An hour or so later, Eirwyn has finally arrived at the legendary Solar Temple she's heard about and lands quietly before it.

This particular temple is completely crystalline in bright yellow with a metallic golden sun and seven marble statues shaped like angelic women surrounding it. Lastly, there's a silver-plated manhole underneath the sun for some reason.

Just then, a black lightning bolt comes crashing down at the scene, barely missing our icy heroine by an inch. She yelps in fright before looking upward to see yet another Dark Eirwyn falling toward her like the fallen Lucifer banished from Heaven.

This particular dark doppelgänger is different from the others before it, as it resembles a normal fairy lady with a dress similar to Eirwyn's - only purple, black, and blood red in a Gothic fashion - not to mention her wings are like that of a vampire bat's and decorated with rubies, golden glittery streaks, and various Gothic tattoos. Oh, and she also has silky black hair with silver, blood red, and plum purple streaks, blood red eyes, and purple eyeshadow. If you ask me, she looks more like a Gothic fairy than a darkling doppelgänger.

Our Snow White is surprised by her evil adult twin's striking similarities, but nonetheless summons her Light Katanas on the spot and stays on the defense. Dark Eirwyn follows suit with her own Dark Katanas, except that it – well, let's call this one a she, okay? – charges toward the real deal just like a wolf lunging at its vulnerable prey.

Eirwyn simply puts up her Icy Aura in response, thus repelling her dark twin away like a reflected pinball. Meanwhile, Dark Eirwyn regains her composure enough to unleash a Super Blizzard at her original - who simply raises her Katanas up to block the impending storm, freezing them quick in a snap.

With that, Eirwyn starts slashing away lightning-fast at her dark twin, who easily dodges each slash just as quick. Upon seeing an opening in the slashing motions, she slashes our icy heroine in the left arm - only for her to grab the dark blade just in time and throw several Ice Shurikens at Dark Eirwyn's right leg, chomping it off just like that.

The dark clone lets out a massive lion-like roar that echoes throughout the area as she suddenly glows an ominous blood red – definitely a sight to run away from. Why, you would ask? Well, she's just unleashed an Antarctic Blizzard of her own with different properties than Eirwyn's – red ribbons of nuclear-level radiation, purple poison gas, and surging black lightning.

In return, our icy heroine activates her own Antarctic Blizzard – which now includes glowing white sparkles, blue shooting stars, and glowing magenta energy ribbons – with the latter representing healing and love. Justified because of her new Snow White Princess status, you know.

The polar-opposite blasts clash violently onto each other and suddenly vanish in an eye-blink, much to their conjurors' surprise – who then smirk amusedly, apparently acknowledging each other in an honorable sense.

Nevertheless, the ninja fairies resume the battle by constantly throwing their Katanas like boomerangs for over a minute or so . . . to the point of said ninja blades suddenly clash with each other in mid-air as if they're sentient. Amazed with wide eyes, they can only stare at this cool sight for a few seconds . . . only for Dark Eirwyn to suddenly thrust forward and cut her original in the face with a new Dark Katana. It's only a grazing slit in the right cheek though, and a furious Eirwyn kicks her evil copy in the stomach with the force of a wrecking ball in retaliation.

The darkling doppelgänger collapses to the ground just like that while hugging her stomach, since said kick hurts THAT bad – but that doesn't stop her from shooting Dark Lightning at the real deal.

Eirwyn rolls away from the incoming bolts in the nick of time and counters with a Light Orb – that suddenly gets extinguished in mid-air by her dark twin's original Dark Katana from out of the blue. She then summons her own Light Katana back and is about to go for the kill, only to get frozen on the spot by a surprise Ice Beam attack from Dark Eirwyn.

The ironically-frozen Snow White Princess falls down to the ground, shattering free from her icy prison just like that. While she slowly recovers from the ensuing brain freeze, her dark twin approaches Michael Myers-style to finish her off here and now . . . only to get leg-swept to the ground by her original, who has already recovered by this time. Regeneration-style healing must be at work here, from the looks of things.

Dark Eirwyn gets back up as she summons a Dark Aura, which she uses as a battering ram-like shield to send Eirwyn flying - but our icy heroine regains her composure enough to conjure up her Icy Aura and throws it at her dark counterpart's face Captain America-style to return the favor, with a broken jaw as an additional benefit.

Upon catching her Icy Aura like a boomerang, Eirwyn runs over to slam it on her dark twin for the coup de grace - only to slip and fall for some reason.

Upon getting up, our Snow White Princess discovers that the entire battle scene is now completely covered in ice. Dark Eirwyn smirks amusedly at her original's surprised look just before attempting to kick her down – only for Eirwyn to fly away just in time.

And so, the natural ice skater skates gracefully about on the newly-iced ground with her dark twin following suit just as well. For the next half-hour, they try to slice 'n' dice each other with their skating blades via surprise kicks and spinning jumps.

Eventually, Dark Eirwyn skates up close to her original and quickly returns the leg-sweep from earlier, flooring our Snow White Princess just like that. She then is about to stomp on Eirwyn's neck for the kill, but our skating heroine slides away just in time and delivers a deep gash at her dark twin's shins. Yes, as you can expect, it hurts like Hades.

Dark Eirwyn grinds her teeth to withstand the immense pain as she skates twelve feet away from her original – but not because of cowardice. She then sees Eirwyn skating over and quickly stomps down hard on the ice to shatter it just like that.

As a result, our icy heroine starts tripping up due to the now-uneven surface, but manages to fly upward to avoid such a nasty fall. Afterwards, she summons a Light Katana and unleashes a Holy Flamethrower Blast all over to melt the jagged ice away.

Having enough of this fooling around, the dark doppelgänger starts screaming out loud while being surrounded by Dark Lightning and a strong wind which instantly blows out the holy flames. Eirwyn can only watch as her dark twin transforms into a black fog like the one she recently encountered - while taking a physical shape as well . . .

Afterwards, there stands the gigantic witch blob-like fusion with those same twitching, twig-like arms – ready for bloody payback once and for all. It starts things off by extending its many limbs all about in the battle scene, aimlessly swiping at our Snow White Princess with their razor-sharp fingernails. But Eirwyn easily cuts all of these spiky hands off like harmless vines with her Light Katanas to get enough room to unleash another Flamethrower burst for the rest.

Literally disarmed now, the fleshy abomination unleashes its massive lightning bolts on our Snow White Princess, hoping they'll floor her just like last time – but she easily rebounds said torrential electricity with her new Light Aura, a light-based version of her Icy Aura.

The Witch Blob lets out an angry bat-like screech before instantly covering itself in a Dark Aura and then rolling at Eirwyn like a bowling ball of doom. Our icy heroine simply zooms upwards to safety - only to find in her horror that the incoming witchy mess is growing EVEN larger upon approaching. With no other choice, she flies back down to the ground and unleashes a burst of holy white light within her own aura.

Once the dark abomination rolls right over the Snow White Princess, it gets trimmed by a few hundred feet due to her Light Burst scorching its fleshy exterior. As it continues rolling past, Eirwyn is revealed still standing alive and well.

With that, the Snow White Princess flies over with fists and feet a-blazing with white flames to perform a Multi-Hit combo on the Witch Blob, leaving it all scorched and holey on its warty layer. And for the thirtieth and final blow, she thrusts the flames forward into a massive fireball that pierces right through the unholy mass - leaving a massive cave-like hole just like that.

Much to Eirwyn's surprise though, said fleshy crater is slowly closing up on its own. In response, she angrily zooms over and throws a Super Light Orb into the burnt hole before it fills back up completely.

Afterwards, the dark abomination suddenly glow holy white with several powder blue rays shining through its putrid flesh – just before exploding into oblivion entirely, with every last trace of it disintegrating into thin air.

Eirwyn nods in satisfaction before returning to the Solar Temple without fear of any more distractions. Upon landing before it, she walks up to the angelic statues and decides to do something – conjuring up a Light Orb and raising it up into the air as several rays of holy light shine brightly about.

Once they're enriched with the light energy, the lady statues glow bright white themselves with their combined glow emanating beyond the Solar Temple itself – and then floating upwards into the sky as if controlled by some divine power. Their beautiful holy radiance smites the pitch black sky into nothingness while gradually expanding throughout.

Five minutes or so later, the Great Darkness that has corrupted this realm for who knows how long is finally gone. Thus, the Sun's warm tender light shines on the cold winter-ravaged land, bringing life and hope to everything it touches once more. Just as Eirwyn closes her eyes to let herself bask in this warm, wonderful sunlight, she can hear soft feminine voices calling out to her from out of nowhere.

Wait, Princess Eirwyn of the Snow! Your quest is not done yet! One of the heavenly voices warns insistently.

Yes. Now that light has returned to this realm, every strain of darkness that has sunken into the earth will be uprooted into the open, another such voice adds in.

We shall take this Darkness and form it into one giant mass so you can smite it back to where it came from. Are you up to this final task, Chosen One? Voice #3 asks concernedly.

Eirwyn nods affirmatively as she summons dual Light Katanas in her hands to confirm her answer.

Very well, Princess Eirwyn. Good luck, and we hope you win . . . for the sake of your kind, Voice #4 says understandably. Let us begin the summoning, dear sisters of the Sun.

Afterwards, our Snow White Princess opens her eyes up to survey her surroundings, possibly to see who's talking to her just now – but no one is in within sight, much to her confusion. She has no time to ponder though, as several puffs of black swirling mist suddenly come rising out from the earth and form into a towering fifty-feet tall cloud of pure darkness with glaring blood-red eyes – all in only five seconds. It lets out a furious bat-like screech before diving at Eirwyn with a blood-chilling fury.

As soon as our icy heroine flies out of the way, barely missing by an inch – she yelps in silent horror as her last opponent annihilates the Solar Temple with a single ramming charge. The golden sun, the angel statues, the mysterious manhole – all reduced to rubble with little or no effort. Enraged by this desecration of such a holy temple, she prepares another Light Burst - with surging white lightning bolts all over to show her inner rage - before penetrating the dark cloud itself to get to its inner core.

Seconds later, the dark matter itself starts shaking uncontrollably due to its internal shock while screeching agonizingly all the way. Just then, several sparkling puffs of white mist – exactly seven to match the number of statues that were standing at the Solar Temple – fly out from the manhole and thrust into the dark cloud, as well.

Within the ominous pitch black interior of the Earthly Darkness, the holy mist traverses frantically with the speed of lightning as if it's looking for something or someone. Of course, it's looking for Eirwyn herself - who now floats unconscious due to using her Light Burst attack for too long.

Upon reaching the Chosen One, the light-based mist breaks up into seven smaller clouds to whisk her out of the foreboding darkness without a moment to waste.

Back outside the sentient dark cloud - which is now still and lifeless thanks to Eirwyn's internal attack – the white mist clouds burst through its 'chest' with the sleeping Snow White Princess still in their caring. Unfortunately, in doing this rushed and forceful exit, the Earthly Darkness regains consciousness and lets out another screech that echoes throughout the entire meadow.

Meanwhile, the good mist clouds take the form of seven angelic women – each with flowing blonde hair and beautiful angel wings while wearing simple pure white gowns. They all gently lay Eirwyn down on a patch of newly-grown grass - soft, vibrant, and so green as if it's never been touched by the Great Darkness – just as she suddenly comes to.

Upon getting up, our icy heroine notices that she's wearing her Ice Princess outfit again, much to her surprise.

You have used up all your light magic in subduing the Earthly Darkness, Princess Eirwyn. We shall take over from here, rest assured, one of the angels assures warmly.

Do not feel bad about the destruction of our temple. Since almost all the darkness has been lifted from this realm, our time here is done. We thank you for making this happen, Chosen One, Angel #2 adds in in a comforting manner.

Sisters, come and let us combine our power now! Angel #3 cries out while holding hands with her spiritual brethren.

Suddenly, the maiden ghosts from the first temple appear from out of thin air and join hands with the angelic ladies as well. Eirwyn can only watch in awe as her spiritual guides suddenly glow a beautiful mixture of blue and white light while the beastly cloud approaches in a raging, relentless manner.

Before the Earthly Darkness can attack, the misty ladies make their move and thrust themselves into their dark enemy in the same manner as Eirwyn. The dark cloud lets out a loud agonic screech that echoes throughout the area as it's instantly enveloped in the temple maidens' purifying light, just before exploding from within. The surging radiance of their combined Light Burst shines throughout, completely disintegrating the Earthly Darkness into the void of nothingness - ending its grip on this fairy realm for good.

Eirwyn flies over to the ever-shining light to allow herself to be engulfed in its purifying, warm radiance - returning to her Snow White Princess form by doing so. She smiles happily at this unexpected event and then gazes at the bright blue sky, with the Sun shining bright and fluffy white clouds floating peacefully above.

Just then, all of the spiritual maidens reappear before our Snow White Princess with a courteous bow, with Eirwyn herself following suit in response.

Now that we have accomplished our purpose here in this realm, it is time for us to return to our home. Thank you so much for your help.Angel #1 informs in a warm, grateful manner.

Unfortunately, our temple is destroyed beyond restoration . . . and thus, we cannot repel any more Darkness when it returns, Angel #2 adds in with a grim smile.

Indeed, there will be a second coming of the Darkness - when you least expect it, too. Thus, we place the fate of the realm in your hands, Angel #3 says concernedly.

Eirwyn grows concerned upon hearing this and brings her head down sadly, since she doesn't want this realm to be the horrible wasteland it was just now. Upon seeing this, the fourth angelic maiden brings our Snow White Princess' face up to hers with an assuring smile.

Do not despair, Eirwyn. When the Darkness does return, we will let you know and advise you every step of the way, the kind holy lady says warmly.

We will also try to determine the source of this dreadful matter so that, yes, you and your loved ones will eventually live in eternal peace, Angel #5 adds in while putting a hand on our icy heroine's shoulder.

In the meantime, return to your loved ones now. You deserve it after being all alone these past few days, poor child, Angel #6 smiles warmly.

Eirwyn nods agreedly with a hopeful smile and then embraces the angelic ladies in a big group hug while happy tears run down her face.

Take care, Princess Eirwyn of the Snow. Good luck with your future quests, as well, Angel #7 assures kindly as she and her fellow spiritual maidens join in the heart-felt embrace.

And with that, all seven angelic maidens and their misty sisters immediately rise upward to the sky - returning to Heaven where their Father and sisters are waiting.

Eirwyn waves good-bye to her spiritual guides, who follow suit before disappearing from sight with a skyward twinkle. With that, she looks ahead in the horizon to see the restored realm before her . . .

Lush, green hills and meadows filled with various beautiful flora like roses, tiger-lilies, daffodils, etc. . . . Completely ice-free lakes full of crystal-clear water for all animals and fair-folk to drink and swim in without danger . . . Forests no longer dark and foreboding with the Sun's bright light revealing giant beautiful seventy-feet tall trees, bushes and gardens full of delicious fruit and nuts to feast on, and animals such as deer, birds, and raccoons roaming about safely . . .

. . . And more importantly, no more wintery weather to ruin any plans for special fair-folk traditions and vacations beyond the natural villages and royal castles - of course, said fair-folk habitats need to be rebuilt and repopulated before chilling out – no pun intended.

And so, Eirwyn lets out a happy sigh and quickly flies off back to Sunshine City, where the remnants of her family await dearly.

THE END . . . for now.