The minute I walk through the door, Katerina's voice was ringing through the air. Dad had done something wrong because Papa's voice becoming unusually high pitched with every draw of breath.

"You know what, Max? If you weren't such a pansy sometimes, maybe I wouldn't have to call the florists and yell at them. Now go grow a pair and fix the goddamned problem!" Papa hit the screen quickly and tossed the phone on the couch. "Your dad is a loser."

He was wearing his usual work attire: a fitted gingham shirt and skinny khakis. In place of his usual Oxfords, however, were black Louis pumps. I made a face at him and he shrugged. "I couldn't resist!" Papa kissed my forehead and put an arm around my shoulder. "How was that bio test?"

"Awful." I smirked. He didn't notice.

"Honey, what happened? We stayed up so late studying."

"It was just rough." I shrugged. "That's why I got a 97 instead of a 100." His smile lit up.

"That's wonderful, baby! Let me see!" He scanned the test and his smile hardened a little. "This one is right and he marked it wrong." I looked at it.

"It's marked minus one for spelling. It's okay."

"But it is still right. I'm going to call him." I flew at the couch and grabbed the phone before my Louis Vuitton-footed father could.

"No you will not. Mr. Mei already doesn't like you. Do not make him hate you!" He tore the phone from my hand.

"Fine. I won't call, but I will say something if he does it again." I pulled up a bar stool and and sat at the counter. Papa placed a cold Baja Blast and some chocolate Cheerios in front of me. He opened up one of the Russian beers he bought on the last trip to his home town. Pushing himself up onto the counter, he spun around and faced me so that he was sitting cross legged on the kitchen island.

"Tell me about your day."

"Nothing really happened. Pretty normal."

"Nothing at all? No drama?"

"Not really. It's a quaint Catholic school, Papa. What drama could there be?" We sat in silence for a while.

"When I was in a quaint Catholic school, there was too much drama." He laughed. He climbed down from the island and put what he had in the kitchen sink. I emptied the cheerios crumbs into the trash and placed it in the dishwasher. I kiss Papa's cheek.

"I'm going to my room if you need me." I pick up my bag and retreat to the dark room decorated in bands and teams and TV shows. I unlock my phone as I lay down on my bed. Opening the soccer team GroupMe was like diving into a pool of negativity and hundreds of messages flooded the chat room.

"The new coach is a lesbo. Uggh, isnt that against school code or sum shit?"

"U think she gonna try and flirt with us?"

"Gross. hope not."

I was disgusted with my teammates. This poor girl doesn't know how harsh the players are going to treat her. Coach Brogan had just turned nineteen and moved here from Ireland. Honestly, she's probably used to comments like those. Ireland did only just recently receive marriage equality.

"Hey, guys, that's enough. Use some self control and don't be mean. Okay? We can't lose another coach..."

No one said anything after that.