The next morning, David is the first to wake up from the long, well-deserved nap and looks around in the familiar surroundings. He then looks down at his genie love-interest still sleeping peacefully – but for some reason, with tears running down her cheeks. With a concerned expression, he gently wakes up Selina.

"Something the matter, gal?" the new master asks in a gentle, sympathetic tone.

"Huh? Wha . . ." the emerald genie asks frantically before looking up at her love interest. "Oh, good morning David! How are you?" she greets excitedly with an obviously fake smile. "I'll go make some breakfast, okay?"

Before David can open his mouth to ask about her current mood, Selina has already zoomed toward the kitchen. Better not press it further, he thinks to himself before getting up.

Upon entering the kitchen itself, David sees his genie love interest already floating besides the table. On it is a plate full of French toast, fried eggs, and sausage with maple syrup – all shaped like hearts. He walks over to Selina and sits down before the breakfast plate.

"Really adorable, Selina. I think it's obvious that you have feelings for me, right?" the new master asks with an amused smile. "You used your magic with what stuff I have left in my refrigerator, right?"

The emerald genie tries to smile back but fails, instead covering her face with her hands as she starts crying in despair.

"What's the matter, gal?" David insists concernedly as he quickly rushes to Selina and hugs her in a comforting manner. "Please don't bottle it all up. Just tell me what's wrong and I'll do something about it, okay?"

"You can't do anything about it . . . you're on your last wish, right?" Selina mumbles while more tears flow down her cheek.

"Oh . . . right," the new master realizes with a grim smile. "Well, what will happen once I use it?"

"I'll simply go back to my bottle – and never come out until a NEW master comes and claims my bottle. And no, you can't be my master again . . . that, and my entire time with you will be completely erased from my mind in the process. It's how being a genie goes with every new master," the emerald genie whispers as she sobs some more. "I – I love you, David. I really do. You're the only man who ever care for me and I don't want to lose you."

"I love you too, Selina. I CAN do something about this, though," David smiles assuredly before letting go and getting out the bottle from his backpack, much to his new love's surprise.

"Y-you can't set me free, you know that? I'm stuck to that bottle as long as it exists," Selina points out in a state of both confusion and hope.

"I know . . . and now, so will I with you," the new master replies with an assuring smile as he rubs the bottle to make his last wish. "I wish . . . to share the bottle with you as a genie."

The emerald genie gasps in amazement before smiling – for real, this time. With that, she pulls her left opera glove off for the last time and places her now-sparkling hand on her master's forehead, making him glow all over for a few seconds with sparkles flying about and bouncing about on the floor.

Once the neon lightshow is over, David is finally revealed in his genie form. He now just wears a blue sleeve-less jacket – unzipped to show his muscles, much to Selina's delight – a silver waist belt embedded with sapphires, and a sparkling navy blue genie tail with sparkles surrounding it. Selina squees in delight in response and embraces her genie-ified lover on the spot – just in time as they both disappear in a puff of swirling neon green and neon blue smoke with yellow and white sparkles flying about.

Once both genies are in the bottle, the enchanted container rolls over to the couch before finally stopping just underneath it – where it would rest until the next master shows up to find and claim it as their own.

Inside his new home, David returns the embrace while caressing his new lover's golden hair. Once he lets her go, he reaches for the nearest pink pearl from the many seashells next to him – you know, the collection he and Selina amassed from the beach trip – and turns it into an emerald ring with a touch of sparkling magic.

"Since we'll be living together for eternity, I might as well say this . . . Selina, will you marry me?" the new sapphire genie asks with a wink.

The emerald genie gasps in surprise just before smiling with tears of joy running down her cheeks. She then embraces David before exclaiming, "YES YES YES! David Thompson, I will marry you! I love you with all my heart!"

"I love you too, Selina. With all my heart," the sapphire genie replies back just before sliding the new ring onto his new wife's ring finger.

The emerald genie giggles happily as she admires her new ring and then steps away as she pokes herself on her forehead with her still-uncovered left arm, making herself glow in the same sparkling shower as her new husband earlier. Once it subsides seconds later, she's revealed wearing a new dress in the same colors as her old one – consisting of short sleeves with the shoulders showing, a emerald bow on the torso area, a bead waistbelt of gold and emerald green, a skirt of large neon green puffy ruffles underneath a thinner dark green skirt, and black Victorian boots with emerald star-shaped buttons. She still has her tiara and necklace from the last dress, though.

"Consider this my new dress from here on out. To prove I'm a married genie," Selina giggles happily as she flies back into David's arms.

The new sapphire genie himself smiles in amusement before embracing his new wife, sharing a passionate kiss with her.