(Author's Note: This story takes place within Chapter Seven, detailing more of Sirenitia's first meeting with Seraphina, if you want to know.)

Within the café, an overly overdramatic Serenity – still fearing the worst while silently crying her eyes out in waterfalls – follows Seraphina to her table as if she's a prisoner being taken to her jail cell.

"Okay, you fiery devil, do your worst," the hapless water sylph mumbles softly as she does a head-to-desk motion in defeat.

With that, the new Butterfae of the spotlight pleasantly claps her hands – and on cue, Igor suddenly zips onto the scene with a plateful of spaghetti and meatballs.

"I suppose you saw some of our customers walking out in flames – literally?" the bluebird scientist accomplice asks Serenity in a concerned, nervous manner.

"Don't remind me . . ." the water fairy growls nervously before getting her head up. "Let's get this over with, Miss Seraphina."

"Just to let you know, she's not doing this out of malice. She ALWAYS cook her meals ultra-spicy just because she ADORES spicy foods to the N-th degree – in fact, her favorite food is the dreaded ghost chili pepper," Igor explains casually.

"STOP IT! You're not helping here, bud," a now-furious Serenity snaps with a death glare aimed at the assistant cook.

With that, Igor does a zipping hand motion over his mouth and puts the chili-laced spaghetti before the hapless oceanic maiden without another word. Serenity gulps nervously to munch on the nuclear noodles like a formula-one motor before the burn can set in.

Just as Serenity finishes her plate in . . . uh –

"Approximately ninety seconds, Mr. Author," Igor answers casually while looking at a hammer-spaced stopwatch.

"Well, that was actually good . . . in fact, it doesn't feel spicy as I had feared," the oceanic maiden casually says as she shoves her empty plate aside. "Thanks, you two. Ciao."

But as Serenity walks out of the café, everyone can see that her hair is literally on fire with a big smoke cloud trailing behind. Despite this, she doesn't feel a thing AT ALL. Weird, yes, but it's for the sake of comedy.

Just then, as the unbeknownst fairy-on-fire walks through the exit door, in come Sirenitia and Robbie just like that. A cheerful Seraphina flies over to greet them like she does to all patrons, she and the cowgirl fairy gasp in awe upon looking at each other.

"My stars! You almost look like me, hon!" Sirenitia exclaims in awe.

"Boy, do you ever – it's like you're twins!" Igor replies amusedly as he walks over. "You must be Sirenitia Sinceriman, the greatest athlete of Harmonia?"

"Uh . . . yeah? Soooo?" the uncertain fire fairy asks just before Seraphina glomps her on the spot without warning.

"As you can see, she's your biggest fan. Ever since seeing you in the Avalonia Olympic Summer Games of 1980, she wants to be a famous athlete just like you," Igor explains short and sweet.

"Aw, that's swell of ya, sugah. You must be a Butterfae just like that red-and-pink haired one who's our new drum instructor, I reckon?" a touched Sirenitia asks her Butterfae look-alike.

Seraphina's eyes light up in the amazement upon hearing our star's name and whips out a glitter wand of her own from her hammerspace account. Why yes! My name is Seraphina and she's my slightly younger sister! Our dad and I have been searching for her all this week! She glitter-replies excitedly.

"Well, she was at the roller-skating contest earlier with Ursula – who's now her bonded fairy. Both are now out at the beach doing just fine. So relax, Lady Seraphina," Igor explains further in an assuring tone.

The Sirenitia look-alike sighs in relief and then cheerfully motions the duo over to their table in her usual way.

"I hear there are some killer spicy foods here. Right up my alley, no doubt," the real deal says amusedly, much to her number-one Butterfae fan's squeeing delight.

"If I rightly remember, she did this special occasion just for you – knowing you'd show up sooner or later," Igor points out casually.

"Aw, how sweet of ya, Sera. I'd like to try out your best spicy dish you can conquer up," the fiery athlete replies excitedly, much to her loyal sheepdog's sweat-ridden dismay.

"Rest assured, we have non-spicy foods available for those who can't take the heat," Igor says with an assuring wink.

Robbie nods gratefully as he sits alongside Sirenitia and takes a look at a menu on the table while she waits eagerly for her order.

As if on cue, a bowl of what appears to be chocolate-covered ghost chili peppers magically appear before the two in an eye-blink. Robbie, aghast at this literally-infernal sight, simply slumps down from view – while Sirenitia casually takes a couple and munches on them like potato chips.

"Wooooo! Now that was quite a kicker, Sera," the cowgirl fairy complements cheerfully – as she continues munching on the chilies without feeling a burn going on. Heck, not even a sweat drop runs down her forehead.

"Hmmph. You're cheating, really – since, you know," Maria says annoyingly as she suddenly walks onto the scene.

"Oh, hey there Maria. Just to let you know, this ain't a competition of any sorts," Sirenitia points out casually.

"I know, but still . . ." the mysterious robo-fairy points out insistently. "So, uh . . ."

"You want to challenge me in a contest, is that right? There are rumors around here that you're a robot of some sorts – so, let's see YOU try to take the heat."

"Wha . . . but . . . oh all right, I'll do it," a nervous Maria mumbles while bringing her head down, realizing she's gone over her head.

"What are you complaining about, Lady Maria? Androids shouldn't have problems with spicy foods," a confused Igor points out.

"JUST DO IT!" the artificial fairy pouts angrily while shouting her foot down.

With that, the bluebird scientist zips out of there in a flash – and returns just as quick with another bowl of chocolate-dipped ghost chilies.

"All right then, Miss Inferno, ready?" Maria asks amusedly while politely taking the forbidden bowl of Hades.

"But of course, hot mama. Go!" Sirenitia replies pleasantly as she snaps her fingers – obviously wanting a refill.

Seraphina makes her antennae glow fiery red in response - and just like that, her fellow chili-lover's bowl is once more filled to the brim.

With that, the humanoid fairies start munching down on their pepper bowls like pigs at a farm sty while everyone else at the scene watch on in awe.

So far, the competitive chili-eaters show no sign of slowing down and/or sweating profusely – you know, the symptoms of chili overdose. Their audience is amused by their utter determination and presence to outperform each other – to the point of getting out signs like "Sirenitia is the Hot Mama! GO GO GO!", or "Maria has a Literal Stomach of Steel! U ROCK!"

As for Seraphina, she's casually producing batch after batch of peppers to keep up with the humanoids' voracious chili feast. After doing the FIVE HUDNREDTH batch, she finally faints on the table – but not before raising a thumbs-up to assure everyone.

"That's enough, ladies! You've worn poor Lady Seraphina already. So . . . who's the winner?" Igor asks sternly.

To everyone's surprise, both Sirenitia and Maria are wobbling about with swirly eyes while hiccupping at one-minute intervals. That's right, they've DRUNK on chili peppers just like alcohol.

"Ugh, I . . . I don't know . . . we just kinda overdone it . . . uh . . . draw?" the cowgirl fairy asks drunkenly to her android counterpart.

"Yea . . . Yea . . ." the equally-drunken Maria agrees before shaking hands with Sirenitia on the spot.

Meanwhile, Igor walks over to Seraphina to help her up. "Are you right, Your Highness?" he asks concernedly with the new Butterfae on the block nodding sheepishly. "Would you like some coffee, then?"

Espresso, please, Seraphina glitter-replies as she manages to get back on her feet.

Suddenly, Sirenitia's face turns sickly green for obvious reasons and she motions everyone else to stay put before exiting stage right ala Snagglepuss.

Just outside the café, the half-phoenix fairy pants a bit while sweating profusely before – you know what. What's amazing is that in this case, the vomit isn't regular vomit – but a GIANT COMET straight out of Sirenitia's mouth.

With that, the regurgitated star shoots out of the scene . . . and then through the planet's atmosphere . . . and into deep space . . .

At that time, two Grey-style extraterrestrials appear on the scene and quickly put a sheet of heat-resisting steel on the high-flying star. They ride on it and get out ten-gallon cowboy hats to wave wildly ala cowboys as their new ride soars into the infinite star-covered horizon.

Back on Earth, Sirenitia re-enters the café to see a worried Igor and Seraphina walking over.

"Hey, it's okay now. I just need a little pick-me-up . . ." the still-drunken cowgirl assures sheepishly.

"Sure, though considering your case . . ." Igor replies as he gets out an orange Creamsicle and gives it to Sirenitia. "At least it's easier to recover than the usual type.

Sure enough upon taking a big bite of the oh-so-yummy ice cream treat, the half-phoenix fairy's hair stands up ala Bride of Frankenstein as she jumps upward almost to the ceiling, barely missing it by an inch.

"Whoa, this is powerful sweets, sugah," Sirenitia exclaims as she proceeds to finish off the Creamsicle.

"To you, yes," Igor says amusedly with Seraphina nodding in agreement. "Fire fairies usually can't handle such a cold treat – though you could use some literal cooling down in this case. Now then, where is Lady Maria?"

"Right here . . . though I don't look like me," the nervous android fairy asks as she walks over.

The trio gasps in surprise, due to Maria now looking quite similar to Sirenitia appearance-wise – as in, her clothes and fairy wings now sporting the same fiery color scheme and having literally fiery red hair – not flaming red, but as in neon red.

"Hmm, guess your programming has adapted itself to all those ghost chilies you've gobbled up. So now we have three fiery sirens here," an amused Igor says before winking at the self-modified Maria in a flirting fashion.

Also amused by this slight crush, the android fairy kneels down and kisses the bluebird cook on his cheek . . . not knowing that it's enhanced by her new fiery magic. Just like that, Igor is engulfed in a cartoonish inferno without warning.

"YAAAAAAA!" the hapless bluebird cries out in melodramatic agony as he zips back and forth ala Road Runner.

"Oh, crud . . ." a nervous Maria says while face-palming herself. "Shoulda have seen this coming."

In response, Seraphina whirls her long ponytail in a circular fan on max speed. This, along with her bluebird big bro's supersonic mad-dashing, puts out the deadly kiss instantly.

"Thanks, Your Highness," Igor mumbles as he coughs out heart-shaped smoke clouds. He looks smoked and charred like a burnt turkey, if you want to know.

"I'm SO sorry about that, Igor! Really, it seems I have no control over this fire magic," a remorseful Maria cries out frantically while glomping the hapless bluebird tight.

"It's not your fault, really. A fairy usually has problems when changing to another magical element," Igor assures while hacking up some more heart-shaped clouds.

"Come, let me get you something to make up for it," the android fairy insists as she carries the hapless bluebird over to the nearby bar.

"Well, if you insist . . ." Igor replies while shrugging his shoulders in an 'Oh, Well' fashion.

"This has been one heck of an evening," Sirenitia says to Seraphina, who shakes her head in response. "Oh?"

With that, the fiery Butterfae takes her new friend over to the arcade cabinet from earlier – still here all this time – and casually snaps her fingers.

In an instant, the game pseudo-console switches programs in a magical eye-blink – followed by another swirling portal leading into the current game's world.

"Ah, wanna see my gaming skills at work, eh? I can ask the same to you," an amused Sirenitia says while cracking her knuckles.

"Mind if we tag along with you two?" Celeste asks excitedly as she and Layla fly over from out of the blue.

Seraphina crosses her arms while sporting a death glare at her Duskfae sister. No doubt Layla has done some bad things to her in the past.

"It's all right, Miss Seraphina. I helped her turn over a new leaf earlier," the musical fairy smiles assuredly. "I'm Celeste Harrison, her new bonded fairy. Sorry for not introducing myself sooner."

"Yes, she saved my life earlier so I owe her a blood debt. Let bygones be bygones, all right?" Layla insists nervously with genuine sincerity in her tone.

The new Butterfae on the block looks over to the reader and shrugs her shoulders in a "Why Not?" fashion before shaking hands with her reformed Duskfae sister.

"Sweet! I'll make it up to you and Blossom soon, I promise!" Layla exclaims gratefully.

Well then, are we ready to start the game? Just to let you musical gals know, it's a shooter. You need to take out all enemies in the area and then exit to either the top or bottom of the arena before the spiked walls on the left and right close in on you, Seraphina glitter-explains pleasantly.

"Oh . . . uh . . . sure, here goes nothing, then," Celeste says, suddenly all nervous and timid now.

"It's just a game, Celes. Don't go Scooby-Doo on us now," Layla replies annoyingly while rolling her eyes.

"I see your manners still need . . ." the un-amused musical fairy says before being interrupted by her bonded Duskfae suddenly taking her hand and jumping in the portal with her.

"Yeah, straight to the point," Sirenitia agrees as she and Seraphina quickly follow suit.

Inside the game dimension, the gaming gals find themselves in a pitch black arena-style room with several eight-bit demons – standard Satan-style ones, floating Sith-like eyeballs, and darklings just like the ones from the recent games.

"Whoops, that was quick! Let's put this Hades-hole on ice – you know what I mean," a nervous Sirenitia says to her gaming buds.

With that, the gaming session is well under way to a good start. Seraphina throws a flaming kiss that drifts down to the floor . . . and suddenly blazes forth in a literal fire-wall that roasts all pixelated demons in its path.

Sirenitia gives her new Butterfae a thumbs-up and then whips her ponytail forward . . . unleashing an arrow made of scorching fire at an incoming wave of eyeballs, wiping 'em all out in one go.

"That's quaint, Miss Siren. Watch this," an un-amused Layla compliments as she cracks her knuckles.

At this moment, an army of darklings spring toward the Duskfae Princess – who isn't fazed at all by this sight. Instead, she zooms forward while her hair – which she's made into a shooting star – is engulfed in a blinding aura of pure moonlight.

Layla simply files her fingernails while her magical ponytail bounces and rebounds all over the scene, moon-dusting all demons in its path. To be specific, her hair didn't come off her head – she's casually hanging on while it does all the work.

By the time she's demolished her eight-bit opponents, the reformed Duskfae lands before the fiery duo – who rolls their eyes in annoyance and sarcastically claps their hands in applause.

"Hate to admit it, but you were acting like a total show off, Layla," Celeste points out before looking around.

Just as Sirenitia foretold, two endless walls covered in sharp needle-like nails are slowly closing from west to east.

"Yipe! Hurry, follow me!" the fire fairy herself cries out frantically, with the others wasting no time in making a mad dash outta there.

When Round Two begins, the remaining three gaming gals arrive at the new arena while the demons come reeling in like an avalanche already, leaving our gaming heroines to take the fight yet again.

Celeste summons forth her magical guitar and starts firing several neon blue electric sparks at an incoming army of Satan copies, electrocuting 'em all to oblivion.

Meanwhile, a confused Layla is standing before Seraphina – who's crying her eyes out in waterfalls for some reason. After taking a quick look around the arena, she realizes what's wrong and face-palms herself.

Back to Celeste, she's just conjured up a massive comet onto the scene via pulling off a wicked funk guitar solo and hops aboard quickly. She then surfs on gracefully while her new ride blows her pixelated enemies away into a shower of pixels that whisk off into the wind.

Once the surfin' fireball subsides into thin air a minute later, the musical fairy flies down besides the 'Fae sisters, still in the same predicament.

"What's wrong, Miss Seraphina?" a concerned Celeste asks as she picks up the still-sobbing Butterfae in her arms.

"We unintentionally left Sirenitia behind. She's out of the game for the rest of the session," Layla replies matter-of-factly.

"Whoops . . . Sorry about that, Sera," a remorseful Celeste says as she hugs the melodramatically-grieving Seraphina.

"Uh . . . perhaps we should leave her here so she'll join her new bonded fairy? She won't stop crying until she does," the Duskfae Princess suggests nervously.

"As much as I hate it, I agree. She'll be a liability, anyway," the uncertain musical fairy replies, also nervous by this decision.

With that, Celeste puts the Butterfae waterfall down and does another Snagglepuss outta here with Layla – just as the spiked walls are about to close in . . .

As Round Three begins, the musical duo walks onto the new arena with regretful looks on their faces. They quickly look back to see if Seraphina has changed her mind . . . from the looks of it, she hasn't.

"Well, guess it's just you and me, Celeste," a dreading Layla says to her bonded fairy.

"Yeah . . . though I . . . oh, I don't know . . . don't feel like playing anymore?" Celeste asks nervously.

"Oh, what the heck, neither do I," Layla grumbles while kicking her feet in frustration. "Let's wipe these demons out before we let ourselves lose."

"But, of course," the fairy maestro agrees as she summons her magical guitar again.

With that, the musical duo charges forth at the incoming demon army for one last round. Layla starts things off by unleashing crescent-moon shaped shuriken from hammerspace that slice 'n' dice the evil eyeballs into pixel hamburger. Once they've done their job, they return to their thrower like boomerangs.

As for Celeste, she thinks about something before throwing her guitar aside and whipping out a pink keyboard with angel wings pointing out on the sides. She then hammers down an cool key solo while keeping a safe distance away from the demons.

Once the musical fairy is done, a sudden blizzard suddenly shoots out from the keyboard's speaker and sweeps through the entire area in seconds, freezing all pixelated demons in a literal cold snap.

For her turn, Layla unleashes several shooting stars from her hands – which suddenly explode into small supernovas that incinerate all frozen enemies in sight, leaving not a single pixel behind.

"Well, that was most impressive, Layla. Now may I have a handkerchief, please?" Celeste asks politely.

"Of course," the Duskfae gamer casually replies as she does as her bonded fairy requested. "Care for a candy cigarette?"

"Uh, sure, why not?" the musical fairy says as she takes one of said fake edible cigarettes and takes a chocolate-flavored puff or two. "So, you think the fiery gals will be mad at us when we return?"

"Not sure, I hope not. Very least we could do is giving them a drink on the house," Layla suggests nervously.

"What if they don't drink, Layla?" Celeste points out concernedly.

"Uh . . . let's just wait and see, okay?" the frustrated Duskfae gamer suggests as the spiked walls close in on her and her bonded fairy.

Their game now over, Layla and Celeste exit the arcade cabinet via the usual portal with their heads down in guilt, expected to be scolded heavily for their behavior earlier.

"Look, before you start screaming on us for what happened, we apologize for it. We're willing to make up for it no matter what. So, what do you want? A thousand dollars? An arcade system of your own? Or perhaps a drink or two?" the remorseful Duskfae princess asks softly.

All Layla hear in return is a lot of random hiccupping and drunken singing. She and Celeste lift their heads up to gasp in surprise upon witnessing . . . Sirenitia and Seraphina at the bar severely drunk while hiccupping – along with Maria and Igor, who are doing said off-key singing. Look like they went a bit overboard on the booze while our musical heroines were busy.

"Uh . . . what should we do here?" Celeste asks, unsure of what to make of this.

"Just let them have their fun, okay? Seraphina was particularly in a fit over being separated from Sirenitia even for a few minutes," Kailin advises casually as she magically appears on-site.

"Well, okay. But we still owe them for that game incident," Celeste replies nervously.

"Leave them be and see how they'll respond. Come on now!" the magical Southern Belle insists annoyingly as she pulls her fellow nocturnal colleagues away.

An hour later, both fiery ladies are out of their drunken stupor below.

"We're fire fairies, sugah. Our immense body heat can cook that darn alcohol out of our dear bodies," Sirenitia explains as it is to me. "You made us that way now.

Oh, yeah. Well, anyway, the fiery duo sees Celeste and Layla at a nearby table cowering with their faces covered in menus. They sweatdrop nervously as they approach their terrified musical counterparts.

"You can drop the Scooby-Doo act, sugahs. We're not mad at ya," Sirenitia smiles assuredly.

"You sure about that? I mean what we did was selfish," Celeste replies nervously, still doing said Scooby-Doo act.

"It's only a game! Get over it already!" Seraphina glitter-replies angrily while stomping her foot down on the table.

As they're startled by said thunderous foot stomp, the musical duo's menus come flying out of their hands just like that. Upon seeing our fiery heroine's glittery words, they calm down in relief.

"Still, we really need to make up for what happened. What would you like?" Layla insists politely.

Seraphina does a head-desk motion in response in sheer frustration. Apparently, these atoners won't stop until they insist on – well, atoning. She decides to humor them by glitter-replying, Okay, okay, uh . . . uh, a new arcade system of our own?

"Oh! That can be arranged!" the Duskfae Princess exclaims cheerfully before cracking her knuckles.

With that, Layla casually snaps her fingers – making another arcade cabinet appears before her.

"So, all is forgiven now?" Celeste asks hopefully as she walks over to her bonded Duskfae.

Yes, all is forgiven, Seraphina glitter-replies with a sarcastic face.

"Let's leave them be with their new cabinet then, Celeste. See you around!" Layla insists nervously as she gently tugs her bonded fairy away by the arm.

At that time, Maria and Igor lumber onto the scene and trip on a stomped soda-can from out of nowhere . . . thus falling into the arcade cabinet's screen while it's portal-swirling. Yep, they're about to play a game of their own – whatever they're in the mood or not.

"Charming," an annoyed Sirenitia grumbles while her bonded Butterfae face-palms in annoyance. "We know the drill, no?"

Seraphina nods agreedly as she and her new bonded fairy in after their drunken friends. Friends don't let friends drink and play . . . SERIOUSLY.