its way of scanning its surroundings – which our ninja heroine barely manages to dodge by zooming upwards into the sky, making a hole straight through the thick snow clouds.

Afterwards, Eirwyn stops to take a breather while staring at the clear blue sky around her. Wondering what to do about the watery beast still on a rampage below, she notices the heavenly cloud she's standing on suddenly glowing bright blue.

Having an idea now, our ninja heroine quickly grabs this blessed cloud as if it's a blanket before heading back down for round two.

Upon reaching her liquidly enemy, Eirwyn throws the glowing cloud right at it to see what happens. Sure enough, it starts soaking up the corrupted water like a sponge in a matter of seconds.

Afterwards, the holy fluff floats back up to the sky and covers up the exact same hole the young ice fairy has just made . . . and then emits a bright white beam of light that shoots toward the horizon.

Seeing this as a divine clue as to where to go now, Eirwyn nods understandably before zooming off toward the heavenly signal beam's direction.