David Thompson walks into his new house with a tired and exhausted expression on his face. In his left hand is a shiny emerald bottle with a golden jeweled crown painted on it, similar to a fancy wine bottle that he probably bought from a wine store. "Oh man, that flea market auction was like Black Friday! I have no idea why all those bidders want this wine bottle so badly," he grumbles while heading over to the nearby couch.

Upon there, David places his jewel-like prize on the coffee table and plops down on the couch to take a nap on the spot. While he's already off to dreamland, the seemingly average bottle suddenly glows in a blended yellow and green aura – and tips back and forth as if something's inside of it.

Three hours later, the winning bidder finally wakes up and looks around in his lonely surroundings. Since no lights are on, it gives a creepy atmosphere – you know, when you think you're alone only for something or someone might jump you at any moment? David feels that unsettling vibe and is about to turn the nearest lamp on . . .

. . . when suddenly he notices the mysterious aura reappearing around the strange bottle. Curious by this normally shocking sight, David picks the bottle itself and notices some dust on the side. "You're kidding! Is this what I think it is? If it is, that explains my fellow bidders' desperate behavior earlier . . ." he asks as he rubs the dust off a few times before putting the bottle back down.

Just like that, a fountain of white sprinkles with yellow and neon green ethereal energy shoots out. The lightshow is so blinding that David quickly covers his eyes with his hands, waiting for a few seconds. When he finally takes them off a minute or so later, he sees before him a beautiful lady in her mid-twenties hovering above the bottle with a confused expression on her face. Once she finally sees David before her, she gasps in fright and asks, "Who are you? W-what happened to me?!"

"Hey, it's all right. It's obvious that you're a genie living in this bottle. You were once human like me, right?" the new master assures casually as he lays a hand on the nervous genie's shoulder.

The wishing lady takes a deep breath to calm herself down and takes a look at her new master's face. He has a kind, understanding expression on his face with cute freckles on his cheeks and spiky dark brown hair. His sapphire blue eyes give him a sense of coolness and collectiveness, to that she smiles in amusement. David's favorite color must be blue since he's wearing a hoodie jacket over a white T-shirt and shorts in that color. He's also wearing white leather sandals as well, so white is another favorite color of his, too.

From David's point-of-view, he can see that this lady-turned-wishing spirit has a kind and sweet personality – yet also shy, due to her blushing cheery red. She has golden blonde hair tied in a short ponytail with a golden tiara holding it in place, a neon green Victorian dress with green ribbons and a golden waistbelt, white opera gloves, and a golden necklace with an emerald in its center. Like most genies, she has no legs but a swirling, sparkling mist underneath her dress – this being neon yellow with a green plate. She looks like as if she came from the Victorian era due to her appearance.

"My name is David. What is yours?" David himself introduces politely as he steps away.

"Selina. I know that, without a fact. Ever since I became this – I only remember bits and pieces of my past . . . when I was human . . ." the emerald genie shyly replies as she sits down on the coffee table. "W-what year is this?"

"1989 . . .?" David asks with a nervous chuckle, probably expecting a major reaction.

"Oh . . . so it's been one and a half centuries since then . . ." Selina smiles sadly with a tear running down her cheek. "My parents are already long gone."

"I'm sorry, gal. So were you asleep all this time or the likes?" the winning bidder asks as he calms down.

"No. I was awake since I can't sleep – obviously a common part of being a genie. For the first twenty years of my – well, new life – I was just as alone and sad, crying in the corners and desperately finding a way out of that prison. But after a while, I made the most of it and try to see the positive side of my new – well, profession. I decorated the inside much like my old home and – well, that's it. Nothing much else to do until you freed me. Thank you so much, David," the emerald genie explains before hugging her new master with a graceful smile.

"You're very welcome, Selina. I know I would feel horrible in such a predicament. You have a will of iron, gal," David replies as he returns the hug. "So, you want a tour of my new home? I just moved a few days ago."

"Oh, sure! Lead the way, master!" the emerald genie exclaims happily while clapping her hands.

"Uh . . . don't call me that, especially around other people. It'll give them the wrong feeling – you know, they might think you're a slave or the likes?" David insists while shaking dreadfully.

"Isn't that technically what a genie is?" Selina asks with a nervous chuckle and a sweatdrop running down her head.

"We need to find a way to make you human again, and quick – or is that not an option?" the winning bidder asks nervously.

"Sadly, no. But every cloud has a silver lining, they say. I possess great powers and can do whatever I want with them!" the emerald genie giggles cheerfully.

"But there ARE some limits, right? You know, rules," David asks casually. "You know, no killing, no playing cupid, and the likes – and only three wishes."

"You're right about those – though for the wishes part, I can grant two more. Of course, there's no hurry," Selina assures with a playful wink.

"All right. Follow me then, Selina," the new master says with a nod before heading upstairs with his new friend flying by his side.

Once in the master bedroom, the two walks about while surveying their surroundings, with Selina smiling in amusement over all the new appliances – radio, television, video game consoles, etc. She comes across one of the latter – a Game Boy – and picks it up for a curious inspection.

"That's a Game Boy – a video game system which you can carry anywhere. You use those buttons to control whatever you play as on that screen. Simple as that," David explains casually.

"Okay . . ." the emerald genie asks as she turns the 'ON' switch on. "Hmm . . ."

With that, Selina sits down on the bed trying her best to play whatever game is in the system while David sits down next to her to watch. Since this is her first time playing a video game, she starts showing all-too-common signs of frustration – clenching teeth, twitch marks on her head, and angry twitching eyes.

"Shh, shh, shh, it's okay, Selina. It's all-too-common to lose while playing. Would you like to watch me play so you would understand better?" David asks in a sympathetic, comforting tone.

"Yes, please," the emerald genie begs as she silently cries in anime waterfalls and hands the Game Boy to her master.

With that, David plays the rest of the game while his genie friend watches on – studying the hand movements and presses, watching the sprites move and react with each other, you know what I mean. Once he wins the game, Selina claps her hands happily to congratulate him.

"Thanks, Selina. Wanna have another go at it?" David asks as he returns the Game Boy to his genie friend.

"Okay!" the emerald genie herself replies positively as she takes control of the Game Boy once more. "All right, Selina, memorize what you've just seen . . ."

With that, Selina proceeds to mimic as much of David's button movements as she can, right down to the timing and rythym. The new master smiles amusedly at her near-perfect copycatting and puts a shoulder around her. Selina giggles happily as she continues her new game for the next hour or so.

"That was fun, David," the emerald genie says pleasantly as she flies about in circles.

"Indeed – although there are more games to play on that system. Wanna try out another?" David asks as he takes out the cartridge from the Game Boy and replaces it with another.

"Tomorrow, please. That game was nerve-wracking in my opinion. Right now, how about we get to know each other?" Selina asks pleasantly as she sits down next to her master. "You go first, of course."

"All right. First of all, I'm mostly on my own since my parents are too busy with their jobs. I have to do almost everything myself like cleaning dishes, painting the house, and buying groceries," David explains casually just before seeing her genie friend's sad and sympathetic expression. "Yes, I know – but it helps me prepare for the day where I would truly be on my own."

"Me too. They're the usual successful and high-class business people who focus most of their life on jobs. I usually am in the company of babysitters and nannies in the same amount of time too," Selina smiles sadly.

"I feel your pain, gal," the new master replies as he puts an arm around the emerald genie. "Odd that we share the same backgrounds, though."

"Maybe just a coincidence," Selina giggles amusedly as she playfully pushes David away. "Let's talk about more pleasant subjects, shall we? What has happened ever since I became a genie?"

"Well, a WHOLE LOT, to sum it up. Music, for example, has come a long way with more instruments and genres to partake in. Heavy metal, pop rock, classic rock 'n' roll, techno, synth . . ." David replies as he counts the following on his fingers.

"Oh my goodness . . . what do they sound like?" the emerald genie gasps bewilderingly.

"There's one channel on television that can answer that. Actions speak louder than words, they say," the new master replies casually as he reaches for a TV remote and turns the television in front of him and his genie friend on.

Selina yelps in surprise upon seeing this new appliance coming on, but watches in curiosity as several music videos play away in succession and bright colors flying about. Three guesses as to what this channel is, eighties kids.

"Whew, that was quite a bombardment on my ears. This will take getting used to, for sure," the emerald genie finally says with a nervous chuckle.

"Where did you come from in your original self, by the way?" David asks as he turns the television off.

"Great Britain in the 1850's. I don't remember my birthdate, though," Selina explains as she clutches her head, trying as hard as she can to remember more about her past.

"Don't give yourself a tension headache, gal. I'm sure in time the memories would come rushing out your cerebral floodgates," David insists in a comforting tone. "Fashion has come a long way, as well. Check out this clothes catalog I got from the mail earlier."

The new master hands such a catalog from the nearby nightstand to his genie friend, who wastes no time looking through the many pages. She has a bewildering look on her face upon seeing many outrageous and overly-flashy female fashions that are popular in this decade. "Oh my goodness!" she exclaims while blushing nervously before putting the catalog aside.

"I know. This is the eighties gal, what can you do about it?" David asks understandably while shrugging his shoulders. "A far cry from the Victorian era, eh?"

"No kidding," Selina agrees just before shaking off her blush. "So . . . uh . . . what do you want to do now, David?"

"Well, first of all, since we both had dreadful lives lacking in adventure and excitement – mind if I make a wish?" the winning bidder suggests.

"Oh yes! What do you have in mind?" the emerald genie smiles gratefully while clapping her hands.

"We could go to a rainforest and explore its many natural wonders. Being in a city can be drab after a while," David replies with a wink.

"Ohh, are those a special kind of forest? If it's as wonderful as you said it is, I'm more than willing to take us there," Selina smiles amusedly. "Wish for it, first."

"You mean "I wish (add desired wish), right?" the new master asks, with his genie friend nodding affirmatively. "All right, but first let me get ready. Please leave for a bit so I can change into something appropriate."

"Okay," Selina replies with a cheerful nod just before disappearing in a puff of neon green smoke and yellow sparkles.

With that, David wastes no time in pulling out a backpack from underneath his bed and filling it with clothes and supplies.

Just ten minutes later, David returns to the living room where Selina is waiting for him, connected to her bottle again by her genie 'tail'. The new master himself is now wearing a white Hawaiian T-shirt with blue roses on it, dark blue jean shorts, and a ring of white ilimas (the state flower of Oahu) around his neck. He still wears those white sandals, though – must love them that much.

"Oh, I really like your flower right there!" the emerald genie giggles amusedly.

"Just want to make our trip totally tropical," David smiles as he holds the bottle in his hands. "Ahem – I wish that we're in a rainforest now."

"Your wish is granted," Selina replies cheerfully as she takes off her right opera glove and snaps her fingers.

"How come you're wearing gloves, just to be curious? Do they serve as some kind of restraining bolt for your powers?" David asks as he puts the bottle in his backpack.

"No. This dress is what I was wearing before I was trapped in my new home, that's all," the emerald genie answers casually as she holds hands with her new master for safety's sake.

The new master nods understandably before he and his genie friend suddenly disappears in a similar sparkling lightshow like the one from earlier. Once it disappears moments later, they're both gone from the scene without a trace.