It is April 20, 1985. On this say, a Butterfae – a cartoonish hybrid of butterfly and fairy - is flying about casually in a peaceful, open field like she doesn't have a care in the world.

Our star has an unique cartoonish appearance straight out of Looney Tunes – a big stomach and arms with short legs, an outrageously long magenta ponytail down to her feet, and big butterfly-like wings which help her get from one place to the next in seconds.

During her careless frolic through the grassy plains, Butterfae comes across something extraordinary and stops on a screeching halt. Before her is a giant college campus with neon lights and 80's style musical decorations galore, with loud but catchy 80's music blaring out from within.

Our star flies over to this amazing sight ASAP and then looks up at its welcome sign, which reads as follows:


Bringing out the best of music from everyone

All species are welcome – fairies, werewolves, vampires, robots, and everything else! Come in and join the many budding rock bands to become music masters!

Being the hardcore music fan of all kinds, Butterfae zooms into the campus grounds like a lightning bolt. Once inside, she looks around at her new surroundings in completed star-dazed awe.

Many colorful buildings are about with several students walking – or flying, since some of them are fairies, vampires, witches, and the like – over to them to attend their classes and/or rock out. Doesn't matter, 'cuz this whole campus is all about music.

Having no idea what to do in this amazing and bewildering new place, our gawking star simply faints to the ground with her eyes being all swirly.

Just then, a lady in her late 20's shows up and flies over to our star while riding on an old-fashioned broomstick. She then magically summons a bottle of smelling salts in her hands, which she places under our star's nose.

This hot lady's a definite witch, what with her long silky black hair, purple witch hat, an elegant violet and white dress with shoulder plates carrying a purple cape, and black boots with golden buckles - not to mention purple eyeshade and a beauty mark on her left cheek, too.

Suddenly, Butterfae regains consciousness just like that and looks over to me while raising an eyebrow before flying out of the Southern Belle witch's arms. Oh yeah, that's right - she has NO nose, keeping up with her cartoon anatomy.

"Uh . . . Darling, are you all right?" the kind witch asks concernedly in a Southern Belle accent.

Once focusing back to the story, Butterfae bows down courteously before the magical Southern Belle as her way of introducing herself.

"Ah, you're quite a polite dear. There ARE some mature people around this place after all. My name is Kailin Spellington, and as you can see, I'm a celestial witch. A pleasure to meet you," the witch says pleasantly.

In response, Butterfae gets out a glittery wand out of hammerspace - similar to Tinkerbell's – and writes the following in the air, "My name is Butterfae, and I've just arrived here. I'm totally bewildered by this amazing place and have no idea where to start. Could you help me, please?"

"Butterfae? Oh wow, you must one of those legendary hybrids of butterfly and fairy in one with immense magical powers! Your kind is also attracted to music, so I knew one of you would show up here eventually," the magical Southern Belle replies pleasantly while shaking our star's hand. "Well, if you want to stay here and earn your keep, you'll need to prove your musical talents. Follow me to the Registration Café, darling – or better yet, let me teleport you there now."

With that, Kailin twitches her nose Bewitched style - teleporting herself and her new friend to their destination in an eye-blink.

A few seconds later, the magical ladies arrive at the aforementioned Registration Café and take a look around. It looks like your typical tavern, but with colorful 80's style decorations -including the black and white checkered floor and the crazy deco art, no surprise there - and no alcohol served whatsoever, since it hinders judgment and musical prowess, you know.

Plus, there are several round tables for students to watch registering musicians play on a large concert stage so they can decide if they're good enough to stay.

Upon reaching said stage, Butterfae and Kailin walk over to the instruments available for play – a Fender Stratocaster guitar, a Fender Jazz Bass guitar, a Ludwig Vistalite drum kit, a Yamaha keyboard, and a silver microphone with accompanying tambourine for percussion notes.

"Take your pick, dear. Whatever suits you are all right as long as you're good with that instrument," the kind witch informs our star assuredly.

Butterfae nods affirmatively before zooming over to the Vistalite drum kit to show her stuff. A holographic screen appears at the edge of the stage to show her a video tutorial that looks suspiciously like the Drum Trainer from Rock Band 3.

As the audience watches on, the surprise drum pro begins tapping and stomping notes as according to the tutorial's drum charts. Seems like drums are this gal's specialty, since she gets all notes without any misses.

When Butterfae is done with said tutorials, it's time for an initiation song to prove her worth in a band. As Kailin and two other students walks over and picks up the other instruments to join in, our star nods happily and the temporary band begins playing with awesomeness to spare . . . but it's to be expected with a Butterfae in your band.

Once the song ends minutes later, the audience stands up from their seats and cheers triumphantly while throwing thorn-free roses and confetti galore at the stock band, whom waves at them while walking away from the stage.

"Now, darling, head over to the dean at the counter over there to determine if you're good enough to enroll here," Kailin informs our star as she points over to the dean himself.

Butterfae nods agreedly and hurries over to the counter and extends her hand to the dean – who's in his early fifties and a kindly man with a cool beard, to make his description short and sweet - to greet him.

The man in charge shakes hands in return and then says, "My name is William Sinceriman, the Dean of Harmonia Musical Institute. Congratulations for passing the registration tutorial - though it's easy for a Butterfae like you, having such magnificent musical skills. But because of that, you can't be a student here since it would be totally unfair to the students."

Upon hearing this, our star brings her head down sadly and is about to leave quietly - when the dean suddenly adds in with a smile, "BUT you can join our staff and share your immense musical knowledge with our students, and help as many rock bands as you want to achieve stardom, as well. Right now, there is a drum class that needs an instructor. You'd better hurry since it's about to start any minute, and we won't want any students coming into an empty building."

Butterfae turns around happily once she hears this and quickly turns face while doing a patriotic salute to Dean Sinceriman - and then shakes his hand in a hyper, comical fashion to show her immense gratitude before zooming off from the café in a giant puff of smoke.

"Wait! Would you like something to drink or eat before –" William calls out nervously while brushing away the smoke . . . but once it's settled, Butterfae's already blew this joint.

"She'll be fine, sir. Because, she'll want to save her cash for other things in the future," Kailin assures while walking over to the dean and then looks over to the direction where our star flew off. "This should be an interesting semester – putting it lightly, no doubt."

Upon arriving at the drum classroom, Butterfae quickly opens the door and enters like a speeding blur. She looks around to see that the room itself is bare and quiet and takes a deep breath in relief, since class obviously hasn't started yet.

With that, our star flies over to her teacher's desk to check out the lessons for today, proceeding to read every single assignment while sweating profusely to make sure she doesn't miss anything important.

Just then, the door opens again with several of Butterfae's students – peers of various humanoid-type species, of course enter casually and sitting down on the desks before her.

Once all the students settle down, they look forward and are surprised to see a Butterfae before them and as their drum instructor, complete with wide eyes and jaws dropping. Our star herself is annoyed by this and then taps her glitter wand on her desk loudly to snap the student body out of their awe.

"Whoa! We're taking drum lessons from a weird pixie?!" one of the students - a handsome vampire in stereotypical Victorian-style outfit complete with cape - cries out rudely.

"Quiet, you! This is one of those legendary musical fairies the Harmonia staff has been talking about for years!" another student - an African-American witch in a business outfit in white and purple with a navy blue necktie - snaps sternly at the rude vampire before returning her focus to her instructor. "My name is Serena Thompson. Sorry about Matthew – or Mr. Fangy as I like to call him - over there. He has quite a silver tongue with personality to boot. It's an honor to having a class with you, miss."

Butterfae nods assuredly and then writes down the names of her students on the chalkboard behind her to start roll call. Once that's done and all is called for, she speeds out of the room – only to returns just as quick while pushing a Vistalite drum kit into view, labeling each part of it with her glitter wand.

"This is Maria here speaking. Not to be offensive, but we know each part of the drum kit already, Miss Butterfae," one of the students – a fairy with neon green hair in a downward ponytail and beautiful artificial butterfly-shaped wings in a yellow and green business outfit with a magenta necktie - calls out politely. "Can we begin with the lessons, please?"

Butterfae blushes in utter embarrassment before quickly writing down the following on the chalkboard:

Drum Fills Today!

Get them right to improve your wicked drum skills!

"Ah, yes . . . I had problems with those during my registration. Thankfully my other techniques were barely enough to allow me in," Maria says nervously with a sweat drop.

The new drum instructor flies over to the drum kit and proceeds to perform some wicked drum fills for her students to perform, but does it slower so they can track her movements. When she's done with that, she flies away and motions one of them to come forward and copy her.

"Those look simple enough. I'll go first, Miss," Matthew says smugly while walking forward and taking control of the drums.

Expecting the annoying vampire to fail and his pride hitting him in the face, Butterfae is surprised to see him mimicking her drum fills as much as he can - coming across flawlessly just like her. Afterwards, he takes a smug bow to his peers, much to their annoyance.

This keeps going for several seconds, until our star ends it by smacking Matthew with her long ponytail and motions him to take his seat while his peers giggle amusedly.

With that, Maria is next and walks over to the drum kit to practice her drum fills - nervous to the point of sweating drops out from her head like a garden sprinkler.

The fairy instructor herself notices this and flies over to the (maybe) robotic fairy, silently motioning her to step aside before repeating the lessons as before. When Butterfae's done with this, she flies away while motioning Maria to copy the fills.

"All right, I think I get it now, Miss B. Thank you SO much," the timid drummer trainee says gratefully before taking over the drum kit and starts repeating what her new instructor just did.

Despite some hesitation and a few misplaced beats, Maria comes across very well for her first try. Our star instructor nods in approval and then motions the robotic fairy to take her seat while Serena comes on up next.

"All right, let me see how these are done," the ice witch says amusedly as she begins playing at high speed - too fast for her own good though, to the point that the drumsticks fly out of her hands and shatter the nearby window. "Whoops," she says nervously with a sweat drop.

In response, Butterfae flies over to said broken window while her magical antennae glow bright white, making it whole again in seconds. She then flies back over to Serena, shaking her head disappointedly at such recklessness.

"Sorry, I just get a bit too hyper at this sometimes," the winter lady giggles nervously as she gets up and returns to her seat while slumping in embarrassment.

With that, our star instructor gives the other students a refresher tutorial before they can do drum fills themselves so there won't be any more mess-ups like this one.

Once class has ended, Butterfae flies out from the building with her students following her and then go their separate ways to attend their other classes. She waves good-bye while watching her fine students go their separate ways, and then thinks about what to do now . . .

Just then, Maria shows up and walks over to our star, since she can tell. "Excuse me, Miss Butterfae, but you seem to be lost. Do you have anything else to do at this moment?" she asks the stumped fairy lady, who shakes her head in response. "Well, I heard they're looking for someone to be the baking instructor for the Home Economics class."

Butterfae's eyes light up in amazement upon hearing this. The robo-fairy giggles amusedly and then adds in, "Yes, they have such a class so the staff can supply the students here with food during their stay. Knowing you, you have a knack for cooking delicious dishes like the myths and legends said, right?"

Our star nods eagerly and shakes Maria's hand before flying off to the Home Economics class ASAP, leaving her student nervous.

"I just hope she doesn't wear herself out by keeping this up," the concerned android fairy says with a sweat drop as she flies off toward her next class.

Butterfae is still flying towards the H.M. building before she's late while whistling pleasantly – not knowing that her ponytail is unraveling rapidly, with the many hair-locks dangling about in the air like actual fishhooks.

Upon reaching her destination, our star flies over to the entrance doors when she suddenly hears yelping and groaning from behind her. She looks over quickly to see another humanoid fairy – this one with long red hair and transparent blue dragonfly-shaped wings in a yellow and blue business outfit with an orange necktie - struggling angrily to break free of the aforementioned hair-locks.

"Agh! Where did this come from?! Help, someone, PLEEEEZZZ!" the frustrated fairy cries out when she finally gives up.

Butterfae giggles nervously with accompanying sweatdrop and releases her unintentional captive with just a flick of her ponytail. Just like that, it reverts back to its original smooth, sparking state.

"Ugh, thanks . . ." the grateful fairy says before looking over to our star in amazement. "Whoa, are you a Butterfae? Well, uh, thank you. But seriously, I need to get to the Home Economics building before I'm late."

Butterfae giggles amusedly as she points up at the aforementioned building itself, much to her fairy acquaintance's surprise.

"Oh my! Well, thanks again, gal. I guess I should introduce myself, then. My name is Ursula Andersen, and I'm a sky fairy. I don't suppose you have a name, eh?" Ursula herself says pleasantly.

Just before our star can respond, a sudden explosion is heard from out of nowhere with the impact sending the fairy ladies falling backwards.

"Uh oh . . . I think I know what kind of sound that is," the sky fairy says nervously before looking over to her right . . . to see a WATERFALL of batter pouring down from the highest floor.

Butterfae sweatdrops nervously at this troublesome situation and then motions her acquaintance to follow her to the window where all of this wasted dough is coming from, hair-whipping the broken glass away from the edges before entering safely.

Inside, the fairy ladies are surprised to see that the overflowing dough is coming out from just ONE oven, which Butterfae wastes no time in turning off. Then, with an quick glow of her magical antennae, she makes the cascading dough vanish into thin air in an eye-blink.

The students nearby – all of them female with half being seemingly normal, and the other half being fairies - are surprised to see our star all of a sudden but clap their hands in applause while she bows down courteously.

Except for one - a fairy with long blonde hair in a life-size ponytail and transparent fire-colored dragonfly-shaped wings in a yellow and metallic gold business outfit with flowers on the tips - who collapses to her knees in a melodramatic fashion while sobbing silently in anime-style waterfalls.

"I'm so sorry, everyone! I'm a lousy baker!" this particular student cries out in a combined accent of Texan and Southern Belle.

"It's all right, gal. You just put too much yeast in that dough, that's all," Ursula assures as she flies over and hugs the cowgirl fairy.

A sympathetic Butterfae flies over to join in the hug as well before leading her students over to the table, where she magically summoning several food ingredients just like that.

"Just to let you know, we're making cinnamon raisin swirl bread. Let my friend Sirenitia here have another go at it, please," Ursula insists before looking over to her fellow fairy nervously. "Oh, and gal, be careful with the yeast this time, okay?"

"Sure, sugah," Sirenitia sniffles softly while seeing her new cooking instructor writing down a recipe for such bread. "Ah, you know this recipe? Thanks, gal, I owe you one."

Butterfae nods her head assuredly and motions the cowgirl fairy to commence with the dough making, which she does carefully without hesitation, not wanting to mess it up again.

"Well, that wasn't too hard. The waiting part annoys me to no end, though," Sirenitia says as she finishes making the dough and then covers it up for the waiting period. "But knowing your kind being jacks of all trades – well, most trades – you have something up your sleeve to bide some time until it's time, eh Miss Butterfae?"

"Of course, there's still that strawberry pie with cream cheese icing to make, along with lemon meringue, blueberry, peanut butter –" Ursula says on and on, before stopping to notice everyone in the room drooling over all those delicious pies she mentioned about. She groans annoyingly and adds in, "Well, I see someoneS didn't eat any lunch before this class."

"Can't be helped," one of the students – a fairy with long purple hair and transparent pink butterfly-shaped wings with musical note-shaped charms on the tips in a magenta and plum purple business outfit – replies nervously while shrugging her shoulders. "Blame this schedule."

"True, but at least this will help with my diet, no doubt," another student adds in optimistically.

"Starving yourself doesn't help you lose weight, it'll only make you more hungry and eat more. Then you'll get all drowsy and fall asleep, while all that food will just sit there in your stomach and make it bigger," Ursula points out matter-of-factly.

"Oh . . . I didn't know that. Well then, I'll be back," the other student replies sheepishly before zooming off to find a vending machine.

With that, the rest of the class watches Sirenitia make the bread again with Butterfae's supervision this time around.

Upon putting the bread into the oven a couple of hours later, the Texan fairy lets out a deep breath in relief. "Thanks, sugah. You make a great teacher for us," she says while hugging our star in gratitude.

"Yes. Our previous teacher just walked out after what just happened earlier," the musical fairy adds in nervously with a sweatdrop. "I'm sure Dean Sinceriman won't mind you take over the class."

"She's a Butterfae, Celeste. They're marvelous cooks as well as musicians," Ursula smiles assuredly. "You don't mind taking over, do you?"

Our star herself shakes her head assuredly and then motions the class back to the table to begin with the fruit pies.

"Uh, before we start, I should tell you that our previous instructor wasn't very organized. Be careful when opening the fridge," Celeste says nervously.

Butterfae waves her hand assuredly and then flies over to the nearby refrigerator . . . only for all sorts of fruits and berries come pouring out on her like a snow avalanche upon opening it up. As the class runs over concernedly, she suddenly flies out from the mess all dazed and messy.

Upon shaking her daze off and getting out her glitter wand, our star replies with a nervous face, "You sure weren't kidding, gal. Let's clean up this place, shall we?"

"Sure, Miss Butterfae," Celeste agrees as she and her peers help our star put the fruit cascade back into the fridge as neatly as possible.

"Don't go overboard, gals. Some of these berries are dirty now thanks to this floor," Sirenitia points out while looking at the floor - which has a thick carpet-like blanket of dust.

Butterfae gasps in horror upon seeing such an icky sight and stomps her foot angrily. How can such an irresponsible chef leave a dirty kitchen like this?! With that, she crosses her arms and whips her ponytail Jeanne-style – and just like that, the entire floor is sparkling clean.

"My stars, did she do all of that with just a flick of her hair?" an amazed Sirenitia asks afterwards.

"Butterfaes can do all sorts of amazing things with their hair. It's like it has a mind of its own," Celeste replies simply.

With that, Sirenitia flies straight to the oven to check on the bread. "Almost done, y'all. You go ahead with them pies, okay?" she informs everyone else assuredly.

Butterfae nods affirmatively before motioning everyone to come back to the table to finally make those fruit pies, magically summoning the many required food ingredients and essential cooking utensils on the fly.

When everyone's finished with the bread and fruit pies, our star inspects each and every pastry to make sure they're all right for eating. Their aroma makes her mouth water, so that's a good thing - not to mention the presentation, but her students know their baking.

Ursula looks over at the nearby clock and points at it to our star, since it's obvious that the class is done for today. Butterfae sees this and gasps in amazement, since they can't be done THAT quickly.

"We've been here for over FOUR hours now. I think we have enough, don't you agree?" the sky fairy points out annoyingly.

Our star nods agreedly and then motions everyone to leave, which some do without hesitation, since they're THAT hungry – while the others takes the pastries to the cafeteria so everyone else can enjoy them.

Just then, Dean Sinceriman shows up and takes a quick look around in the room, being pleased by how nice and clean it is. He then looks over to her left and sees Butterfae waving hello to him.

"Oh, hello there again. I guess the previous chef has quitted on us already, no doubt hearing about after that batter waterfall from earlier," William says nervously while sweat dropping, with our star following suit and nodding. "Well, you can be instructor of this class too if you wish. That would be all for today, since I don't want to overwork my staff to the bone. Go ahead and relax now, if you wish."

Butterfae happily glomps William on the spot before making an exit stage left as her response. The dean himself looks over at the clean classroom with a satisfied smile before exiting as well, pleased that the fiasco from earlier has been resolved.

A half-hour later, Butterfae flies out of the cafeteria and then looks about for anything else to do before going to bed, since it's nighttime now. She sees a giant concert hall nearby and decides to check it out, zooming over like a lightning bolt in the process.

Inside, there's a giant stage with colorful 80's style decorations with firework props, strobe lights, and smoke machines attached to please the crowd with colorful lightshows.

There's also several hundred-feet tall bleachers – raised, multi-tiered seat rows usually found in baseball/football stadiums - so just about the entire campus can see the rock 'n' roll action anytime.

To add to the stadium effect, there are also people walking along these bleachers handing out various confections like hot dogs, burgers, popcorn, and soda to the masses for money in return. Cool, huh?

Butterfae flies down to the stage and then sees a lineup nearby of various bands nearby, both temporal and permanent. She sees Ursula among the audience in the front row and then flies over to her.

"Oh hey, Miss Butterfae! Nice meeting you here," the windy maiden says pleasantly upon seeing her sister.

Our star nods cheerfully in return and then points over to the stage, as if she wants Ursula to join her to rock 'n' roll.

"Huh? But there are only two of us! I can only sing and do tambourine. Well, I can do bass guitar as well. Since you do drums so well, that's covered – but that still leaves with a lead guitarist," a surprised Ursula says nervously.

"That, I can cover!" Celeste assures as she flies over onto the scene. "My band isn't available for tonight and I want to rock out on stage, so I'm more than happy to help you out. How about it?"

"Sure, why not? Let's do this, gals," the sky fairy smiles amusedly before motioning her temporal bandmates to follow her on stage.

Upon reaching there, Ursula gets the Jazz Bass and sets the microphone on its stand for you- know-why, while Butterfae takes control of the Vistalite drum kit and Celeste goes for the Stratocaster guitar without hesitation.

Everyone fine-tunes their chosen instruments within a few seconds before preceding to rock 'n' roll their massive audience. Ursula simultaneously sings beautifully like a mermaid while playing the bass guitar like a pro despite a few misses, but nothing major for the crowd to notice. As for Celeste, she plays flawlessly as if she's a rock goddess. Then again, she IS a musical fairy, which helps. And I don't need to describe Butterfae's drumming performance either, since you know already.

Once the temporal band finishes playing their song, the audience gets out and screams in absolute amazement while throwing confetti by the bucketful – so much it becomes a light avalanche that covers the three musical gals.

The musical gals fly out of this confetti pile and bow down courteously before their loving fanbase to exit the stage so the other bands can show off their own rock 'n' roll stuff.