Chapter one

Feudal Japan, the time of the warrior era, where fights and wars would be held,

Four land, three lords, one lady and worst of all there were demons,

Lady Hana of the eastern land Amaterasu-A sun goddess,

Lord Taro of the southern land, bakeneko-cat demon

Lord Ishi of the western land, Tengu-a bird-like-demon

gand finally lord shinakio Of the Northern land, inugami-dog-demon

Each land with their own ruler and royal family

The light of the morning sun shone on my pale face, waking me up to another day, I slide out of bed slowly groaning about the stupidsun, getting my light combat Kimono out, specially made for me, it contained a black sleaveless kimono just attached to my neck, the bottom just to my upper thighs, black stockings, silver steal toedknee high boots, a red belt to my waist with Akuma-no-Ken, sword of demons said to be able to kill one thousand demons in one hit and also sister to kiba-no-ken, sword of fangs and yami-no-ken, sword of darkness, with all three sword you can do anything, good or bad, light or dark.

" Sakura, get down here and say goodbye you have to be going before noon remember sweetheart " my mother called, I ran down stairs kissed them on the cheek and left.

Sorry I didn't intrados myself yet

I'm Sakura hoshi meaning cherry blossom star

As of now I am 17, I have dark blue, long mid thigh, wavy, silk hair witho red streaks going through it, electronic Blue eyes, ghost white fair skin, full pink lips, im 4:9 tall, 87-35-52. And three thing you should know 1) I have a short temper 2) you should never, ever, get on my bad side because I'm strong as hell, and last 3) I'm a miko of the highest rank,

and I am on a journey to find the other swords and their welders and it is said that one is in the northern land and the other in the eastern land, so today is the day I leave home and go and find the welders but i have heard a legend that the Wealden of the sword of demon, my sword and the sword of fang will fall in love,

End of chapter one

sorry it was short but the others will be long the this,

let me know what you think

akuma-no-Ken the sword of demons,

kiba-no-Ken the sword of fangs


yami-no-Ken the sword of darkness,